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Gerardo Zúnica Pérez's comments

  • RIBA president Alan Jones returns after ‘sincere and unqualified apology’

    Gerardo Zúnica Pérez's comment 13 June, 2020 10:36 pm

    What his apology basically says is: I cheated on my wife that eventually affected the professional body, which I abandoned during a crisis and humiliated across all national papers while also lying to RIBA staff but now I am sorry so I am returning to office and everything is fine. Well, actually it is not. A silent resignation would have far more dignity in it. Alan Jones, please understand this and leave.

  • The RIBA desperately needs a credible figurehead

    Gerardo Zúnica Pérez's comment 20 May, 2020 8:49 pm

    On one hand the article aknowledges Alan Jone's unsuitability and epic fails, however then the author attempts to camouflage this as being due to the general declining standards within the RIBA, to which Jones fell a victim? Is this another subtle attempt to take the blame off him? Regardless of the state that the RIBA is in, the president is given a chance to make things right. In my opinion, the declining standards here have all to do with Jones himself, as he was largely unsuitable for the role. You could tell that this was a poor round of candidates, especially when his best opponent was Elsie Owusu. Also, isn't it just sweet irony that he co-authored a book on professionalism? I am glad it was mentioned on here, so that people know they shouldn't be buying it. Not every book is worth reading.

  • The RIBA President is no Wolf of Wall Street

    Gerardo Zúnica Pérez's comment 13 May, 2020 7:50 pm

    It is not my concern if this is a columnist's or an editor's article. What annoys me is seeing a coordinated effort to cover up for someone who has humiliated the professional body. The original article exposing this scandal was taken down shortly after being published. Then another article came out in an attempt to put out the fire that emerged. Clearly this was unsuccessful, as more details have surfaced and the issue is now covered by mainstream media. I wouldn't actually be surprised if these stories are being published/censored at the request of Alan Jone's PR firm, which if true, makes the AJ an even less credible source. We pay a subscription to read industry news and not crowdfund a PR campaign for a dysfunctional president.

  • The RIBA President is no Wolf of Wall Street

    Gerardo Zúnica Pérez's comment 13 May, 2020 6:59 pm

    Another article where the AJ is desperately trying to wash the blame off this unsuccessful president. How many more articles are we going to have to read about the disgraced Alan Jones? This man is over. The RIBA needs a president who is going to restore the glory of the profession, not someone whose most published story while in office was getting blackmailed by the mistress. As a qualified architect, I personally find this disturbing. The standards are low.

  • RIBA set to begin search for new president

    Gerardo Zúnica Pérez's comment 5 May, 2020 3:37 pm

    'Embroiled in controversy' is nothing but a compliment for this man. A RIBA president who makes the headlines for having a mistress rather than for any of his contributions to the profession. Can we not get rid of him earlier? I can think of numerous people who could replace him and do a better job with their eyes shut.

  • Police investigate Alan Jones incident amid blackmail fears

    Gerardo Zúnica Pérez's comment 30 April, 2020 10:27 pm

    A president of the professional institute of architects getting blackmailed by the mistress. Utterly humiliating. Disgusting. We need higher standards than these. Keep publishing his stories AJ. Soon he will be exposed of all his deeds and get booted as he deserves.

  • ‘First we storm the building, then we take back the asylum’: Allford slams ‘irrelevant’ RIBA

    Gerardo Zúnica Pérez's comment 18 April, 2020 8:37 pm

    Simon Allford in on point. We should seize control of the useless, bureacratic RIBA run by irrelevant lawyers or a womanizer president. These people are an embarrassment to the standards and reputation of our profession, especially in the difficult times we are facing with the ongoing crisis. We are in need of a bold change. Let's act now.

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