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Robert Franklin

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  • Comment on: Seventeen Stirling Prize winners unite to declare climate emergency

    Robert Franklin's comment 6 June, 2019 2:31 pm

    Dirk Bruns is on the nail. Nice to imagine "The Tulip" project now being quietly withdrawn in a cloud of acute envarrassment. And almost any other much publicised ego-trip by the rest of the 'initiators' of this surge of quasi-guilt. Some of us have already spent decades designing and building to last centuries rather than decades, in low-tech carbon-sequestering materials. But better late than never; give these 'declaring' people no more publicity in this subject, and follow the students' move to have their educators educated in real sustainability.

  • Comment on: Government accused of trying to ‘rig’ Holocaust Memorial consultation

    Robert Franklin's comment 5 June, 2019 9:09 am

    Tick-box, knee jerk instant petitions are dimishing thoughtful and informed public debate. This is a depressing cheapening of important issues and ideas. This memorial is a beautiful idea in concept and drawn realisation, but crushing it into such a small and already complete oasis of calm leaves both it and the present monuments no room to breathe. Green Park is equally, if not more, symbolic a central space in the national heartland, and would give room to approach it, and to appreciate its scale and context, in contemplative spirit. Move it, and then build it quickly while the passion is still warm.

  • Comment on: Office S&M’s ‘unusual’ multicoloured house in Bedford gets go-ahead

    Robert Franklin's comment 23 May, 2019 9:48 am

    Applause continues... I've even had a Conservation and Design Officer, with no discernable understanding of either discipline, claim that her opinions we "not subjective" as she was a "fully qualified member of the Council staff". Time to man the barricades?

  • Comment on: Notre-Dame: France announces international competition to rebuild spire

    Robert Franklin's comment 18 April, 2019 11:53 am

    I presume RW meant "what damage can be done" in relation to Linlithgow church. A prime example of ugly shallow statement-making gestures that so quickly go out of fashion, and its excuses for existing ring hollow.

    As for Notre Dame, it's already mired in political egotism, a flood of self-aggrandising money and demands for expediency when it is not yet known how much of the vaulting or upper parapets have calcined, or how far decayed the flying buttresses had already become. So who knows how many years of preparation will be needed before anyone dares, or learns how, to support something so unique in order to safely dismantle and repair. France has a limited number of hugely respected conservation architects, and outside the Conservation Group the RIBA continues to find the specialist subject embarrassing, so I have yet to hear anyone say that nothing should be done until deep and painstaking research, and a strategy founded on archaeological, historical and spiritual understanding are completed. I hope this will take years, not weeks. A jazzy, headline-grabbing competition for the spire is the last thing to consider, and its almost instantaeous accouncement is shameful ignorance writ large.

    Too much money and innapropriate pressure of time. Pray for Notre Dame....

  • Comment on: RIBA under fire over DIY workshop planned for International Men’s Day

    Robert Franklin's comment 1 April, 2019 10:37 am

    This is deadly serious stuff. The event should include the caring-man's job of harvesting spaghetti from the orchard, and the importance of cracking the eggs 'before' making the omlette.

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