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Gordon Hulley

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  • Comment on: Public 'favours traditional architecture'

    Gordon Hulley's comment 21 October, 2009 7:50 am

    It's the overall result of 1,042 subjective opinions. This is the fact.

  • Comment on: 5 things to do today: 1 September

    Gordon Hulley's comment 1 September, 2009 5:03 pm

    For 'make your own postcards' I've tried two other ideas:
    1. Polaroid make a tiny, USB-charged printer, so you can make prints with your digital camera on-the-hoof, so-to-speak.
    2. Draw your own! There's a great wee grocery store in Rio de Janeiro that sells old-style vistiting cards and matching envelopes for the purpose.

  • Comment on: The Lighthouse to go into administration

    Gordon Hulley's comment 27 August, 2009 0:07 am

    I hope the Venice Indulgence is not scape-goated as some sort of reckless vanity. It could be written-up this way but, as far as I saw (I pointed it out to some Romanian students from a vaporetto as we passed it) it was a total success. On the international stage, wee Scotland put on show something we can all be proud of.
    And yes, although the Lighthouse building was charmingly converted, it's really too big and too awkward to work easily or cost-effectively. What about a series of bus shelters or some other civic furniture displaying mini architecture exhibits? Or, better still, the countries with the best modern architecture breed more of it, not because they have better architects but simply because people, in general, are less scared of it because they're used to seeing what's really possible.

  • Comment on: Cornerstone, Glasgow by Gordon Murray + Alan Dunlop Architects

    Gordon Hulley's comment 23 August, 2009 1:43 pm

    Noah: fair enough. I'd thought maybe you weren't familiar with the context, which I thought explained things a bit but, judging by your response, you've considered it more than I realised. I don't think we have to split between 'serious' and 'non serious' readers over the technical versus aesthetic aspects of architecture, though.

  • Comment on: Cornerstone, Glasgow by Gordon Murray + Alan Dunlop Architects

    Gordon Hulley's comment 22 August, 2009 3:12 pm

    In response to Noah Murney, the glazed facade, although facing south, faces onto a well-shaded, narrow, mews-type alley. The north side, in contrast, faces onto Bath Street, which is, by and large, a series of well-mannered Georgian sandstone frontages, where a curtain walling facade would be out of place and, since the overall geometry of the building is modest and somewhat austere, wouldn't compute. This said, the same firm of architects earlier designed a hotel further up the same street which 'sticks out' in every way one might imagine. Some might welcome this as a dose of fresh air and defiantly individual personality. Others, that it's just vulgar and anti-social. Personally, I'm in both minds about it simultaneously. I guess it's one thing to pepper the hubbub with characters if those characters are either enormously likeable (C.R. Mackintosh's School of Art springs to mind) or rather monstrous but safely confined to the texture of history (Edinburgh Castle, say.) My examples are Scottish in deference to the article rather than because I live here. I'm forever Americanising my references over at stateside architecture forums...

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