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Exterior Lighting

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External lighting can make or break a scheme. Done well, it can enhance both the landscaping and the architecture of a project

Recently a number of deaths have been attributed to poor external lighting. Following a series of fatal accidents on roads where lights had been switched off, councils in Northampton, Somerset and Buckinghamshire have rethought their policies on street lighting.

Councils looking to save money could benefit from the option of better control. Lamps with dimmer controls allow light levels to be reduced during later hours, reducing running costs.

LEDs are a good choice for both street and pedestrian lighting. Reaching full output instantly, they can be easily turned on or off, allowing efficient control by presence detectors and time clocks. Specifiers of road lighting often have to balance high luminance against capital and running costs. LEDs can offer an economical and efficient choice. With a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, they reduce both maintenance needs and costs.

Using white light also offers energy and cost savings. Closer to daylight, the ambience of white light is perceived as brighter, allowing colours to be distinguished more easily.

Ensuring lights are both effective and efficient saves energy and reduces carbon emissions, at the same time causing less light pollution, which is increasingly becoming a concern of local planning authorities.

There are three categories of light pollution; light directed into the sky referred to as ‘sky glow’, light which spills out beyond its intended area, and light which impacts
other properties, known as ‘light trespass’. Good specification of external lighting fittings can help to eliminate these.

Linked to disrupting sleep patterns, light pollution can adversely affect those living in built-up areas. When specifying lighting, it is important to consider how the light is directed. Fixtures that shield the light source should be chosen in order to reduce light trespass.

Light pollution also has an effect on fauna. Linked to a decline in bat numbers, light pollution can be avoided through the use of LEDs, which emit no harmful UV or infrared light, and are now considered a potential solution to this problem.




This highly weather proof design uses a steel alloy to form a barrier layer of iron oxide, protecting the material core from infiltration of damp. It is available in a range of five different styles.


Manufacturer: Lloyd Martin Lighting

Type: bollard

Application: walkways, car parks, landscaping and cycleways

Material: cor-ten steel

Bulb: energy saver

Voltage: 230 Volt

Maximum load: 11 Watt

Height: 400mm and 700mm

Diameter: 190mm

IP rating: IP55






All CU Phosco Lighting’s columns have a design life of over twenty-five years and are fully recyclable. This particular light design uses louvres to obtain a symmetrical level of light distribution.


Manufacturer: CU Phosco Lighting

Type: lantern

Application: minor roads, residential areas, shopping areas, car parks, cycleways, airports

Material: powder coated aluminium base with an aluminium canopy

Maximum load: 70 Watt

Mounting height: 3000mm – 6000mm

Colours available: available in black as standard but a wider choice of RAL colours can be supplied

Light colour: white

Efficiency: 90 Lumens/Watt

IP rating: IP54




Lutec Bonn 3304



Designed to comply with low light pollution level requirements for public buildings, this light is designed to be surface wall mounted for glare free accent lighting.


Manufacturer: Elstead Lighting

Type: surface mounted

Application: accent lighting

Material: die cast aluminium

Finish: graphite

Bulb: LED

Voltage: 220 – 240 Volt

Maximum load:15 Watt

Light colour: white

IP rating: IP54




Lutec Cylin3-850



This post light has a tiltable light fitting which gives a level of flexibility in the position of the beam. This light is particularly well suited for lighting within landscaping schemes.


Manufacturer: Elstead Lighting

Type: bollard

Application: walkways, car parks, garden s and landscaping

Material: aluminium

Finish: graphite

Bulb: three LEDs

Voltage: 220 – 240 Volt

Maximum load: 15 Watt

Height: 850mm

Diameter: 160mm

IP rating: IP54




Tactic 3 S PS



The Tactic is a recessed floor light for external accenting. Like many of the other Delta lighting products it has a clean and sleek aesthetic.  


Manufacturer: Delta Light

Type: recessed floor light

Application: pathways, car parks, plazas, public spaces, residential, gardens and landscaping

Material: anodised aluminium

Finish: anodised aluminium or inox

Bulb: three 1W LEDs

Voltage: 230 Volt

Size: 112mm x 112mm

Light colour: cold white or warm white

Colour temperature: 6000K for cold white and 3300K for warm white

IP rating: IP67




Lofoot Midi Light Column



The Lofoot range of lights have a low carbon footprint and are energy efficient. This light is ninety percent recyclable at the end of its life. It can be mounted on columns to provide lighting from high level.  


