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Hugo Hardy

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  • Comment on: The RIBA desperately needs a credible figurehead

    Hugo Hardy's comment 22 May, 2020 10:54 am

    Steve and Gerard the comments seem to me to be about Jones more than the article itself. The article to my mind is asking, "What has the RIBA done for us lately and especially in this crisis", a legitimate question?

    I feel for the new RIBA members, young Architects, small practices, actually all practices the reality of Covid 19 is stark... the RIBAs response, even to devotees, must be recognized as unknown, even to members outside of hasty list of Articles they retrospectively stitched together with time gaps and listed to show they have not been unresponsive.

    Maybe partially because of internal problems but largely because of a wider institutional failure over the last decade, when seemingly to me, market forces changed the institute's focus from members to wider business concerns; Not unexpected given the ratio of membership dues to business income but not the focus members would like to see and not what most view of the RIBA's own mission statement and the founders intentions and certainly not why I'm a member.

    They should split the two business from membership and stop pretending it is otherwise.

    It appears to this member that the organization is actually trading off of the legitimacy of Architects reputations rather than providing a valuable service, as would be expected of most membership similar organizations, such a the College of Surgeons or the RICS.

    Perhaps an Architect on the board could comment more succinctly and with more information to set the public record straight?

  • Comment on: The RIBA desperately needs a credible figurehead

    Hugo Hardy's comment 19 May, 2020 11:58 am

    At the very least the Riba should be run by FRIBA Architects( i.e well proven practitioners)or it will never have engagement from members. Someone who has not been an Architect cannot make decisions informed by being an Architect. End of...

  • Comment on: ‘First we storm the building, then we take back the asylum’: Allford slams ‘irrelevant’ RIBA

    Hugo Hardy's comment 17 April, 2020 8:58 am

    Hi Simon,

    Your sentiments ring clear to many thousands of RIBA Architects across the Country and globe.

    However, we are afraid of loosing what public recognition and public standing the RIBA as a brand still represents. Being an Architect and being in the RIBA have become intertwined to such an extent emotionally it is very hard to consider resigning and the institute knows this.

    Now you've made these statements publicly you need to turns these words into actions.

    Why not set up an online poll, and when the numbers of supporters are registered make a call for mass resignations at one time from the RIBA.
    A personal email to all members and get their signatures.

    There needs to be an online central point to organize or this will never get off the ground.

    Architects need to run the RIBA full stop for it to have any real legitimacy, and who has control of the accounts controls the business
    as we as business men and women are all very aware.

    The RIBA Council has no right given the 18% or less who vote to give away the power and decision making no matter how difficult a Council can be to manage.

    I hear respected voices such as George Fergusosn saying the current RIBA actions are a good step perhaps he can elaborate why? I haven't felt consulted as a member about this?

  • Comment on: Sketchbook: Alan Dunlop

    Hugo Hardy's comment 15 April, 2020 10:36 am


  • Comment on: Coronavirus: How are small practices coping with lockdown?

    Hugo Hardy's comment 15 April, 2020 10:24 am

    Great to hear about so many talented young practices and the collectives that they have organized to share labour, reduce costs and share insights and experience.

    It goes to show the ingenuity required just to be a Architect wanting the freedom tor expess, away from the large company structure.

    I hope they can largely survive and become cantankerous enough, forged through banking crisis, recession, epidemic, depression and come out the other side to challenge some status quo positions for the next generation.

    Such as why get on the wasteful competition treadmill, why let the market define practice by trying to catch a trend, why let our regulators and their policy burden, affect our competitiveness without protecting function and title.

    Why listen to calls to discard our, "Moral an Aesthetic code" or our means of practice, the arbitrary nature of BIM lobbying or any other such formulaic process requirements.

    We need collective insight more than ever. Musn't there be a better a more free and equitable way to be an Architect?

    Clearly nobody rides in to help in times of trouble, where are those: who regulate, those who build their businesses on the backs of the specifications, designs and innovations of Architects, and those who readily scape goat Architects in the public and political realms without
    being regulated themselves.

    Architect have for too long carried many along and we need the ability to shed these shackles in order to survive an thrive, we need to collectivise and take more control in this time of seeming helplessness!

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