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Geoff Williams

Geoff Williams

Southport, Lancashire, UK

Electric Cable Fire Performance Technology


I am a fire expert in electric cable technology specialising in the Nuclear & Infrastructure sectors. I am a member of the Institute of Marketing, Institute of Measurement & Control and the Insitute of Fire Prevention Officers. I am associated with the TRM/MICC Group of Companies in consultation with architects and M&E consultants in the preparation of specifications for cable use in high rise structures.

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  • Comment on: Ellis Williams replaces Mecanoo on Oldham Coliseum job

    Geoff Williams's comment 15 August, 2018 4:05 pm

    It is noticed that ARUP is nominated for the M&E design. Safety in such prestige buildings, cannot and should not, be compromised. It is imperative that fire safety, in terms of electrical cables, is given a higher priority. The Fire Department in Hong Kong recently tested 12 cable manufacturers fire resistant cables against the fire standard and 9 failed prematurely. It is, therefore, essential that metal sheathed MI cables are specified for all fire protection services.

  • Comment on: Manchester to fit £10.5m of sprinklers in council-owned towers

    Geoff Williams's comment 15 August, 2018 2:16 pm

    The more I explore the subject of fire safety in high rise building structures, the more I get alarmed at what I see. Many of these buildings have been in service over at least two decades and the electrical wiring is showing it's age both in terms of time and product utilisation. Additional load is always a problem in power circuitry. I would suggest that the state of the wiring should be addressed before proceeding with the fitment of "sprinklers" although I would hasten to add these are a way forward in the future. Surely the regulations and rules for engagement need to be clearly determined and the use of fireproof cables must be a paramount consideration.

  • Comment on: Architects break silence on Grenfell

    Geoff Williams's comment 20 June, 2018 11:11 am

    Little reference has been made to the electrical wiring. cabling usually features in major fires and it is claimed that 40% of the fires Worldwide have been directly caused due to short circuits, voltage hikes and overload. In public flats many occupants have would be electricians and tamper and fireproof cables are recommended.

  • Comment on: Mac building is ‘saveable’, GSA and council claim

    Geoff Williams's comment 19 June, 2018 10:58 am

    This fire could have an electrical cable origin. It will be interesting to discover the actual cause after the current investigations have been completed. fire suppression systems are only effective subject to the security of the electrical supply. Much depends on the choice of cable and in the light of past problems one would have thought that a Mineral insulated fireproof cable, type MICC, would be considered in all historic buildings of the this type of important edifice. Alternative, fire resisting cables will burn and assist in the spread of the fire. Obviously, there are lessons to be learned.

  • Comment on: Grenfell cladding did not meet Building Regs, expert tells inquiry

    Geoff Williams's comment 6 June, 2018 1:36 pm

    Has enough attention been given to the electrics in the flat where ignition is alleged to have taken place. There appeared to be numerous electrical devises in the kitchen area needing an electrical supply and it begs the question as to whether cable sizing an protection met the requirements of the IET regulations. The occupant of the flat is alleged to have referred to an explosion at the fridge unit which ignited the cladding due to the inadequate fitting of windows. There has been a complete lack of comments on the part played by failure of the electrical system.

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