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mark jenkind

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  • Comment on: Homeless chic flicks a v-sign at humanity

    mark jenkind's comment 5 October, 2018 1:57 am

    Catherine Slessor is an architecture editor, writer and critic. She is a former editor of UK magazine The Architectural Review and recently completed an MA in Architectural History at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London
    and also a coward. End of an era.

  • Comment on: Homeless chic flicks a v-sign at humanity

    mark jenkind's comment 1 October, 2018 2:05 pm

    Curious that while everyone is so quick to make conclusions no one ever reached out to the artist, myself. I wrote a message to Emine and the Evening Standard journalist explaining how and why it is. Of course neither responded not wanting to engage in a real conversation. The hoodie is no more rightfully owned solely as an icon of homelessness than Skittles and the gay community can trademark the rainbow. If you want to speak about park benches not sure why you need to use the benches in the installation as a launchpad. I’ve never seen a homeless person sleeping like this. They curl up with their back to the wall because it offers more protection from people and the elements. The cross legged seated figures I’d first proposed to have smartphones which was cancelled only because we didnt want to have gloves visible. The focus of the campaign was a cross-trainer. Brand new not stressed, hoodies brand new, not a speck of dust on them.

    Of the 18 I believe 14 were standing. These are my characters and they sit stand and do what they wish and ironically the ones judged homeless became outcasts. Their removal happened without asking me because Selfridges didnt have the courage to defend the rights of the artist. And the one drsctibed as “shivering,” “gaunt,” and “homeless” was based on the model who fit the size small, a real person who has much a right to be a model as anyone else.

    I’ve done numerous campaigns for a range of social issues working with the Red Cross, Greenpeace and CALM in the link below which was listed by Evening Standard ad one of the 10 most unforgettable installations in London...ever,


    I care about stuff and am an actual activist. Artists we do this sort of thing by nature.

    What all of this, including this article comes down to is lazy sloppy journslism in this case precipitated by Emine who like Trump uses Twitter as a mixed martial arts arena. She brewed up a storm of false facts and everyone jumped on board. She even had a hypothesis that I intentionally tried to sabotage the project.

    Noe that were in a forum with an academic backdrop have at me. I’ve spoken at architecture conferences, guest lectured at universities and had professors publish papers on my work in respected academic journals.

    Don’t be shy Catherine.

    mark jenkins

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