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David Farmery

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  • Comment on: Style wars begin: ‘housing tsar’ Scruton slams Modernist architecture

    David Farmery's comment 15 November, 2018 3:37 pm

    The more voices the better in this conversation? Hopefully the Csar, Apparatchiks and his Capo di Capo are taking notes! (And I’m not an architect, so don’t tar me with that brush!)

    Having attended many planning meetings, what is needed is a School of Architecture; for the people on the Clapham omnibus, whoever they are. Not to indoctrinate, but enable them to make a constructive contribution.

    It is impossible to please all the people all the time, especially as the world changes even faster. We will never complete the project, but I’ve enjoyed having a go for 50 years. A few of you might have used my buildings travelling to Milton Keynes or Calais, or living in Docklands? And sometimes they are beautiful, at least in the eye of this beholder.

    So how about an Architectural Summer School, with Roger Scruton and a few MPs in the front row?! And learn by doing, before you tell others where to go.

  • Comment on: Style wars begin: ‘housing tsar’ Scruton slams Modernist architecture

    David Farmery's comment 15 November, 2018 12:28 pm

    Sorry Cadell you are an arse too!! Go back to school with Prince Charles and this Scruton person, and look around you. UK architects are respected all over the world, as much for the changes to society we have brought about as for the buildings themselves. As I said earlier, we are not perfect, but willing to work hard and learn.

    This is getting very boring. Time for lunch anyone?

  • Comment on: Style wars begin: ‘housing tsar’ Scruton slams Modernist architecture

    David Farmery's comment 15 November, 2018 12:13 pm

    And Scruton should go back to the dreaming spires and actually do some more background reading. He’s only 72. Try Pinker, for a start. Then Harare? A great American Anglophile. Drawing and painting are both very enjoyable pastimes, and might teach him something too?

    Cultures and civilisations move at a broad interlinked pace. Modern medecine and space travel. Darwin and Dawkins. Central heating and a living wage. You can rarely have one without the other. The internet and iPhones. The way we have it now works, with the odd glitch. Onwards and upwards?!

    And it needs more than Robert Wakeham and I to talk this guy out of town. Cesare Bednarski? Piers Taylor? To name but 2 who comment in this forum. I’m sure we all like classical architecture, but taken to the next levels and beyond. Modern or Modernist, call it as you like?!

  • Comment on: Style wars begin: ‘housing tsar’ Scruton slams Modernist architecture

    David Farmery's comment 15 November, 2018 11:26 am

    This fellow calls himself a philosopher and intellectual. Has he designed or built anything? What does his own house look like? I haven’t the time to read his pretentious drivel. He should spend some time in a good architects office, on site, at a community consultation meeting. He will find that Architecture is a collaboration, and always has been. Wren needed Hawksmoor, a good builder, an understanding client with a lot of money, and Grinling Gibbons and then Capability Brown for the landscaping.

    Perhaps visit a Grand Design and talk to the client? Also a developer and a fund manager? He might learn something. Let’s hope he’s never given any real power in some sort of Government Advisory Committee!

    Architects aren’t perfect, just human, and doing their best in multi faceted times? Some buildings and environments are amazing: some work, some are awful.

  • Comment on: Piers Taylor sounds alert over ‘Brexodus’ of EU nationals from UK practices

    David Farmery's comment 14 November, 2018 11:40 am

    Now we recognise Piers Taylor?! The architect’s architect, with the jaws of a cavalry subaltan, leading the charge, with the President’s Men of the RIBA in the van?!

    Your magic marker sketches and persuasive comments for young clients are so seductive. If only every job was a small house commission with BBC scale fees! With a co ordinator like this we can win? I hope the market will call the shots, the “beautifully inept” politicians keep out of the way, and we can welcome our talented worldwide friends to the party.

    Stay cool, and new opportunities will open up as the dust settles. We will be able to work for the benefit of Africa and South America. Help Europe change for the better, and even teach Trump a lesson?

    No pressure then! Keep dancing? And well done Piers.

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