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David Buckingham

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Comments (3)

  • Comment on: Sovereignty is not a phrase to be abused lightly

    David Buckingham's comment 31 March, 2016 10:22 pm

    Brilliant corrective to David Chipperfield’s piece.

    As I understand it WTO has replaced GATT and would obtain after Brexit with the UK rejoining the global community. The multilateral trading system WTO includes not just trade in goods but also services, intellectual property rights and a dispute mechanism. It would automatically apply in place of the EU Customs Union.

    Fascinating to learn that 1. Ireland is our biggest trading partner and 2. the Goldman Sachs recommendation ! This referendum was unthinkable not so long ago in the Euro Mindset - with any luck the Euro-chains might just get unlocked - and not just for Germany.

    Great point that EU-approved qualification privilege would end, as all EU privilege over the rest of the world would for all relations - totally unacceptable, arbitrary and destructive.

    Brexit or no Brexit, the SNP will be rooting for independence. However post-Brexit, Scotland might on reflection prefer to avoid the 'attractions' of the EU, the Euro and Schengen - that’s if the EU survives a potential onslaught of referenda from other nations post-Brexit. One of Scotland’s six MEPs is even UKIP and nearly 30% of the SNP are pro-Brexit. Scotland would have to reapply for full membership of the EU but British opt-outs would not automatically apply to an independent Scotland and handouts would be trumped by poorer nations like Turkey or Serbia. Britain and the £ could be seen as a safe haven.

  • Comment on: Chipperfield: Brexit would isolate us

    David Buckingham's comment 31 March, 2016 9:34 pm

    Brexit or independence and autonomy doesn’t mean isolation any more than it does for the existing independence of the almost 200 countries outside the EU.

    It means the UK reconnects globally and political decisions are made in a relatively democratic UK with all its imperfections, rather than in Brussels with its anti-democratic, corrupt, bureaucratic “culture” that is trying to harness a lot of squabbling fascist pre-war dictatorships within one enormous fascist dictatorship. The EU is trying to keep the lid on the pressure cooker rather than turning down the heat and correcting the root cause of a Platonic ideological tradition of rule from the top down.

    How can the unaccountable, unaudited EU gravy train be called remotely democratic? Most egregiously, when they voted to leave, France, Ireland and Holland were all told to go away and come back with the right answer. The European Commission draws up and executes laws which have been discussed in secret by the European Council and occasionally amended by the only elected but largely impotent European Parliament. Parallels with our civil service and parliament are nowhere to be found.

    It’s NATO and the USA that’s kept the peace since world war two - the EU has no clout in international diplomacy or peace-keeping. It just makes bombastic claims that irritate Putin, washes hands of real problems like the Balkans and too lacking in trust to liaise on terrorism. Admit it, we’ve had relative peace for 70 years thanks to the USA and in spite of the EU or European members who won’t foot the bill. The EU is all hat and no cattle.

    The EU is only of value to the special interests who profit - like certain multinational corporations and grandiose architectural projects, i.e. favours dished out by the EU who kindly give back the UK sterling at one-third of the value, i.e. three pounds donated for every pound received back.

    Any vibrant European culture there is survives in spite of the faceless bureaucratic administration of the EU bent-banana republic rather than depending on it. For many centuries the UK has exported the Anglosphere across the world - rule of law, respect for individual rights and freedom of trade and culture, which too many are prepared to dismiss whilst enjoying their fruits.

    Is it so surprising that the UK right now is “so unimportant in the lives and consciousness of Americans” when it is 1/28th of a European voice? Strange when the UK economy is 5th largest in the world.

    The UK needs to reconnect internationally with the rest of the world unshackled from the sinking EU. Reasserting its independence the UK might inspire similar desires for political and cultural freedoms throughout mainland Europe.

  • Comment on: Mayor says Thames Airport would 'support more jobs'

    David Buckingham's comment 27 August, 2014 10:37 am

    The Thames estuary is the most obvious and natural location for another airport. Wildlife worries are a proverbial red herring, as demonstrated by Hong Kong. What about remaining wildlife around Heathrow, to say nothing of human life?

    Why does there have to be a dichotomy between that proposal and Heathrow, let alone Gatwick and Stanstead? Why can't they all coexist, spreading the burden and the benefit?

    If the estuary is developed with private capital and allowed to compete freely with the other airports it would thrive, survive or fail according to demand and infrastructure. For that planners can respond to the democracy of the market.

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