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Walter Menteth

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  • Comment on: Emma Dent Coad: ‘Architects need to be accountable for their buildings’

    Walter Menteth's comment 7 December, 2018 11:27 am

    More on Lakanal House & other associated issues written prior to Grenfell can be found here:

  • Comment on: Emma Dent Coad: ‘Architects need to be accountable for their buildings’

    Walter Menteth's comment 7 December, 2018 11:25 am

    Emma Dent Coad should be roundly congratulated.
    Not only has she been doggedly representing her constituency so well, ever since Grenfell, but she is also highly knowledgeable about architecture. In this article she raises & confronts many central professional concerns. The question of industry accountability is one such issues & if architects don’t rise to this challenge the profession will be vanquished.
    Addressing poor & complex public procurement, inappropriate D&B, and the lack of a ‘Golden Thread’ of accountability is rightly a key to ensure social value is deliverable.
    While RIBA should be commended for rising to many of the specific issues arising from Grenfell, far more clearly needs to be done to trategically to address the central framework.

  • Comment on: Cost of Fosters’ Ipswich bridge project rockets by £43m

    Walter Menteth's comment 5 October, 2018 11:41 am

    Maybe 3 bridges for less than the Garden Bridge – but a 40% cost increase!!
    Something clearly appears to be going wrong here as well. Whether or not this is in the initial cost estimates, through the process & result of RIBA’s bridge design competition, or any other matters - the current proposals are now apparently referenced as ‘THE RIBA DESIGN’ option.
    The initial AJ competition & procurement process reporting in April raised significant material concerns. This should have been a wakeup call for the RIBA.
    These revelations warranted a transparent RIBA audit/review, & public reporting to establish future improvements & what lessons might be learnt - with recommendations for reforms. An early ‘Mea Culpa’ might also have appeared warranted.
    Yet none of this has apparently happened and despite the significant reputational damage to RIBA competition procedures that might now appear to be emerging.
    Having written to RIBA seeking action then, I still await a response. Other members should now also write to ensure that RIBA Competition practices are improved - so they can provide a robust standard quality and professional benchmark.
    Better late than never!!

  • Comment on: Architects blast council over tender’s 70:30 weighting of cost over experience

    Walter Menteth's comment 7 July, 2018 8:20 pm

    Caroline Cole is of course quite right - architects can be their own worst enemies.
    So it might be valuable to explore the concensus more widely. Would AJ help & be interested in running a survey to find how many support the excellent actions, and the reasons for it, of those objecting to the Forest of Dean procurement. This needs discussion, more concensus nationally and more support if it is to have wider influence on industry.
    With that knowledge we could be all standing together more confidently

  • Comment on: Chipperfield leads calls for Mac to be rebuilt

    Walter Menteth's comment 6 July, 2018 7:56 am

    Glasgow without the Mac would be like Edinburgh without its Castle...exceptionally & sometimes its necessary to have the courage to rebuild... Warsaw..Dresden..

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