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Peter Phillips

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  • Comment on: Extinction Rebellion architect found guilty of public order offence

    Peter Phillips's comment 15 November, 2019 0:12 am

    Good. I'm tired of self appointed pressure groups dictating to, and disrupting, the general public. Obviously he doesn't deserve to be disbarred as an architect (not that the establishment ARB will do that anyway) but one hopes that acquiring a criminal record will stop him and others from breaking the law in the future. If it doesn't, then he deserves a custodial sentence next time.

    Finally it should not be the place of the architectural press, and certainly not the RIBA, to become cheerleaders for this climate change charade. I’m sure this stance does not reflect the opinion of many architects.

  • Comment on: Labour pledges all new homes will be zero carbon by 2022

    Peter Phillips's comment 5 November, 2019 12:21 pm

    All the politicians, from all the parties, have rediscovered Gordy's magic money tree it seems.

    The national debt now stands at over £1.8 trillion, which is 84% of GDP; way higher than it should be. It's currently costing £49 billion a year to service that debt (7.5% of public expenditure) at a time of low interest rates bear in mind. This is more than the Education budget (£44bn) and not far behind Defence (£49bn) and Welfare (£59bn).

    Where is all this extra expenditure going to come from if not from yet more borrowing and yet more interest to pay – to the detriment of money that needs to be spent on essential public investment and services?

  • Comment on: Former RIBA president joins call to revoke Boris’s fellowship

    Peter Phillips's comment 30 September, 2019 10:58 am

    I second Ian Morrsion's 'Humbug' call on Brady's statement.
    And who is this 'army' of architects that Brady claims to exist?
    The RIBA should stay out of party politics.

  • Comment on: Architects slam shipping containers to house the homeless

    Peter Phillips's comment 26 August, 2019 4:50 pm

    As usual the root cause of the housing problem isn't stated, either in the article or by commenters. Oooh, too sensitive an issue, but problems can never be solved unless the causes are acknowledged and addressed.

  • Comment on: Who’s favourite to win this year’s RIBA Stirling Prize?

    Peter Phillips's comment 19 July, 2019 5:31 pm

    As an occasional user of London Bridge Station I acknowledge that the remodeling of the station is an attractive and very welcome improvement. However it is spoiled by having island canopies rather than an overall glazed canopy over the platforms and tracks. In the winter the platforms are very exposed to cold winds and rain principally because the tracks and platforms are elevated. However this is made worse by the substantial open areas over the tracks, and the canopies being unduly high and not extending to the platform edges (let alone overhanging them). This is even worse where parts of the canopies have (currently fashionable) wavy roofs which rise up, increasing the exposure to the elements still further. The platform environment is really unpleasant in winter!

    The concourse areas below the platforms and tracks are attractive and spacious, and the the pedestrian circulation well thought out and well connected to the rest of the station and tube lines. However the unpleasant exposure of the platforms is a major deficiency of the project in my view which should be sufficient to prevent it from being awarded the Stirling Prize on this occasion.

    If the canopies are strong enough and the silly wavy bits were replaced with level parts however, and it was possible to install lightweight glazing over the tracks, spanning between the canopy edges, then the project WOULD, in my opinion, be worthy of the prize in a future year.

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