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Henry Stamp

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Comments (2)

  • Comment on: Housing minister promotes Classicism from the Deep South

    Henry Stamp's comment 6 November, 2018 10:18 pm

    Try this picture for 2 buildings built in the last 10 years, one in front of the other. From the south coast, not the deep south.

    Which will last longer?
    One reflects the town's character and has won several -popular- awards. The other was disliked by a ratio of over 30:1 during the public consultation; for which the context drawing changed the colour of the established building and faded out its roof features: making the proposal look less out of place and out of context. That misrepresentation is likely to be the subject of an ARB complaint.

    The (non-local) architects were inspired by waves crashing over pebbles:
    “The waves twist and distort as they pass over the pebbles and this is translated to the toilet building and (unbuilt) beach office.
    “The pebbles themselves create a softer, more inviting, form, resulting in a striking dialogue between the two.
    “The concept creates a conversation between the beach and the architecture, connecting the two elements harmoniously."

    They should have tried 'harmony' with the surroundings. Plus sustainable design, as there are no sustainability features in the building envelope; despite opportunities for natural lighting, solar power and sustainable water use.

    It is buildings such as these which mean the public will back Kit Malthouse's views and the Government's new NPPF. As the NPPGuidance pointed out: architecture is too important to be left to architects.

    Some building designers 'get' it: others appear completely out of touch, as do most of the comments.
    Also it is not a re-run of the "style wars"; just a matter of respect and context.

  • Comment on: Building study: George Clarke and TDO’s modular house for Urban Splash

    Henry Stamp's comment 13 April, 2018 11:17 am

    I agree with Chris Medland's last point: I do live in one of the terraces not far away. And starting prices are about double or more than most of the existing stock.
    The more recent nearby terraces that the article mentions are quite nice interpretations of older terraces.
    The article is right about the colour of cladding not looking good in the grey skies we sometimes get. Out of all possible colours that could have been chosen, it won't bring delight. Unlike Dockwray Square further east along the Tyne's north banktop.
    And rusting metal near where people's clothes might come into contact isn't a wise move: like red wine and ink, rust is known to be a hard stain to remove.
    George Clarke's TV programmes are interesting, not so this association with him.

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