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  • Comment on: Roger Scruton dies of cancer, aged 75

    Atticus 's comment 19 January, 2020 2:54 pm

    I totally agree with Robert Adam, even though I am at the other end of the architectural spectrum (mostly). Scruton was a brilliant man, with a view contrary to the Bauhaus driven dogmas popular today, that by their functional-rational logic are so constrained within their vision by the dogmas they’ve built their working model around, that they just can’t see beyond it to the need for things that their immune system rejects as frivolous. Once you’ve assumed that and that becomes your working model, with so much woo around it, then anyone who puts forward a different hypothesis becomes guilty merely by association. And so it was with Scruton. Like trying to say god doesn’t exist to the Pope. God exists in a world of blind faith within the Popes belief system, just as modernism exists as the only answer within the belief system of the modernist. And worryingly as CO2 exists as the only demon to be faced in the Climate Change debate.
    If you rule out other assumptions by this narrow vision you will stop looking for them. And thus the search for true humanitarian design, which should always be trying to be humane, becomes lost to blinkered dogma and incapable of achieving that goal. Why "modern" architecture has never really achieved "humane" architecture, particularly at the larger scale and in urban design.

  • Comment on: Architects react to Tory landslide election victory: ‘Our country is left in tatters’

    Atticus 's comment 15 December, 2019 6:47 pm

    Oh dear, it brings all the cosy socialists out of the closet, especially Piers and Kate.
    If you believe working class people voted Tory because they're hapless dupes with no agency, taken in by the tabloid press, and now the Tories will "punish the poor" and sell off the NHS to Donald Trump, it's you who's taken in by carefully crafted propaganda messages. You're the gullible ones. They played right into your conceited belief that you are smarter and morally superior than the rest of us.
    When voters looked at Corbyn's Labour they saw a party that had abandoned them in favour of well off middle class progressives like you and adolescents too young to remember the stagnation of socialism. A predatory party playing on the ignorance of the young and the greed of the self-entitled. That is an affront to the British work ethic and innate sense of fairness.
    Labour lost because they deserved to lose.
    Britain was never going to vote for a far left prospectus because we are not a nation of serfs waiting to be rescued by our betters and we aren't so easily bribed with our own money.
    The left will continue to lose elections for as long as they hold ordinary people in contempt and patronise them, believing they are entitled to the votes of the working class.
    To say working class Tory voters are turkeys voting for Christmas is the very essence of that losing arrogance. Brits aren't stupid. They know free stuff from the government comes with a price tag. If you haven't worked that out, you're the gullible one. Get over yourself.

  • Comment on: Architects react to Tory landslide election victory: ‘Our country is left in tatters’

    Atticus 's comment 13 December, 2019 10:25 am

    Its a democracy, the London luvy set bubble has been popped. Take a cold shower and reflect on that. And better still go tour the rest of the UK and see how badly your naïve idealism goes down. Then burrow down to the real cause of our financial demise, and learn up about the mercantile warfare China is waging against the west to de-industrialise us and take intellectual property rights. That will be the big one next time around. If you don't there will be even less produced in the UK, creating less wealth for private sector construction and less tax income for the public sector.

  • Comment on: Charles Holland gets green light for Kent school art centre

    Atticus 's comment 29 November, 2019 11:26 am

    Shades of Asplunds Woodland Chapel and Tallum Pavillion. Good to have a quirky eccentric around who provokes us out of our featureless minimalism.

  • Comment on: Lancaster Uni launches ‘radical’ new school for activist architects

    Atticus 's comment 27 October, 2019 2:33 pm

    It would be a radical move to teach them some basic construction knowledge so that they are competent enough to earn a decent wage when they leave. After interviewing at least 30 architects over the past 8 years I have only met 2 who could describe what a vapour barrier is and where it goes. That's an indictment on an inadequate education system.

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