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AJ Student Prize 2019: Canterbury School of Architecture

The two students selected for the AJ Student Prize by the University for the Creative Arts

About the Canterbury School of Architecture 

  • Courses BA (Hons) Architecture, MArch
  • Location Canterbury 
  • Head of school Colin Holden 
  • Full-time tutors 
  • Part-time tutors 20 
  • Number of students 300 
  • Staff to student ratio 1:15 
  • Fees £9,250 


Elliott Afoke, BA (Hons) Architecture, Y3: Budapest, Divided City

47 3789 uca 1 web version

Undergraduate elliott afoke

Project title Project: The Bazaar Auction House

Project description The Bazaar Auction House, run by activists in opposition to Victor Orban, envisages a society of self-sufficiency that aims to embrace and regenerate the surrounding area of Budapest. In response to the existing economic condition, the Bazaar Auction House will generate a vibrant underground economy that reduces the size of its tax base, and as a consequence, delegitimises Orban’s government in order to reverse their fortunes. The site is situated in Szervita Square, where the inner and outer markets have architectural similarities. The outer market, stuffed with street vendors, follows a typical traditional urban pattern that creates a vibrant sense of street life. Merchants rent their own stalls, and the market is given an appropriate infrastructural frame through reassignment, demolition and rebuilding. The inner market contains the auction house, where traders will offer luxury goods for bidding. The tax collected will be allocated to the local community and to the historical deteriorated buildings that might be restored. The Bazaar Auction House’s openness to the public plays a crucial role to challenge and redefine the economy of Budapest as the project looks to provide a solution giving back control and independence to the Hungarian.

Tutor citation ‘Elliott’s project is an ambitious proposal based on thorough political and contextual research: a subversive underground economy run by the local communities as a means of citizen protest against a failed democracy. He successfully uses a collage methodology to create new relationships between “found” existing building fragments, composing them in a novel and structurally convincing manner.’ Helena Howard and Sam McElhinney 


Tyler Lemmon, MArch, The Other Studio

Postgraduate tyler lemmon

Postgraduate tyler lemmon

Project title Composed Chaos

Project description Pinched between destruction and civil war, Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a city plagued by the overshadowing and imminent danger of Mount Nyiragongo erupting – every four years on average since 1882. The volcano’s lava flow drives the population of Goma towards the danger of the Congo’s raging civil war. The proposal is a study of how Goma’s civilisation could be saved by innovative technological investment, focusing on the flourishing advancement of American tech companies.The masterplanning of the area between the volcanic destruction path and the barren city will look to focus on mining, agriculture and protection. Profits from Coltan Mining will fund the developments of protection and agriculture and will help Goma, a city that has never been allowed to develop, grow and become sustainable. Investment won’t be permanent. The lava that flows from the volcano will finally fill the mines and cover any scarring, but only when the City has sustainable land and the resources to survive.

Tutor citation ‘The project posits an ambitious programme fusing geotechnology with humanitarian provision, agriculture and commerce. The Other Studio’s brief is to “do something on earth”. Tyler has taken a radical approach to an extraordinary site and produced a compelling proposal.’ John Culmerbell

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