Manufacturer: Paviom

Type: column mounted

Application: plazas, concourses, public squares and pathways

Material: cast marine grade aluminium

Finish: UV powder coated

Colour: graphite black and green as standard

Bulb: ceramic metal halide

Typical ouput: 7000 Lumens

Maximum load: 70 Watt

Height: 348mm and 497mm

Diameter: 230mm and 330mm

IP rating: IP67




Aptus Single



This concept for this bollard light was created by product designer, Terence Woodgate. The design features a tilted head which directs the light beam towards the ground.


Manufacturer: Paviom

Type: bollard

Application: landscaped areas

Material: cor-ten steel or steel

Finish: anodised cor-ten steel or powder coated

Bulb: LED

Voltage: 230 Volt

Maximum load: 5 Watt

Light colour: warm or cool white

Height: 668mm

Size: 150mm x 150mm

IP rating: IP65




Continuum LED



The lantern design and its double concentric rings of LED lights enables this light to produce a symmetrical spread of light. A solar powered version is also available, featuring an integrated 210W/h lithium ion battery.


Manufacturer: Abacus Lighting

Type: column mounted

Application: pedestrian areas, parks, cycle paths and car parks

Material: die cast aluminium with polycarbonate

Colour: dark graphite

Bulb: 48 LEDs

Voltage: 230 Volt

Maximum load: 1.2 Watt

Lumen output: 5760 Lumens

Colour temperature: 6000K

IP rating: IP65





LED Stud


The beam angle of these lights can be adjusted to create different landscaping aesthetics. They can be either ground of wall mounted using a recessed tube which can be installed before the luminaires arrive on site.


Manufacturer: Advanced LED

Type: recessed floor or wall mounted

Application: accent lighting for gardens, landscaped areas and walkways

Material: cast aluminium body with a stainless steel bevel

Bulb: 3 LEDs

Voltage: 240 Volt

Maximum load: 5.5 Watt

Light colour: available in amber, cyan, blue, green, red and white

Life expectancy: 100,000 hours

Drive over load: 1500Kg

IP rating: IP68




DL10 Lantern

DL10 Lantern


This unusual looking luminaire comes with white LEDs as standard, but can be supplied with RGB LEDs and a waveguide system. This allows for a variety of colour effects and themes to be produced. 


Manufacturer: Castit Ltd

Type: lantern

Application: public squares, roads and walkways

Material: cast aluminium

Colour: metallic grey

Bulb: 86 LEDs

Voltage: 240 Volt

Maximum load: 5.5 Watt

Colour temperature: 4000K

Light colour: white as standard with various other options available

Mounting height: 4000mm – 6000mm

IP rating: IP65





Sterling Bollard



A highly vandal resistant bollard light which is ideal for use in public areas and car parks. Its high level of lighting performance allows for a wide spacing between units.


Manufacturer: Concord

Type: bollard

Application: public squares, car parks, roads and walkways

Material: extruded aluminium

Colour: black

Bulb: 50W HME E27

Voltage: 230 Volt

Maximum load: 80 Watt

Light colour: white

Diameter: 200mm

Height: 940mm

IP rating:  IP55







This is a buried up lighter which is available with a range of different aluminium grills; including radial spokes, single and double windows. The etched glass provides a diffused glow.


Manufacturer: DW Windsor Lighting

Type: floor light

Application: pathways, driveways, and landscaping

Material: corrosion protected die cast aluminium

Finish:polyester powder coating

Colour: black, aluminium and anthracite grey

Bulb: 35W HQI-T

Voltage: 230 Volt

Light colour: white

Diameter: 205mm

Drive over load: 2500Kg

IP rating:  IP67




Iberia LED

Iberia LED


The Iberia light fitting is available with a wide range of different mounting options making it versatile and suitable for many different architectural and landscaping applications.


Manufacturer: GE Lighting

Type: column or wall mounted

Application: pathways, driveways, residential areas, parks, public squares and roadways

Material: die cast aluminium

Colour: oxidon grey as standard

Bulb: LED

Voltage: 230 Volt

Maximum load: 90 Watt

Light colour: white

 Colour temperature: 5700K and 4100K

Life expectancy: 50,000 hours

IP rating:  IP45







The design of this product; a quarter of a circle, allows it to be combined and repeated to create a multitude of different shapes and effects.


Manufacturer: iGuzzini

Type: recessed floor light

Application: pathways, driveways, residential areas, parks, and public squares

Material: die cast aluminium

Finish: liquid acrylic paint

Colour: black

Bulb: 12W LED

Voltage: 24 Volt

Diameter: 307mm

Light colour: white

Colour temperature: 5700K and 4100K

Life expectancy: 50,000 hours

IP rating:  IP67





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