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North Greenwich

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Comments (5)

  • Comment on: Foster expands Tulip's 'classroom in the sky' following GLA complaint

    Ravestudent's comment 23 February, 2019 11:45 am

    Drawfs the gherkin morelikely hurting views from a whole side of it , looks like a sperm, not sure why it should exist. It's adjacent building was a really well designed piece of architecture that was a benefit to the city . This is an eyesore

  • Comment on: RIBA at war with Owusu: institute tries to gag presidential candidate

    Ravestudent's comment 3 July, 2018 8:19 am

    Also forgot to mention the NDA letters which from what I know are still given to everyone after a meeting so they can't say a word to their members. Elsie Owusu is someone with integrity who wants a RIBA that serves everyone who practices architecture. Not a privileged circle who share favours. She is trying her best to cause change, it is evident the people inside Portland place are getting a bit twitchy. But history is on Elsie's side.

  • Comment on: RIBA at war with Owusu: institute tries to gag presidential candidate

    Ravestudent's comment 3 July, 2018 8:06 am

    RIBA is a charity paid for and run by members. I find It rather outrageous that a cease and desist letter can be given to a trustee who's actual role is to support the members who voted them in. If they are running for president and see problems who can tell them to shut up and keep them secret ? It is not a secret society that gives eachother favours... Or atelast should not be If there are problems in RIBA it should be known by the paying members who allow it to exist.

    As a student who ran for the council I can say that in a meeting regarding council before election day we were told to follow the line of majority and do as we were told if we got in. This by a high ranking person within. I for one have the principal that if you get elected you act for the members who voted you in , not for the benefit of the board.

    RIBA has some very serious financial problems and with such attitudes it does make you wonder where the money disappears too.....

  • Comment on: Why Patrik Schumacher is wrong about housing

    Ravestudent's comment 4 May, 2018 3:45 pm

    Dear Patrik.S

    In an age where sustainability includes spacial standards and how architecture affects the mind, of which a great example of modern living cells is student accomodation of barely legal and damaging size, I can assure you Patrik that giving young people or anyone for that matter shoeboxes to live in for their working lives just to be in London so your property developer can make a nice buck, of which is a current huge problem we are all trying to deal with, is not the way forward. Honestly comparing mixed use affordable for 20k-40k a year workers or couples in cities like London to Mcdonalds or easyJet in totally different economies not building regulated at all is just insulting. I would like to see yourself live in a extremely cramped space of which cannot even fit a spacious rest/living space or toilet.

    City centre living is dense yes, but good design comes from these challenges of space v density, not current scenarios where small spaces are sold off for large sums to overseas in towers of glass. All to make a profit for developers, short term thinking is a failure before it's built.

    I advise you read some more books, before using your influence incorrectly like a Trump.

    As a student it is worrying that a head of architectural practice of such stature can bounce about such a lack of understanding on a subject so easily, as a student I would personally love to challenge your thinking.

    Paul is correct in being able to successfully have a vast knowledge on such a subject through reviewing countless projects. I welcome this critical analysis.

  • Comment on: Why Patrik Schumacher is wrong about housing

    Ravestudent's comment 2 May, 2018 8:26 pm

    Patrick is devoid of understanding the basic principles of London's housing stock and it's history , that most suburbs north of the river were created from the underground railroad system of late Victorian - early Edwardian , or south of the river with the overground railways. Our current housing stock is much the same as it has been since this massive increase in stock at that time. Suburb density and suitable accommodation is needed not glass towers with luxury apartments. The man is in another world of ignorance and lack of understanding on everyday life. Comes with the territory of luxury architecture one must assume ?

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