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Angela Brady

Angela Brady


PPRIBA Dir Brady Mallalieu Architects


See www.bradymallalieu.com

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  • Comment on: Grafton Architects wins Royal Gold Medal

    Angela Brady's comment 3 October, 2019 2:34 pm

    So pleased this #DymanicDuo have been honoured with the #RoyalGoldMedal which they absolutely deserve for their body of great work and they are an inspiration to architects and students alike worldwide

    Angela Brady OBE PPRIBA

  • Comment on: Why aren’t there more architects on TV?

    Angela Brady's comment 26 September, 2019 11:46 am

    There seems to be a problem with the lack of architects and architecture on TV but when we do get there it is a good thing. As an architect I have been part of three primetime TV shows over the past ten years. The main reason I do it is to break down the barriers between architects and the public and make architecture and design more accessible and fun - without dumbing it down. People have a short attention span watching TV, but some architects have great communication skills and know how to speak in simple terms to engage and inform the public on good design.

    We have had fantastic feedback particularly from our recent TV show 
“Designing Ireland” which is a 4 part TV documentary that Dr Sandra O Connell and I both wrote and  presented for RTE, made by Newgrange Pictures, based on our ideas and format. It was broadcast on RTE several times over past 3 years and in Australia and New Zealand with a great response, giving a better understanding of Irish Architecture and design. We have been trying to get it on air in UK, but they are not interested - which is surprising. (@DesignEire)
    A few years ago I worked on "The Home Show" with George Clarke making a 6 part series and I was the architect seeking out international design style in Copenhagen, Marrakech, Venice, Paris, Bavaria and Palma. It was a popular TV series and fun to research and present.
    I also made the ITV x 62 part "Building the Dream" where at BMA we designed an eco home in Somerset, to be built in 14 weeks with 14 couples as the contestants. The last couple - not voted off - won the 500K home - the largest prize in TV at the time. This was a big risk for me working on a reality TV show as you never know how its going to work out. Luckily it went very well and was shown internationally for years. (https://bradymallalieu.com/project/whitam-friary/)
    TV is a great media for getting our message across about quality design in architecture interiors and urban design. I would like to see more public debates on architecture so we can listen to peoples views and also give people a better understanding on how we work, how we design and how they can help the process and be involved in their own neighbourhood town or city.
    There is a real opportunity for more architects on TV particularly in environmental awareness. We are working on this - but these days when TV channels are short of funding - we need to bring a sponsor with us to get it made.

    Angela Brady OBE PPRIBA bradymallalieu.com

  • Comment on: RIBA to screen documentary on women in architecture

    Angela Brady's comment 8 March, 2018 12:57 pm

    Happy International Womens Day
    Thanks to all the women + men in architecture making our world better

  • Comment on: Grenfell Tower inquiry turns down RIBA's offer to help

    Angela Brady's comment 24 November, 2017 10:13 am

    I think to exclude the RIBA as a core contributor to this important inquiry is a mistake by the selection team. The RIBA and its team of specialist architects could make a very valid part of the team and draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge as building and design experts. architects are the only members of the design team who have a full understanding of the whole building process and specification details. Why would they not be included? Why is there no architect as one of the 3 key assessors? Maybe they don't realise the value we architects bring and are out of touch, or don't want to engage a full team of experts! The result would be a lot quicker and more professional if they did. It's not too late to have RIBA included?

  • Comment on: Q&A: TfL's Stuart Robinson on architects, charrettes and plans to deliver 10,000 homes

    Angela Brady's comment 22 November, 2017 11:21 am

    Why the very Short TfL architects lists?
    With so many homes to build the TfL procurement result of Lot 4 (housing) is that only 10 architects firms got onto the approved list from 204 applicants to build 10,000 homes across 254 sites on 5,700 acres?
    Why only 10? It could have been 30 or 40.
    and Lot 5 (commercial, health education etc..) 10 architects firms got onto this list from 185 applications.
    Why only 10 on this list with so much potential TfL work across London? Surely this work could be better spread across many more architects firms. Even to get onto these TfL panels can help practices get work in other Boroughs as many share lists. They need to be expanded.

    I think the approved lists should be transparent and published to showcase the range of practices selected, in particular the SME and small companies.

    I think TfL should hold several open design competitions for specific sites to bring out the best designs and open up opportunities for more architects to work with one of largest developer clients in London in the coming years.

    TfL ref: Lot 4 Architecture Design and Urbanism Panel 2 (ADUP 2)
    Lot 5 - Architecture, Commercial, Workspace, Health, Education and Civic Buildings

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