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Ralph Kent

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  • Comment on: Farrell unveils future of Kent

    Ralph Kent's comment 1 February, 2010 2:11 pm

    Manston Airport. That old chestnut.

  • Comment on: New drama centre for BBC Cardiff by FAT

    Ralph Kent's comment 25 January, 2010 4:26 pm

    Doesn't FAT stand for Fashion, Architecture, Taste? I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering when are they going to start delivering on at least one letter of their acronym?

  • Comment on: RMJM hires 'Fred the Shred'

    Ralph Kent's comment 18 January, 2010 5:07 pm


    You appear to be missing the point. Firstly, a lot of people did see the sub-prime crisis coming - Despatches on C4 about 4 years ago ran a programme about the madness of 10x self-cert BTL mortgages at 5% interest, and there were plenty of other economists who also were highlighting this as the next South Sea bubble over the years preceding 2008. So there were plenty of people calling for prudence, contrary to what you have typed. People like our Fred were happy to play along with the securitisation gravy train, because they were driven by two things - fear and greed.

    No one here is saying Goodwin is solely responsible, but what people are making the point about is his INTEGRITY when the whole thing blew up. Everyone here is concerned about the morals and integrity of the industry. It seems that hubris, excess and recklessness continues to be rewarded.

    I get the impression that is what people are annoyed about - the reason people work in architecture, for the most part, is not for financial benefit, but the hope that they can make, in some small way, a difference to the lives of people through their work - probably a bit similar to the motives for going in to nursing. It tends to rile a bit when you see someone like Goodwin who clearly has very little decency about him being brought in as an industry ambassador.

    I would guard against being so quick to criticise everyone else's opinion here, lest of all calling us all 'idiots'. You may be right, you may be wrong, but everyone else is entitled to their view here, and I happen to feel that it might be you who has been missing the point of the concerns raised here.

  • Comment on: RMJM hires 'Fred the Shred'

    Ralph Kent's comment 17 January, 2010 5:56 pm

    Fred must have been getting ichy feet just hiding out in Cannes. His salary has been reported in the wider media as £100K a year, no pension (probably because he's already got a decent one from RBS - and its not £650k a year you've put - he is getting £340k a year in pension after agreeing a reduction and taking some £2m odd as a lump sum).

    You'd certainly entitled not to be filled with faith at the trustworthiness of RAMJAM as a client wouldn't you? - First hiring Alsop after he told the architectural community that he was retiring to concentrate on his painting - then gloating that it was a ruse to get out of SMC Alsop- and now this.

    Now, no one is blaming Fred single-handedly for the subprime crisis, but clearly his greed and hubris played a part, and above all, his values and integrity came into stark question given his initial intransigence on the pension issue.

    Ultimately, the companies you work with need to inspire trust; consequently one might expect the clients to vote with their commissions on this one. Shame RMJM isn't listed on the stock markets - I'd be shorting the stock on the back of this development.

  • Comment on: Big hitters to fight Tory 'localism' proposals

    Ralph Kent's comment 12 January, 2010 7:19 pm

    Housing shortages: Makes me laugh every time I read this, as I pass the numerous vacant properties on my way around town. What is it, 1 million + vacant homes in the UK at the moment, plus an ever growing number of empty commercial units. This is before we factor in the number of empty BTLs / second homes fuelled by Gordon's funny money (print it fast, sell it cheap).

    We all understand the AJ has clear political loyalties, but that outcome can hardly be considered a resounding triumph by the incumbent government, can it?

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