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Ian Cadell

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  • Comment on: FAT’s Community in a Cube faces huge bill over unsafe cladding

    Ian Cadell's comment 25 October, 2019 10:33 am

    I wonder how long it will be until the legal profession cabbages onto the fact that the rankest incompetence appears to be the norm of the UK design industry - at least where anything having to do with timber is involved.
    Barely a week goes by without this journal featuring some timber clad absurdity, destined to become dilapidated within a decade.
    The Thames Rowing Club, the Shaldon Road development in Bristol, Cranleigh School, countless new homes and many other projects; All deceptively showing rather lovely elevations that bear no resemblance to how the structures will look in a few years time.
    Let me state - I am not suggesting deliberate fraud or criminality on the part of the designers - just a woeful unfamiliarity with the nature of timber. However, there is a presumed knowledge which all professional designers are expected to have, and maybe this is where an aggressive legal industry can indict the professional bodies who have stood idly by as the vandalism continues.
    No !! Cedar cladding does not remain beautiful. It turns a dreadful dirty grey/black, and if not protected by an overhang will look even worse. The new £5million Kingsteighton Primary School is going to have some mighty angry trustees five years down the road.

  • Comment on: Our public land is being squandered

    Ian Cadell's comment 15 October, 2019 7:48 am

    I wonder if the Bristol Community Land Trust gave their backing to the Shaldon Road project because of the CGI displayed in this article.
    For, if they did there should be some very angry voices a few years down the road as the graphic bears no resemblance to the future dilapidated slum the development will become.

  • Comment on: Boris Johnson asks for feasibility study into Northern Ireland-to-Scotland bridge

    Ian Cadell's comment 13 September, 2019 1:53 pm

    Number Five -- I'm persuaded a conventional bridge would be too difficult, but not yet convinced a floating structure would not be feasible.

  • Comment on: Boris Johnson asks for feasibility study into Northern Ireland-to-Scotland bridge

    Ian Cadell's comment 11 September, 2019 12:40 pm

    You're such a spoilsport Kevan !! Didn't the French waste 12bn. or so on trains that were too wide for the stations.
    Had you kept quiet perhaps we would make an even bigger boondoggle and get one up on those Frenchies.
    I still think if such a project were to materialise it would have to be a floating, road only, structure.

  • Comment on: Major blaze at housing block in south-west London

    Ian Cadell's comment 9 September, 2019 3:21 pm

    Rain screen timber cladding is an accident waiting to happen. As also is the application of timber roof boards fixed over battens..
    The Building Regulations need scrapping and the adoption of the IBC (International Building Code) made a priority.
    Occupancy separation seems not to be on the Fire Services radar; Is this not addressed in the Building Regulations? This fire should never have spread as it did.
    The silly fashion of slapping on timber cladding and planks wherever a surface presents itself must cease. Wood is a wonderful material but, quite frankly, UK designers seem entirely unfamiliar with its characteristics and appropriate usage.

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