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Shanel Spence

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  • Comment on: Tributes paid to Maggie’s founder Charles Jencks

    Shanel Spence's comment 15 October, 2019 11:17 am

    This extraordinary man shocked me into who I am now. He removed ridiculous certainties about architecture in terms of style and, instead, talked about architecture as a thing deeply culturally placed while openly enjoyed - a thing human! Fluid drew heavily on the wonderful and apocryphal talks he gave at the Architectural Association (though I was then a confused student to be honest). Everything he said seemed to challenge received wisdom and to be about people. I feel with his passing, a major figure who the world of architecture can respond to, is lost. If we are 'big enough' we can take on-board what he said. Let's do that!

  • Comment on: Government says it will adopt Hackitt proposals ‘in full’

    Shanel Spence's comment 19 December, 2018 1:36 pm

    About time. The Government are not blame free here, far from it. They turned a deaf ear to many approaches from senior fire regulatory officials and impeded critical discussions. I hope that this tragedy will show that ideology is useless in the face of today's realities.

    Steve / Fluid

  • Comment on: Florian Beigel dies, aged 76

    Shanel Spence's comment 30 August, 2018 0:36 am

    Christina and I taught for many years beside Florien and Phil at London Met. We always had a huge respect for what they did and we are gutted by this news. Our hearts go out to Phil. There must, we hope, be consolation in the huge achievements - some day a history that shows the influence they (you) both had on the English architecture scene. So many brilliant students. So much depth added to the debate. Phil must find a way to carry on this great but always quiet and un-egocentric approach. With love and great affection - Christina and Steve.

  • Comment on: MP slams architects’ ‘misery porn’ Grenfell Tower memorial concept

    Shanel Spence's comment 13 August, 2018 1:24 pm

    A little bit of respect and a lot of restraint would work better here.

  • Comment on: Race Diversity Survey: is architecture in denial?

    Shanel Spence's comment 10 May, 2018 10:27 am

    I'd like to think we (Fluid and Soundings) are a diverse group. Two of five directors (soon to become three of six) are BAME and well over a third of our staff are too. Yet, the fact that we keep having to refer to this, sometimes feels like we are being drawn backwards to discuss something that's pretty irrelevant for us. Its a non-issue. We care about talent, skills and aptitude - and that's it - but the catch 22 here, is we can't just get on as we would like to so long as its a wider issue in the profession. Maybe there should be some form of accreditation for truly diverse businesses - a system of recognition and reward rather than singling out and punishment?
    Steve McAdam

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