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David Farmery

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  • Comment on: Foster + Partners’ Ipswich bridge set to be scrapped

    David Farmery's comment 23 January, 2019 1:01 pm

    What a shambles! The usual suspects have once again failed to perform? How much have they wasted on “procurement”? Didn’t they know that the couple Hopkins were once part of Foster Associates, and would be biased in his favour? Where were the RIBA while all this was going on? Have the Suffolk County council wasted the £40m aledgedly wasted Boris and the garden bridge?

    Solution: Engage Bednarski and Team to design a bridge that could be built within the £77m budget? Is there a business case? Is it supported by the rate payers? Remember them!

    If it can be proved it will reduce traffic movement and therefore global warming I might be able to arrange some additional Municipal Green Bond finance. No doubt Cezary and I will discuss this when we meet?

  • Comment on: AHMM scheme would transform ‘inward-looking’ 1-2 Broadgate, says City

    David Farmery's comment 23 January, 2019 12:33 pm

    Wake up Robert and the 20th Century Society and have some faith in the architects of the 21st Century.

    The scheme built by Pater Foggo and Arup Associates was a breath of fresh air in the late 70s, designed round the circus and using fast track construction. But things and the City have moved on. AHMM were once the new kids on the BDP block, but are now major and talented players. All over London they are re designing tired areas, with new clients and new money. These new elevations look a long way from retail parks, and are presumably better insulated and longer lasting for our new tech age of global warming and flexibility; as well as keeping the fund managers happy?!

    Give this “new” generation a chance before they too retire, and the next generation have to show their metal?

  • Comment on: Foster and Chipperfield back ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit

    David Farmery's comment 18 January, 2019 3:41 pm

    I actually know quite a lot about Irish politics. My wife is from Belfast and I’ve spent many happy days in the Province. We pay more to N Ireland than we do to the EU! The Protestants of Ulster are fine people, and they have supported us, at great cost, in 2 world wars, and have had to endure the Troubles, again at great cost. The other side has suffered too, but it’s time for a real resolution and Peace. Ironically Eire shares our values more than the DUP! Abortion? Gay marriage? Both sides will have to make concessions, but a United Ireland is as possible as a clean break from the EU. An end to the Irish “problem” and us out of the EU. Imagine that. All we have to do then is resolve the Scottish and Welsh situations. The LBW laws? The antiquated WTO rules? And decrimilise drugs to stop knife crime while we are in a radical reforming mood.

  • Comment on: Foster and Chipperfield back ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit

    David Farmery's comment 18 January, 2019 12:50 pm

    Amazing! Mssrs Foster and Chipperfield and the other signatories to yesterday’s letter in the Times are the most imaginative and intelligent members of the architectural and business community, but they are showing no imagination or intelligence! Staying half in and half out of the EU, delaying and possibly denying Brexit with another Referendum shows no vision of a better future, or entrepreneurial ambition?! The EU has held Britain and Europe back for long enough, and helped to keep Africa and South America poor with restrictive trade deals to protect themselves and their introverted businesses. And Britain is holding Europe back. Without us in the way Europe can sort out it’s half baked currency, have their own armed forces to defend their Eastern borders, and release our armed forces to help in the world’s troubled areas.

    The world has other more important problems for us to concentrate on. Global warming, lack of resources and food, mental health, funding the NHS, inadequate housing in this country and worldwide.

    Leave the EU at the end of March after having put in place the required trade deals and laws. Stop subsidising the EU and Ulster, start thinking about the future? We will still be Europeans, but with a world view again. Jeremy Corbyn might even fulfill his dream of a United Eire!

    PS As I’ve said before, read “Britain’s Europe” by Brendan Simms and “Sapiens” by Yuval Harare. Get some cojones. This is a great country, and we need to keep it that way, and be an inspiration for the rest of the world struggling towards democracy and a fairer society.

  • Comment on: Office-to-resi: is it time for architects to boycott?

    David Farmery's comment 15 January, 2019 11:08 pm

    There will always be spaces for SMEs to set up. They don’t need much space with paperless working, and employees will have a shorter and cheaper commute. Again, more flexible and responsive planning will enable working from larger houses, work spaces becoming nanny flats or extended or homeless accommodation. 24 hour use will mean more efficient heating and deliveries of online shopping.

    Change just keeps on happening, and the Planning system, NHS, retail, education and policing will have to keep changing too? Darwin et al realised this 150 years ago. Adapt or become extinct!

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