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Nigel Ostime

Nigel Ostime


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  • Comment on: Roundtable: What do architects think of Hackitt’s ‘golden thread’ of design intent?

    Nigel Ostime's comment 23 November, 2018 11:14 am

    RIBA, CIOB and RICS have collaborated to develop a Quality Tracker that aims to manage the 'golden thread' and improve project outcomes. It is currently being piloted and we want as many people/projects as possible to trial it over the next 6 months and give us their feedback. The final version will then be published in 2019. Please go to https://www.architecture.com/working-with-an-architect/building-in-quality-pilot

  • Comment on: Feature: Seven clients reveal what they really want from architects

    Nigel Ostime's comment 19 October, 2017 1:25 pm

    It is gratifying (justifiably) to see so much positive commentary on the value architects bring to a project. The profession has struggled to provide evidence-based validation of this view, so to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth is great, and we need more of this. However the examples cited are generally around the more creative, front-end of the project and value created at the start can be diluted by poor performance in the delivery stages. (Design quality can also be diluted through our typically disjointed procurement processes but that is another matter.) UK architects are rightly acknowledged to be among the most creative designers in the world, but the 2016 RIBA Client Survey found less satisfaction in our design management and technical skills. Contractor clients in particular (who are a responsible for a significant portion of the profession’s turnover) often have a different viewpoint and a different set of performance measures.
    The survey identified some key areas architects can improve and all practitioners should read it. It can be downloaded at https://www.architecture.com/-/media/gathercontent/working-with-architects-survey/additional-documents/ribaclientsurveyfinalscreenwithoutappendixpdf.pdf

  • Comment on: Architects on marginalisation and what can be done about it

    Nigel Ostime's comment 13 September, 2017 5:28 pm

    Mike Hussey has a point about architects needing to understand clients better. The RIBA is on to this and has published the results of an online client survey which nearly 1,000 clients completed last year. Search 'RIBA client survey' at www.architecture.com. Essential reading.

    We will be discussing this at UK Construction Week: https://www.iconeye.com/architecture/news/item/12818-nigel-ostime-architects-creative-focus-can-be-detrimental-to-management-and-process

  • Comment on: Claire Bennie: How architects can win back trust and influence

    Nigel Ostime's comment 6 September, 2017 12:08 pm

    A really excellent and insightful piece, full of great suggestions and recommendations, all of which are indisputable. A couple of points to note:

    Claire asks for a forum at the RIBA where both parties ‘can constructively air their grievances and try to rebuild confidence in both directions’. In fact, in 2014 the RIBA set up the Client Liaison Group to do just that, and we have undertaken considerable consultation and published two reports on the findings: ‘Client & Architect – Developing the Essential Relationship’ (2015) and ‘What Clients Think of Architects’ (2016). The second report sets out the results of an online client satisfaction survey of nearly 1,000 clients who had commissioned buildings in the last two years. Both can be downloaded free of charge from www.architecture.com.

    A clear finding from the survey was the gap in the level of satisfaction between contractor clients and other clients. To address this - and the apparent failures in the industry revealed in recent catastrophic events - and prompted by the new president Ben Derbyshire, the CLG is currently working on a framework for best practice in the D&B environment which is being developed jointly with the CIOB. This is likely to be in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding to be agreed between architect and contractor client – and potentially other parties to the design and build process – setting down appropriate behaviours and processes to be followed to reinforce a collaborative approach. It will be accompanied by an explanation of the issues that need addressing, plus advice and tools to facilitate change. The ambition is to gain broad consensus on these issues across the construction industry and start to turn the tanker round.

    The article notes that some clients will never bother to discover the value architects can bring, because they are only focused on the bottom line. To effect change, the profession needs to demonstrate a better understanding of client’s commercial drivers. This point is reinforced in the two reports and I encourage everyone to download a copy and take note of the findings and recommendations.

    Finally, the RIBA is publishing an update to ‘A Client’s Guide to Engaging an Architect’ in October and this will set out what clients can expect their architects to do and know, the codes and regulations they must abide by and how clients can go about selecting the most appropriate practice for their project. We need to promote good design and the selection of good architects is central to this.

    Nigel Ostime, Hawkins\Brown
    Chair of RIBA Client Liaison Group

  • Comment on: Five key things to remember when pitching for work

    Nigel Ostime's comment 27 July, 2017 3:02 pm

    Good advice and ties in with much of the RIBA Client Survey and client roundtable findings:



    Nigel Ostime, Hawkins\Brown
    Chair of RIBA Client Liaison Group

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