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David Farmery's comments

  • New research raises doubts about official housebuilding targets

    David Farmery's comment 24 September, 2018 4:35 pm

    And fifth space above shops not used for flats, and sextus: property owned by water, gas and electricity boards not being converted for use as accommodation?

    If there was really the housing crisis suggested by statistics, there would be families sleeping on the streets?!

    Solution: privatise everything, including the ONS and link up with Green or Municipal Bonds. If you don’t know about Green Bonds, google Global Garden? You will be amazed?

    All makes work for the working Pepes to do, including those damned Euros today, and the World tomorrow.

    Peoples Vote on Brexit?? Next March? Or demo!

  • Work starts on 31/44’s ‘playful’ Norfolk barn conversion

    David Farmery's comment 24 September, 2018 4:19 pm

    Fantastic! And coming to an Atcost shed near you?

    The planners seem to be relaxed for once, and there enough of these sheds. There will be even more free at the point of use with the evaporation of CAP and the aggregation of farms? A dry working environment, and eminently suitable for fabrication of components or rooms off site.

    Another way forward?

  • ‘Venturi’s book radically changed architecture’ – Farrell and Gough lead tributes

    David Farmery's comment 21 September, 2018 9:59 am

    Great that all these heroes learnt so much from the Venturis. A moving tribute to a quiet man?

    He helped bring a much needed change to British and World Architecture in the 70s. Certainly broke the mould at good old Oxford Polytechnic School of Architecture. Deftie, Winikoff, Davis, Hiscock etc staff, Kevin Rhowbotham, Tony White and myself students. Paving the way for the Post Modernists, High Tech etc at which we are now world leaders. A great shame that big Jim couldn’t be another part of it? And the pompous RIBA types know as much about real architecture as the Masonic people? Only on inflated salaries! Sorry.

    Actually, my entry to the National Gallery extension competition was better than the rest, and what we see today. A conventional classical building away from the existing, following the pavement lines, separated and connected by a glazed high tech jewel box on stilts, with a pedestrian connection at ground level between Trafalgar and Leicester Squares below. Might use the idea somewhere else, or illustrate on the inter web? Learning from Las Vegas, but deferential to it’s surroundings.

  • Postmodernist legend Robert Venturi dies, aged 93

    David Farmery's comment 20 September, 2018 2:51 pm

    Yes, great guy! Changed everything and opened the world through a small white book and a very large book. Made the 80s complex and very interesting. Only now is the Sainsbury wing revealing it’s full Lutyen’s magic. Not even their best building?

    A Duck or Decorated Shed for a monument? On the Strip?

  • Pioneering Colin St John Wilson laboratory is demolished

    David Farmery's comment 20 September, 2018 10:29 am

    A demolition always excites more comment on these pages! Dodgy cladding? Shades of Grenfell? Reclad in a nicer Cambridge colour with better insulation and use it for something more suitable? Asbestos in abundance? Those Sandy bricks were great, but in short supply now? Too expensive?

    There are more unsightly buildings everywhere these days. Possibly because we are building more? At least it wasn’t clad in untreated softwood like some new Churchill college abominations?! Reclad and build a pyre? Nov 5 or July 12 or 14!!

    Guido will bring the blow torch......💥🔥🔥🌈

  • Fosters partners take home £23 million in bonuses

    David Farmery's comment 18 September, 2018 9:54 am

    As long as the innovation and exciting buildings keep coming, they deserve it?

    Some of the partners not in the photo will be of different ages, colours, genders.

    Will it be ever thus......

  • Council rejects Dexter Moren’s Westminster hotel over height fears

    David Farmery's comment 14 September, 2018 11:02 am

    NIMBY alert!? Where is Barbara Weiss? Or perhaps it’s not a tower block?! Time to resort to the Richard Siefert technique. Re submit the same drawings, but with the look of a few storeys scratched off. Hang on, doesn’t work with a CAD submission!

    Sorry residents. Cities change. And you’ll still have the cottage or dacha for the weekend. And you are still living in one of the nicest places in the world?

    Daytrip to Salisbury anyone to see the 123m high spite and antique clock!!! Another fine day.

  • AHMM reveals first images of Broadgate plans

    David Farmery's comment 11 September, 2018 8:03 am

    It was ground breaking in the 80s, and a breath of fresh air in the fusty old city. But you only have to go to Liverpool St Station, particularly at night, to see it’s not working for tenants or travellers.

    British Land and others must be allowed to make the changes needed to sort it out. It won’t be Westfield, there isn’t the space, or demand for mega retail? People need to work?! AHMM can be trusted to make it work for all? Including foreign investors.

    Bollocks to Brexit and Boris?! And just do it.

  • Alan Dunlop reveals Celtic crossing concept image

    David Farmery's comment 6 September, 2018 12:24 pm

    You guys know your stuff and the locations, distances, geology involved. The image looks like one lifted from any of the long crossings of the last 100 years. How about something more radical?

    Suspended tubes? Maglev? Tunnels? 250 mph? 500 mph? It will join 2 of the great engineering countries of the world, surrounded by Britain, the Commonwealth and Europe. For capital as well as skilled labour.

    We designed and then built the Channel Tunnel in 6 years. Then the government and British Rail took forever to link it to London, undermining it’s governance and profitability. Are the Scottish and Irish governments and the rail networks ready this time?

    Unfortunately Alistair Morton is no longer with us, but the rest of the team are in touch, and can hand on the torch with advice. Paul Finch has my contact details, and I will do the rest. We’ll talk about honouraria later?!

  • Patricia Brown: How London 3.0 could shake up the capital

    David Farmery's comment 6 September, 2018 11:40 am

    First week of September. Still looking forward.

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