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  • Comment on: The RIBA desperately needs a credible figurehead

    Murphy 's comment 19 May, 2020 11:08 am

    The RIBA Council is not being replaced - where did this rumour come from?

    This is written by someone who obviously never leaves London, (except possibly to infest the rest of the country with empty second homes) who believes that anything outside that polluted antheap is irrelevant. It is a long time since I heard the word 'mistress' outside a history book, and it is an insulting term to any modern woman, and so what if she is younger than him?

    A silly, badly written article.

  • Comment on: ‘First we storm the building, then we take back the asylum’: Allford slams ‘irrelevant’ RIBA

    Murphy 's comment 17 April, 2020 8:54 am

    The way the RIBA treats its members when they visit its building is a metaphor for the way it treats its members in general.

    The whole edifice needs to be ripped out and refurbished, foundation to parapets, moribund council, ineffective board, executive, president and all.

  • Comment on: ‘First we storm the building, then we take back the asylum’: Allford slams ‘irrelevant’ RIBA

    Murphy 's comment 16 April, 2020 11:19 am

    I agree with Simon. I rarely visit RIBA HQ as it is so disappointing. I do not feel as if it is anything to do with architects - in fact, it was full of radiographers when I visited once with a guest and I felt decidedly unwelcome. I couldn't even get a coffee in the building which is supposed to house my own professional institute. It was embarrassing.

    Now we have yet another raft of irrelevant bureaucratic wonks messing around with it, who are not even architects and I doubt have had anything to do with the sharp end of the profession, or construction. How can this possibly improve efficiency? While we're on the topic, what do the increasingly irrelevant and grossly overstuffed Council actually do? What on earth do 300 staff find to do all day? What is the board actually for? Why did the RIBA need yet another massively expensive building when it's already got a perfectly good one (oh, of course! The corporate events!)

    The first communication I had from the RIBA about this crisis was a reminder of my duties under the professional code. I do not wish to be preached at during a very difficult time for businesses, when it is quite likely many members will be in a terrible financial mess.

    Time to remember, RIBA, who pays for you and who you are supposed to support. You can make quite a statement by putting RIBA HQ aside for its members and guests, and events to promote architects and architecture. We must have a decent members' only area, so we little guys from the provinces feel our membership fees are of some value, and that we are actually welcome.

    In the coming recession I have far more urgent places to put my £436 membership fee.

  • Comment on: AJ survey results: How is the profession coping with coronavirus?

    Murphy 's comment 24 March, 2020 4:27 pm

    This will be a disaster for the construction industry (I count architects as part of it). Even if the restrictions are lifted relatively soon (ie in three months), who is going to have the money to carry out any projects?

  • Comment on: Most new housing so poorly designed it should not have been built, says Bartlett report

    Murphy 's comment 21 January, 2020 11:05 am

    I wonder why comment was declined regarding schemes passed on appeal? There are numerous developments which have been rejected on very good grounds by the LA, only to be overturned by a planning inspector with no local knowledge whose brief is to get as much housing built as possible, no matter what the standard.

    Villages and small towns are being subsumed by badly designed and shoddily built modern slums, which have no local facilities and mean that everyone has to drive. The traffic blight, pressure on local services and infrastructure (transport, doctors and schools for example) ruins the environment for everyone.

    The problem lies with the unmanaged increase in population - these people have to live somewhere and unfortunately it is at the expense of good design, quality of life, and the natural world.

    All governments of whatever colour do not want to address the elephant in the room - overpopulation.

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