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MacKenzie Architects

MacKenzie Architects

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Degree & Diploma @ Mac
Got job at RRP
Started own practice
Bought 2 cad workstations 1987 so we could stay small
trained all our own staff whenever possible
Started second company to provide specialist support to Architects and Contractors on over-complicated designs
Started third company for modular design and manufacture
Working UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East at various times
Try and only work with clients we know, like, and trust.
Despair at lack of leadership from RIBA
Don't know what ARB does (are they even called that these days?)

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Comments (164)

  • Comment on: HAT Projects’ Pocket Living scheme loses appeal over ‘unacceptable’ tenure mix

    MacKenzie Architects's comment 3 December, 2019 12:12 pm

    Written-in-stone policies sound like they aren't flexible enough.

    There are an awful of of people in London who need a 1-Bed Flat with no gardens, don't demand parking, and probably make noise at night when kids are asleep. I don' think they mix particularly well with family requirements on a hundred levels.
    For a 44-Apt development, you would think there was a case for some sites in Haringey to be entirely first-time buyer 1-Beds ...... just as there must be plenty of other sites that would suit family homes better.

  • Comment on: Climate crisis: should architects still be designing airports?

    MacKenzie Architects's comment 27 November, 2019 11:30 am

    There is no climate crisis, there is nothing happening just now that hasn't happened a thousand times in the past, long before our time.
    Send every climate scientist off to do a 1-day geology course and then ask them again if CO2 at 400ppmv is a big deal, or sea levels are a big deal, or greening the Sahara to feed a couple of billion people is a big deal.

    Life on this planet only evolved because of the cracked shell, the tilt of the earth, the position in the Milky Way and our elliptical orbit. From the amount of oxygen in the air, to the salinity of the sea, every single tiny creature had to adapt to change or go extinct. We are no different. We've got skeletons, eyes, brains, stomachs only because our family tree replicated with enough flaws for some of them to be fat enough, hairy enough, mobile enough or smart enough to cope with the next phase of climatic change.
    Even the amoeba figured that out.

    Perhaps if we focused on saving the rainforest, and planting a billion trees, they would take up the CO2 that 'architects' are worried about.
    Perhaps if we also focused on true pollution and plastic, we would make some progress.
    Perhaps if we focused on true sustainable energy, and low-impact design, we would make the world a better place.
    Building electric cars running off the power grid is just infantile, building huge steel windfarms which can only operate with massive subsidies, is no better.
    If 50% of the UK population stopped flying, you wouldn't need the airports, so maybe start there. Don't buy this week's iph*ne with all it's rare-earth metals, and don't replace your kitchen furniture every 5 years.
    Perhaps design buildings with less concrete, less steel, less heating and cooling.

    That doesn't need anyone out on the streets with banners -and might use some of our more objective creativity. Focus on that.

    If you want a real climate crisis, wait 'til the poles switch around 2042, they've already started a serious wobble.

  • Comment on: Bolton fire: Anger over ‘cladding lottery’ after blaze at student flats

    MacKenzie Architects's comment 19 November, 2019 9:48 am

    It might be that this construction has behaved under fire exactly as 'required' by the building regulations. I haven't seen any photos or tv images that have suggested otherwise.
    I hope that in pretty short order, we find what the full façade was specified and constructed with, and what overall damage to the rest of the building resulted.
    It is encouraging at least that all residents escaped safely.

    I also hope that any Inquiry does not take 3 years to publish the first chapter ..........

  • Comment on: FAT’s Community in a Cube faces huge bill over unsafe cladding

    MacKenzie Architects's comment 28 October, 2019 10:14 am

    Sounds like the state of UK standards, ethics and corporate law in microcosm-
    Inadequate or unenforced Building Regulations
    Safety in liquidation for all parties
    10yr building warranty small print questions?
    Silence from Insurers?
    Architect not appointed to complete or build his design
    Final specification and quality of build not monitored?
    No-one accountable because no-one feels responsible.
    Legal paperwork for leaseholders incomplete?
    -and gimmickry to boot.

  • Comment on: Foster + Partners to design ‘landmark’ scheme in Shard’s shadow

    MacKenzie Architects's comment 18 October, 2019 12:05 pm

    That's a building that offers nothing at street level if you come out of London Bridge Tube station, or the bridge itself.
    Plenty of scope for some imaginative public space if they re-arranged the spaghetti of bridges, roads, ramps and alleyways -and an imaginative building

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