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Ted Harris

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Comments (4)

  • Comment on: Daniel Libeskind lands Durham Uni jackpot

    Ted Harris's comment 16 July, 2013 12:03 pm

    If Durham University's program require's a dysfunctional, ugly, intellectually empty and leaky crystal, then they could bot have done better than to select a fatuous, vapid and pretentious architect than Daniel Libeskind.

  • Comment on: Libeskind responds to Maze prison controversy

    Ted Harris's comment 8 May, 2013 12:43 pm

    Libeskind's pro-forma response is telling for how little it actually says. Although full of empty platitudes and calculated sound bites, he fails to explain exactly HOW his building tells any story beyond the story of Daniel Libeskind's own ego and his need to force and impose his will (expressed in aggressive, attention-getting formalism), on this site. How, for example, do his formulaic angled walls reflect the struggles particular to Northern Ireland? And why do the tilted boxes used in the Jewish Museum annexe seem to do double duty expressing a Catholic-Protestant conflict as well?

    Of course there are no answers to these questions. Despite his pretense to the contrary, it is obvious to anyone that Libeskind "heard" nothing from the participants and merely set about embedding his own "brand" on thew site without reference to local context, culture or sensibilities. A decade of uninspired, vapid and wholly fatuous work packaged in saccharine but ultimately meaningless rhetoric and architectural jargon have only reconfirmed Libeskind's superficial approach to design. Libeskind's cavalier approach to the Maze project is notably clear from the incredibly sloppy and thoughtless drawings he submitted. His continued presence in this process is an insult to the people of Northern Ireland. The best thing he could do to help the healing process would be to pack up his roll of drawings and get on the first flight home before he adds further insult.

  • Comment on: Libeskind and McAdam scoop planning for Maze prison peace centre

    Ted Harris's comment 19 April, 2013 3:28 am

    Sadly, this is another case of a site of tragedy being usurped by a buffoon for personal and professional gain. Barely six months ago, Daniel Libeskind rolled out a near identical scheme for an extension to his Jewish Museum project in Berlin. The cliched distorted trapezoidal forms that supposedly embodied the essence of Jewish history in Germany are here rebranded to memorialize the struggles of Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. The paucity of thought that informed this pathetic and ignorant design is evident in the childish scribble Libeskind mistakes for a serious architectural presentation.

    Libeskind's very presence in Ireland makes a mockery of lives lost in that strugle. His thoughtless and formulaic design proposal insults the intellegence of those still living and will be an embarrassment to the memory of those who died.

  • Comment on: Daniel Libeskind: ‘I’m not interested in building gleaming streets for despots’

    Ted Harris's comment 23 February, 2013 1:55 pm

    Why was Libeskind, a known hatemonger with despicable sectarian views on Christians, allowed to participate in this process? His involvement makes a mockery of the lives of people lost in Northern Ireland's struggle. I'm saddened to think that this opportunistic hack will merely exploit this situation as another excuse to create one of his stock solutions with clashing forms and empty rhetoric. It is disgraceful that such a disgusting, polarizing and selfish personality will sully and degrade all the good work that has come to pass in Norther Ireland. If Libeskind had any decency he would resign.

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