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Alan Dunlop

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  • Comment on: Glasgow School of Art chief Tom Inns resigns

    Alan Dunlop's comment 5 November, 2018 11:17 am

    On the face of it and HES regulations aside it would seem a sensible thing to do, given the site compound was restricted and any site operations set up on Renfrew Street would cause additional problems accessing the Reid Building and to general traffic.

    Much like the sprinklers and use of existing duct work to carry services, these might have seemed like sensible decisions at the time, which would have to be agreed and confirmed, now in retrospect and without the apparent "rigorous" fire safety regime in place they appear like major flaws site operations.

    From the start also I have said the "insurance will pay for any rebuild" story from Muriel Gray is questionable and now seems very suspect indeed: Extract from report to CTEEA:

    " 2. There are questions about the causes of the loss and about liability and culpability answers to these are outstanding and reliant upon specialised investigation and reporting. At present, the evidence is unclear.

    Much has been made of the art school’s contention that the insurers will pay. The Guardian also reported Muriel Gray estimating that the project would take 4 to 7 years and cost around £100m, to be made up by insurance cover and a major private fundraising drive. Let
    us hope that this is so. However, at this point there is absolutely no surety, and until a full investigation as to the causes of the fire has been undertaken, it is unlikely that any insurer will make such a generous settlement. As in all insurance contracts there will be matters of liability and accountability to be established.

    My own view is that there will be an inevitable call on the public purse."

  • Comment on: Building study: Kengo Kuma’s V&A Dundee

    Alan Dunlop's comment 3 November, 2018 10:12 am

    Ach Jay, really? There's a populist feeling growning now in Dundee that the 30 minutes spent in the V+A you will never get back ( The Times). I would not go that far, the 30 minutes I spent in the Scottish Gallery was interesting, but there is no need now to go back.

    As for the building, after I found the "cave like" entrance, ( the natural position of the entrance would be through the "arch" ) the other 20 minutes was spent wondering what those timber post it notes were doing stuck to the wall, then trying to find a view to the Tay from one of those curious and apparently random slot windows, then also trying to get a view to the river from a place other than the restaurant. The deck was closed, although it was a beautiful day. The view from the city, over the River Tay and across to Fife is one of the best in Scotland.

    The whole interior sucks the life out of you, Like Kahn, you feel you need a coffee as soon as you walk through the cave like "front" door, on to the ocean of black marble and then to be presented with the four storey staircase you have to walk up to get to the galleries. Luckily the whole ground floor is taken up by the cafe but the queue was too long, obviously other visitors felt the same.

    Dundee's living room, aye, that'll be right. I left wondering whether it would be worthwhile taking the 10 hour boat trip to Noup Head in Orkney to see the sea cliffs, that inspired the architect, and the sand stone strata, beloved of seabirds, mimicked here in the building. Then thought better of it.

  • Comment on: Page\Park to give evidence to Scottish Parliament over Mac fire

    Alan Dunlop's comment 22 October, 2018 12:34 pm

    Pursuit of personal agendas, Robert?

    "Mackintosh art school ‘should not be rebuilt by pedantic architects’
    Computers should take charge of the rebuilding of Glasgow School of Art rather than pedantic architects, according to the biographer of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Roger Billcliffe.

    “The computer will make the drawings to make the building again,” he said. “It may be a good thing that the computer is doing it — it won’t be tempted to put in the twiddly bits that architects might add, ‘improving’ on Mackintosh.”


    "It's not a blame game, I'm not saying they should go to prison" "I don't want to send them to prison but I want to make sure they don't operate in a system where they co do it again" Roger Billcliffe CTEEA Committee.

    Prison? WTF?

  • Comment on: Replace the Mac with an all-new building, Dunlop to tell MSPs

    Alan Dunlop's comment 6 October, 2018 9:26 am

    If you read no other report, read this.

    Written Submission to the Scottish Parliament CTEEA Committee by The Sauchiehall Street Inner Cordon Businesses and Garnethill Displaced Residents Group re the Mackintosh Building.


  • Comment on: Replace the Mac with an all-new building, Dunlop to tell MSPs

    Alan Dunlop's comment 25 September, 2018 8:31 am

    The rebuilding of Warsaw and Dresden particularly, Robert was a necessary act, essential to rebuild morale of the nations and people affected by World War 2.

    Fundamentally different from the call to replicate Mackintosh's School of Art, which has been and continues to driven by high emotion, provoked by the aftermath of the second fire in four years, this one devastating, and the destruction of the building.

    While Glasgow's failure to protect its fine historic heritage is lamentable it is not justification enough to dismiss other points of view, nor reject the idea that there could be an alternative to rebuilding brick by brick that could include a new building.

    Moreover, a review on Mackintosh's plans ( easily downloaded from GSA archives) will confirm that it cannot be replicated to his original 1898 and 1909 design.

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