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barbara weiss

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  • Comment on: Is there any wonder there’s a housing shortage when people like James Brokenshire are in charge?

    barbara weiss's comment 2 October, 2019 10:00 am

    It is very sad to see Paul Finch flogging what we hope is a very dead horse that should be finally buried forever - one can but question his motives for doing so now. Is this not-so-subtle PR relating to a further appeal? The Inspector's incredible decision to support this horrendous and very 'bling' design went against the opinion of every stakeholder bar the developer and his team. For once the Secretary of State stood up for London's heritage and for local communities - for this we are grateful. The Chiswick Curve would have damaged forever views from Kew Gardens ( a World Heritage site) and from the river, not to mention a large number of residential Conservation area streets.
    Sad to see that despite the devastation of the dozens of new disastrously bad towers being built across our city, too many that should know better are still not admitting to this crass over-development being a colossal mistake.
    Barbara Weiss Skyline Campaign

  • Comment on: Government accused of trying to ‘rig’ Holocaust Memorial consultation

    barbara weiss's comment 3 June, 2019 11:00 pm

    It is very sad that the Government is resorting to 'dirty tricks' and the use of undue pressure to get its project over the planning line. It is indeed patently obvious that the vast majority of those who have signed up to the Big Ideas questionnaire have no knowledge whatsoever of the park in question, or of the planning issues at stake. Mob rule taking on the British planning system? is this really the democratic ideal that the UKHMF is trying to promote by locating this wretched project next to Parliament?

  • Comment on: UNESCO objects to Adjaye’s ‘dominating’ Holocaust Memorial

    barbara weiss's comment 27 February, 2019 10:43 am

    Save Victoria Tower Gardens is delighted about the level of support that our campaign is currently getting on all fronts from conservation and environmental agencies - this before any planning policies are even brought into question, all of which clearly slam any thought of building in a park. We are however very keen to remind everyone that we do support the government project of building an inspiring Holocaust Memorial, and we believe strongly that education and outreach concerning the Holocaust need to be top of the agenda. OUR OBJECITON IS TO THE LOCATION. While we believe that the IWM would be a good alternative site, we would welcome a new Centre in SW1 iF an appropriate site were to be found - one that isn't a park and where the new building would not be in conflict with our priceless historic assets.

    Barbara Weiss
    Co-founder Save Victoria tower Gardens Campaign

  • Comment on: Weekend roundup: Diamond car parks aren’t forever

    barbara weiss's comment 11 February, 2019 10:15 am

    Adjaye ready to be disruptive

    Adjaye's 'gaffe' is very obvious, and has been picked up by a lot of people. Sadly, it reflectes his own underlying and not-confessed intention. The UKHMF's devious pretence has always been instead that the HM would only affect a very small part of the park, and that the rest would be left intact for the quiet enjoyment of the thousands of Londoners and visitors that have been using it for recreation for decades. We have of course never believed this to be possible.

    Ours is indeed not a NIMBY protest!! We have over 10K signatures and now 500 objections to the granting Planning permission this scheme from residents, local workers, Londoners, and many many non-Londonders, and now also Royal Parks . This park is within a World Heritage setting – it is not some remote faceless green patch (which should also be protected!). We believe London should fight to protect its unique architectural treasures, its Conservation Areas, and its hugely valued green spaces.

    There are also many other reasons to object to this scheme, such as extra traffic and congestion, security, not to mention the duplication with the IWM, and making best use of taxpayers’ money. Our main objective however is to stand up for the principle that one should never build in a park – EVER.

    The Cenotaph in Whitehall is a ‘polite, discreet construction’ that moves millions every year. We do not need ‘bling, in your face, show-biz’ architecture to get the Holocaust message across. What we do need, is a site appropriate for this type of building, and highest quality architecture - nobody is asking for this facility to be tucked away, we are asking for it to be out of a Royal Park. A large number of people from the Jewish community has signed our petition against this location.

    You state that one in twenty of the UK population do not believe the Holocaust took place, suggesting that a conspicuous and disrupting memorial is exactly what is required.

    This might well be the case. We also however need substantial investment in better educational programmes, that can reach all parts of the UK. Duplicating what the IWM already does best is not going to produce any great results. This project has not been thought through.

    Barbara Weiss Co-founder Save Victoria Tower Gardens Campaign

  • Comment on: Labour pledges design panel and high-rise halt if it wins Westminster Council election

    barbara weiss's comment 23 February, 2018 8:38 am

    The Skyline Campaign welcomes the Labour Party's proposals in relation to much greater scrutiny of the design of Tall Buildings and large developments in Westminster. One of the world's most cherished and historic urban Boroughs has been subjected for several years now to the whims of a very small number of planning officials with their own controversial agendas - who have unilaterally made grossly inadequate decisions that will now affect the area for decades - leaving local residents, interest groups and statutory consultees little or no recourse. The time has come to stop this happening and to address planning issues with much greater care and as a part of a larger debate about London as a whole.
    Barbara Weiss Skyline Campaign

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