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David Farmery

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  • Comment on: Boris Johnson asks for feasibility study into Northern Ireland-to-Scotland bridge

    David Farmery's comment 11 September, 2019 11:03 am

    Not another Boris Bridge?! Portpatrick to Larne is possibly a good idea. If you can do it for £15billion?! The DfT needs to sort out HS2, Heathrow and the Liverpool to Newcastle Line first.

    Boris is not going to be PM for very long after the last week in Parliament, and today’s ruling by the High Court in Scotland!! And what happens with Brexit now? Architecture is easy by comparison??

  • Comment on: HTA sparks anger with plans for tower block behind Hoover Building

    David Farmery's comment 10 September, 2019 11:22 am

    Sorry, 1930s building.

  • Comment on: HTA sparks anger with plans for tower block behind Hoover Building

    David Farmery's comment 10 September, 2019 11:20 am

    When don’t the “local residents” complain whenever there’s a planning application?! What about the new residents that need somewhere to live? HTA have produced a design that maximises the value of the site, while paying respect to an iconic building from the 1920s? The loss of the Firestone was a tragedy. Hounslow’s Planning Dept, now about 3 strong, are as dozy as ever?!

  • Comment on: HS2 review: Architects speak out in support of under-fire project

    David Farmery's comment 27 August, 2019 3:49 pm

    Alistair Shepherd is right, the project should be expanded to do so much more for the midlands and north, but you’re not going to be able to do that if you waste £100billion on the current HS2?!

    It should go ahead on the route of the now defunct Central Railway, from Leicester to London, closed by Beeching, but still there. No land acquisition costs or CPO delays. It is still in evidence as a Heritage Steam railway around Loughborough! If you want to increase capacity why not double deck the trains like the SNCF do when required? As well as wasting money money on the TGV! Heavily subsidised by the proud French taxpayers.

    Why haven’t all these highly qualified “advisors” thought of this? And the CBI’s reaction is laughable. And thank God that moron Adonis never got his hands on our infrastructure?!

    And this new HS2 should have a connection to Stansted Airport, then then on to Paris via HS1 and the Channel Tunnel.

    If any of these “experts” would like to call me and my company Green🐲Dragon PM Co on 0775 398 5489 I will give them the benefit of my 48 years experience, working on the Channel Tunnel, Bangkok MTC elevated railway and T5, amongst other things.

  • Comment on: RSHP modular homes scheme backed by Cardiff Council

    David Farmery's comment 23 August, 2019 10:10 am

    OK, but they look like re clad shipping containers to me, but why not? We are too precious, trying to be on the side of the man and woman on the Clapham Common omnibus!

    Most of the families in the shipping containers and converted office blocks seem to be single parent families. Don’t they have a responsibility to get work and and look after their kids properly?

    All these arrangements are better than living on the street?!

    Is Andrew Partridge a relation of the Partridge at HKPA? Nice guy that offered me a job in 1976.

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