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David Farmery

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  • Comment on: ‘Inspirational’ Ted Cullinan dies aged 88

    David Farmery's comment 13 November, 2019 12:11 pm

    A true jolly Green Giant!! He stood on the shoulders of other giants, Denys Lasdun, and sheltered giants in other fields, Stephen Hawking in the Maths facility in Cambridge. A remarkable building, well worth a visit, especially if you can get in?!

    And he sounds like he was a thoroughly nice bloke and family man. An example to follow in all we try and do.

  • Comment on: HS2 should go ahead, says leaked draft report

    David Farmery's comment 13 November, 2019 11:51 am

    This is utterly ridiculous! The proposed costs and objectives are criminal. HS2 should go ahead, but on the route of the Central Railway, closed by Beeching in 1964. It should be of a structure gauge allowing double deck rolling stock to travel at 125mph. It should terminate at Old Oak Common, and connect to Stansted Airport and HS1, and thence France. And the tickets should be affordable. All in for £50billion?

    The money saved can then be devoted to sorting out public transport at all levels, train and bus, between Liverpool and Newcastle and Scotland. Flood defences are also required from north to south. Hospitals have to be started and refurbished. The NHS properly funded; the list goes on and on. New ships for the Navy. Aeroplanes for the new aircraft carriers. Housing and workplaces legally insulated.

    We can do all this, on time, and on budget. What is needed is a little COMMON SENSE?!!

  • Comment on: Bell Phillips architect standing for election

    David Farmery's comment 11 November, 2019 10:47 am

    Jay, good luck on the dark and cold campaign trail. You will learn a lot about the way politics in this country works, and get a safer seat in 5 years time?!

    If you take West Sussex we are done for. It will mean McDonnell is in charge of the economy, borrowing unwisely and spending wastefully? The manifestos have yet to be published and independently assessed, but do we really need to nationalise water and railways? The private sector has to invest in all our services, and expects a sensible return. No one is going to sell the NHS to Trump! And privatising parts of the NHS has been beneficial. I’m writing this from a cancer ward, looking forward to lunch, after joshing with the Spanish cleaner! And the Irish nurse.

    Affordable housing does need sorting out, and the private sector can do this too. Already we are building more family flats and houses, leaving the cheaper one bedders for the singletons. The private sector, with proper standards, can build faster, and in better locations, and carbon neutral.

    This is going to be a fascinating general election, with Tory remainers voting Lib Dem, and Labour leavers up north biting the bullet and voting Tory for once, rather than a very left wing Labour. They can see which way the warm wind is blowing?

    We need money to change things for the better. And contrary to Corbyn, it is in everyone’s best interest for all to have a say in the way this great country is run. Homelessness is a very complex problem, and is not solved by simply opening a swathe of night rests. And making billionaires illegal! They pay their taxes, and with the Laffer Curve contribute more when taxes are lower.

    So get a grip. We’re all in this together. Broad minded architects in Parliament will help, especially in committee, and later in the Lord’s?

    That was a good BLT, but could do with some Lady Grey later?!

  • Comment on: Holocaust Memorial protestors furious over ‘undemocratic power grab’

    David Farmery's comment 7 November, 2019 11:51 am

    This was always going to be highly contentious, made even more so by the Brexit General Election. I must say I think this little piece of green alongside the river is getting overcrowded. But a prominent memorial is needed, due to the monstrous crime committed, and the very great contribution Jewish people and other immigrants have made to this country. Perhaps a series of smaller monuments in the West End, Whitechapel, Manchester and other areas where the diaspora settled?

    It is right that central government decides this. It was going to end up here anyway after various stages of messing around by Westminster?

  • Comment on: AHMM reveals final designs for controversial Parliament upgrade

    David Farmery's comment 4 November, 2019 2:41 pm

    Moving the Houses of Parliament to Tamworth or Birmingham is a ridiculous idea. London is the international heart of this country. Moving part of the BBC to Stratford was an accountants idea. Every time something important happens they are based in a gazebo on the lawns opposite Parliament!

    But in the light of the toxic debates over Brexit, how about moving the House of Commons debating chamber to the Conference Centre on the other side of Parliament Sq? Every MP would get a seat. Ironically it would look like the European Parliament?! And it would be easy to see who is in the tea rooms and bars?! They could move there while the rehab goes on?

    Richmond House could be easily converted into more offices without destroying a fine building, at less cost and carbon debt?

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