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Number Five

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  • Comment on: Knight Architects wins approval to replace bridge destroyed in 2015 Lake District floods

    Number Five's comment 4 May, 2019 11:28 am

    I think a faithful and meticulous recreation of the original would be more fitting in a World Heritage Site. The shock of the new is too jarring and distressing within the context of the crucible of the English romantic movement.

  • Comment on: How we can change the culture of free design work

    Number Five's comment 28 April, 2019 10:05 pm

    Alan, I have a name...I am 'Number Five'. You have quite concisely outlined the complete disconnection of academia from the real world, presumably from the very top of your ivory tower. If you are not prepared to engage with the problems of the real world, then I think you need to issue a health warning to young and idealistic acolytes, so that they can make an informed decision over their choice of degree course and potential career. The second half of your second paragraph is quite a good kernel of the warning that you should be issuing to prospective students—before you have made them the now customary unconditional offer of a place on your course. Bums on seats keep professorial seats warm!

  • Comment on: How we can change the culture of free design work

    Number Five's comment 27 April, 2019 11:27 am

    Alan, how can you teach someone what it is to be an architect if you can not find them a job? This is contradictory and illustrates the complete disconnect between the architectural schools and practice. It seems that the schools think they can just ‘experiment’ with continuous design project exercises, in a vacuum from the reality of the increasingly marginised architectural marketplace.

    The reality is that due to changes to procurement methods etc the traditional profession of architecture no longer really exists. Selling false hope to generations of acolytes is morally bankrupt, but dictated by changes to university funding and fees. If you admit that you can not find your graduates jobs, which is why they are taking out exhorbitant loans to pay the fees, you have no right to take their money.

    The full time architectural training model can not continue in its time worn traditional model, but must adapt innovatively to the new reality. The syllabus needs a complete overhaul, so that a more general and useful liberal arts bachelors degree is offered. Many students drop out after this stage anyway, and should have a more useful qualification with which to pursue a diversified career, beyond the narrow and economically constrained bounds of architecture. This will then allow realistic specialisation at postgraduate level.

  • Comment on: London ‘should follow New York’ in banning glass towers

    Number Five's comment 25 April, 2019 1:09 pm

    Well said...enough of these environmentally criminal and self-serving vanity projects, like the Tulip, the Cucumber, the Zucchini and the Carrot. Zero carbon projects only need apply.

  • Comment on: Sam Tisdall Architects reconfigures 1920s semi-detached cottage in Cambridge

    Number Five's comment 23 April, 2019 3:59 pm

    The shock of the new, as the Tardis lands and transforms a suburban house into a palette storage yard?

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