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james needhaM

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Comments (21)

  • Comment on: Contest launched for green ‘fortress’ to block Heathrow expansion

    james needhaM's comment 29 January, 2010 7:04 pm

    I hate greenpeace and there luddism. im going to enter a spaceport

  • Comment on: Refused: Make's underground home for Gary Neville

    james needhaM's comment 29 January, 2010 6:30 pm

    "Very low design level...I reckon Tevez won't be impressed"

    You never been to Cheshire have you believe me this is the second best designed footballers house. George best’s being the best (like his name :)). Believe me the lack of any sense of taste in the average footballers house is immeasurable they mostly want to live in huge and I mean huge Barrett houses with all that money can buy you from the Argos catalogue. Go to Cheshire look at there houses ye mighty and despair

  • Comment on: New drama centre for BBC Cardiff by FAT

    james needhaM's comment 29 January, 2010 6:07 pm

    In a way I like FAT they are open about the fact there buildings are decorated sheds. where as many architects pretend to be modernists by dressing there building up in a modernist styled facard. At least FAT can show us that if there is one thing architecture needs it is a new movement one with real substance that really sums up our age. Unfortunately I haven’t got a solution but maybe some you do. We need a name and a ethos and then we can work the architecture from there.

  • Comment on: RMJM hires 'Fred the Shred'

    james needhaM's comment 18 January, 2010 5:25 pm


    Fair enough I was a little harsh and there are a valid arguments against the hiring sir Fred but still it is alarming how so many people (not just architects) are increasingly seeing the world as black and white. There are also an ever increasing number of “hang them!” type comments on the AJ and the BD on a range of issues and this my be fine on daily mail because you would expect that from there readership. But as highly qualified professionals architects have to be reasonably smart just to qualify and so reactionary hang the pariah type comments are something we should aviod.

  • Comment on: RMJM hires 'Fred the Shred'

    james needhaM's comment 18 January, 2010 4:53 pm

    I’ve actually read every ones comments and my god you people really are quite simple. I am a student but even in my youthful naivety I know that one person does not sit at the top of the company pulling levers and saying lets start being really reckless with our money because we will be bailed out. The truth is that RBS were screwed by the purchase of ABN AMRO. At the time no on was aware of the problems with sub prime dept being hidden in packages of debt rated as AAA. ABN AMRO had load of this badly rated debt and that is the main cause of the crisis at the RBS. If you must blame anyone for the financial crisis blame the credit rating agencies as it there mistakes that meant risk was evaluated badly.

    Now for a more pressing concern.
    This is the website of the architects journal. Architect in theory should be clever, and clever people do not see the world as black and white (It’s a fuzzy kind of grey in reality if you were wondering).
    Saying bankers are greedy is like saying bin laden is evil. The world is more complicated than that and as clever architects you should know better.
    Really you would find a better debate on the daily mail website this I why the professions is in trouble, we the cream of the construction industry but we are becoming as dense as the other professions involved in construction. If we are not careful they will become more intelligent than we are and we will be left as just as a load of powerless morons who decide upon how we will decorate the building. And what was once architecture will slide in to a quagmire of cheap curtain walling systems and hold up shiny shiny Frank Geary as our lord and master.

    And just to end the debate and save the once glorious profession from further harm I will use Godwins law and compare sir Fred to Hitler.

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