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Ian Goulty

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  • Comment on: The traditional housing model isn’t working – is ‘subscription living’ the future?

    Ian Goulty's comment 6 June, 2019 12:37 pm

    Subscription housing sounds awful. It seems to be another buzzy way of suggesting that younger generations should be prepared to accept all of the crap disadvantages of renting in the UK, - crap landlords, poor quality living standards, stress and worry about being kicked out if you complain or the moment you have a financial wobble e.t.c. and then it suggests that you will need to share your living space with a bunch of other people who could be just about any form of miscreant you could dream up, - to hell with that. I rented for nearly 20 years and I can confirm that there are very good reasons why people in the UK will pretty much cut their own throat for a chance to buy their own home and not be at the bloody awful whim of landlords. Especially for those who come from the poorer end of the spectrum and so don't necessarily have money available or the leave allowance to sort out an instant house move.

    The answer to our housing problems is for Government to start building massive volumes of council homes again and for people to stop trying to find jazzy sounding ways of making the horror of renting into something more palatable.

  • Comment on: Fall in number of architects working for local authorities

    Ian Goulty's comment 15 May, 2019 1:21 pm

    I worked for a local authority for 13 years. I remember our department being warned that there was discussion at high level about the Architects department being given the chop, because the amount of award shortlists and wins we were achieving meant we must be spending far more than was needed to just get the job done.

  • Comment on: Parliament refurb: AHMM reveals first images of MPs’ temporary home

    Ian Goulty's comment 13 May, 2019 11:37 am

    A massive missed opportunity. MP's and Government should have been forced to relocate temporarily to another city or cities to make them face up to the disparity of investment and connectivity that the rest of the country suffers from.

  • Comment on: Adjaye and Arad’s ‘eleventh-hour’ holocaust memorial redesign fails to silence critics

    Ian Goulty's comment 1 May, 2019 1:42 pm

    A Hundred Million Pounds?
    Am I reading that right?

  • Comment on: Architecture profession ‘lagging behind’ on diversity, says RIBA

    Ian Goulty's comment 4 April, 2019 7:50 am

    Do we really lag behind law, medicine and accounting? By how much? More importantly is anybody bothering to find out specifically why before launching into the usual panic of doing something, -anything to try and prove what a lovely profession we actually are. I'm not really sure how accounting is perceived but when compared to architecture a career in law or medicine are seen as well paid and valuable. Meanwhile on this website there is yet another story about an architectural competition where none of the architects are getting paid, - effectively the architects have paid their own professional body for the opportunity to work for free!

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