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Ben Stephens

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  • Comment on: Proctor & Matthews ‘disappointed’ to be replaced as Thamesmead goes D&B

    Ben Stephens's comment 20 March, 2019 11:13 am

    I agree with Paul Finch as I have been in a similar position on a number of projects which I achieved planning for. I would be furious and the client is being seen as disrespectful for their own personal gains.

    Hope they have design copyright in place that the client/contractor pay extra for the use of it.

    Its the deep flaw with the D+B contract it is the cheapest and easiest option however there is a huge tendency to have serious design compromises and value engineering which tends to dumb down the end product.

    The planning permission/process needs to iterate that the build has to be as per the planning drawings to ensure that the design quality is produced in the end product no dumbed down.

  • Comment on: Diller Scofidio + Renfro unveils £288m City of London concert hall

    Ben Stephens's comment 22 January, 2019 7:33 am

    The concept and layout to me is interesting how it manages to overcome site constraints and more user friendly for walkers in an area which is currently dominated by motor vehicles. It is quite a dark area due to buildings surrounding it.

    However the external appearance, to me looks like a sandwich of different parts, it could be bolder and more elegant as it looks too fussy for my liking compared to the iconic concert halls in the world.

    Would be interesting to have seen the other bids what their proposals are.

  • Comment on: ‘Stop being defensive and build what British people want,’ Kit Malthouse tells architects

    Ben Stephens's comment 20 November, 2018 10:55 am

    Kit Malthouse is deluded and lacks understanding of how it works in the architectural and construction industry - Anon is right here the main issues is not the design it is the other elements.

    Housebuilders not architects have basically made every city/town like Toyland by producing standardised poor quality houses - it is buyers that are being ripped off by buying houses a lot more expensive that it actually cost to buy the land and build the house.

    No wonder why the CEO of a large well known house builder reaped the profits for themselves rather than use it to provide better homes for all.

    There needs to be an element of fairness and the key elements working together with one main aim to provide the necessary number of homes and ensure good quality is provided.

    Boy CABE was rather good when it lasted shame it got abolished rather than allow it to evolve.

  • Comment on: Style wars begin: ‘housing tsar’ Scruton slams Modernist architecture

    Ben Stephens's comment 15 November, 2018 2:39 pm

    Pathetic speech. The main issue with housing is not style its the quality of work produced which is substandard which needs to be improved upon not allowing contractors to run away with ginormous profits for example Persimmon is a classic case.

    Variety is the spice of life people should have a choice of what they want in any particular style (like cars and other design products etc) however the standards needs to improve in terms of the quality of build, how good it is from an environmental point of view, how much energy it saves and how much it contributes to the national energy system.

    Classicism is post 19th century approach and takes a long time, uses more energy and costs more money. Scruton may be a very clever individual however it seems that he does not have common sense.

    We have an issue with housing due to demand - more questions need to be put forward - how can we improve the quality of build on offer and how it can be speeded up to meet demand.

    The UK is an innovative country however we are stifled by the lack of finances, rigid planning system (which is both good and bad in some respects) or support to take it forward to another level. Look at China they are building a tower in 3-4 days - why aren't we doing this.

    Also there should be a law that qualified people like architects and architectural technologists should be designing houses and buildings not architectural designers with no qualifications who generally produce substandard designs.

    As for the housing tsar - Mr Scruton is in the wrong time and place (might be better off in the 17th/18th century) we need someone that the public can related to and has understanding of architecture and explain it well - people like George Clarke, Kevin McCloud or Piers Taylor would be much more ideal than someone who shows very little knowledge of what architecture is really is - it is something that evolves over time and we need to leave our mark for future generations rather than producing designs that hark back to the past.

  • Comment on: Nicholas Grimshaw wins RIBA Royal Gold Medal

    Ben Stephens's comment 27 September, 2018 12:39 pm

    About time as it is deserved. Best railway architect since Brunel.

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