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Sandy Lloyd

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Comments (4)

  • Comment on: We should delight in, not bemoan, architecture's invention and imagination

    Sandy Lloyd's comment 29 October, 2015 3:36 am

    There is no architectural 'invention and imagination' in the Garden Bridge - the idea came from a professional actress, not an architect. Once you are set on a garden with large trees on a bridge then there isn't much choice but to make it a huge concrete slab.

    Play the ball, Paul, not the man. The NLA is dominated by positive luvvy talk from developers, but then they could use as a strapline CABE's favourite comment on everything when you were in charge as a strapline - "another bold addition to the London skyline".

    So we are supposed to celebrate an "outpouring of ideas" at the NLA, as if float free from their proponents and champions? What sort of fantasy realm do you live in, Paul? Proposals (not "ideas") are carefully floated and propogated by an industry dominated by money in off-shore bank accounts which has no interest in "good or bad ideas", or in architecture or the urban realm, but just in duplicating itself.

    Most of the bollocks you champion Paul doesn't even get built, but in achieving planning permission these "ideas" increase the paper value of their intended sites to the benefit of the developer - and we don't even get the development.

  • Comment on: Piano unveils 65-storey Paddington tower proposal

    Sandy Lloyd's comment 21 October, 2015 11:00 am

    "The creation of urban public realm has been at the forefront of our design. ‘The current public realm is poor, with congestion in and around the entrance to the [tube]...This scheme looks to remedy those issues, while creating a wonderful sense of place"

    Almost word for word what Piano promised with the Shard. Have you noticed the great urban public realm that has provided, or how it has helped with the congestion issues at London Bridge, or how it has created any sense of place? I haven't. You get a sense of place in Borough market when you can't see the damn thing. The only "sense of place" it creates is enjoyed from Kent, when I can easily note "oh look, that's where London Bridge is".

  • Comment on: Khan: 'I'll scrap Garden Bridge if I become London Mayor'

    Sandy Lloyd's comment 24 September, 2015 10:49 pm

    Despite constant cheerleading from the Standard and Boris these jokers have failed to raise a penny in pledges from corporations or foundations over the last year and are still £50m short of their target, even after they have received £60m from the public purse. And they haven't secured any of the leases or permissions they require from the PLA, Lambeth, Coin St, ITV or IBM, apart from the initial planning permission, which has 46 conditions of which a mere 5 have been discharged in 9 months. And they have already spent £10m of public money (none of the purported private money) on getting to this forlorn point. How come? And come banker Davies dare to complain at Lambeth effectively pulling the plug? Where are all his city chums purportedly queueing up to fund this luvvies' folly? I look forward to the inquest

  • Comment on: Rogers: ‘We need to challenge the housebuilders' monopoly’

    Sandy Lloyd's comment 9 September, 2015 10:38 am

    Richard please push on this rather stupid things like the Garden Bridge. This is so important, but few politicians even understand that the oligopoly of housebuilders in London is a big contributor to the problem, because they keep listening to these same oligopolists who want to blame the planning system. Unless and until these oligopolies are tackled the housing crisis will only get worse

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