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Paul Lewis

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  • Comment on: Expert panel demands massive drive to build social housing

    Paul Lewis's comment 9 January, 2019 10:49 am

    These homes will never be built. At current land values and build costs the 50% requirement for affordable housing in new schemes over 9 units means developers have to push the costs of providing these homes onto the market housing, so affordable homes make housing un-affordable and viability tests therefore fail. This is all wrong. The Gov should be adding a per unit tax onto new homes for developers so all new development pays. The LA should then be given this money to develop and build their own affordable homes. A developer is never going to build houses that will not make a decent profit, and why should they. All the policies are ridiculous, unless the Gov radically re thinks how it funds social housing and who builds them they will never achieve their goal. They need to do it themselves and stop pushing the responsibility onto developers.

  • Comment on: Finalists named in Acle Bridge visitor centre contest

    Paul Lewis's comment 18 June, 2018 10:34 am

    "The three firms will each be given £1,000 to work up their final design. The winner will be announced on 27 July at the Broads Authority Meeting"

    Massive exploitation, I don't understand why any architect would devalue the entire profession for this pittance! Its a disgrace.

  • Comment on: Wasteful architect competitions come under fire

    Paul Lewis's comment 26 February, 2018 5:31 pm

    Just to reitterate.

    "The evidence is that architects do enter our competitions and they are actually satisfied, and they don’t say to me it’s a waste of time and money"

    You are talking about principles and directors who do not work all the extra weekends and evenings on these competitions for no additional salary at teh expense of their falmilies & health. It is the salaried staff who are made to work on these competitons so of course the principles think they are getting good value for money as it actually costs them nothing!

    In reality it very much costs the profession as a whole. Salaried architects getting hugly demoralsied working 100's of hours for nothing on a competition with very little chance of success and even if they do win they see no benefit, only more work.

    It just devalues our work and leads to low fees, low self esteem and clients who believe architects are happy to work for free.

    The RIBA need to ban competirions and stop promoting them. In effect they are sentencing 1'000's of architects to addtional unpaid work while their bosses tell the the RIBA its low cost to them. RIBA shame on you, you have a responsibility to ALL your members and you choose to ignore them!

  • Comment on: Wasteful architect competitions come under fire

    Paul Lewis's comment 26 February, 2018 10:35 am

    Architectural competitions are a disgrace. No other profesional would give their time and ideas for free. How do you think big firms fund competitions? By getting architects to work for nothing all weekend and late into the night. Its explotation. It devalues the profession and makes clients think architects are prepared to work for free. If a client wants to run a competiton to find the best ideas then they need to narrow thier requirements down, select 5 practices to interview and ask 3 of them for feasibilites and pay them for their work. This explotation of staff and devaluation has to stop its what is rotting architects.

  • Comment on: Feature: Senior salaries rise but Part 1s can fail to make living wage

    Paul Lewis's comment 2 November, 2017 9:52 am

    Low salaries are the result of low overall turnover by Architects who persist in doing work for free and competitions. Competitions are the scourge of the profession and the RIBA promoting them is criminal. In any other profession a client would select 3-5 companies he wants to work with, interview them and then select one. 200+ companies doing loads of work for free is ludicrous. Ban competitions and stop doing work for free. Architects are their own worst enemy and just make the problem worse.

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