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Gabriela Igelsias

Gabriela Igelsias

RIBA registered architect since 1976,practicing in London, Portugal, Argentina and Uruguay.
Main field Hospitality design of Hotels and resorts with projects in more than 10 countries.

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Comments (5)

  • Comment on: Architects sign letter to May outlining Brexit’s threat to profession

    Gabriela Igelsias's comment 24 October, 2018 11:53 am

    I think that to connect brexit with the “ livehood” of thd profession is absurd! Architectural firms requiring professionals from Europe to survive can apply for work permit as before the eec just need to justify why they are needed. I think that the real reason is that young arch from Europe are much cheaper and less demanding regarding working conditions. Lets be honest it is nothing to do with “talents or diversity”

  • Comment on: Studio E Architects slammed for ‘corporate silence’ at Grenfell inquiry

    Gabriela Igelsias's comment 8 June, 2018 12:59 pm

    I think that the RIBA silence on this matter is not acceptable

  • Comment on: ZHA reveals curvaceous kennel for Blue Cross fundraiser

    Gabriela Igelsias's comment 15 October, 2017 2:02 am

    This design does not take into consideration the psicology of a pet. The wide open front does not provide the sense of protection that a pet needs when inside its kennel. This will not work for the outside , wind, cold, snow will enter the kennel .This design does not provide protection agains the element , in spite of considering rasing the base from the ground, It is tottaly inadequate for its purpose. !!!! In winter is very cold and in summer very open to the heat.

  • Comment on: London councils review tower-block fire safety following Grenfell Tower tragedy

    Gabriela Igelsias's comment 16 June, 2017 6:19 pm

    Were architect involved in the design and supervision of the works? If they were why they are not mentioned any where?

  • Comment on: Zaha Hadid: ‘I’m judged more harshly because I am a woman’

    Gabriela Igelsias's comment 22 February, 2016 5:01 pm

    I think that the argument regarding discrimination to the female gender or to the birth nationality is a bit dated , we are now in 2016!!! may be Zaha is to high in its own pedestal and cannot admitt that there are people disliking her work or and her personality or both. She is the last person who can claim discrimination, she has been positioned on top and above many men colleagues although some of them are equaly or more talented than her. It is time she stops these arguments which are childish and pathetic . I am a woman, born outside UK, a non European . with my own practice in the Uk and since 1984 to the present have never ever felt discrimination of any kind!! So please do a profession a favour and stop crying discrimination each time some body critizise you or your work!!!! People have the right to like you and your work or to dislike both!

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