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David Farmery's comments

  • Purcell to refurbish Grade II-listed masterwork by John Partridge

    David Farmery's comment 6 June, 2019 11:09 am

    Great. At least the college recognises a fine use of a now unfashionable material? Pay attention Westminster City Council and consider your neglect of Dolphin Sq? Partridge’s Building was one of a series of innotive buildings at Oxford in the 70s that made it so exciting to study Architecture at the Poly on the hill. And wake up the dreaming spires!

  • Eric Parry’s £400m Dolphin Square overhaul and extension turned down

    David Farmery's comment 6 June, 2019 10:55 am

    Absorblutely incredible!! And they wonder why there has been a housing and design crisis for as long as I’ve been alive and kicking!!

    Dolphin Sq and Westminster City Council is full of the most ignorant and konservative old farts known to progress. Nothing must happen. No nothing at all. New pedestrian and cycle bridges from Battersea and the US Embassy to Chelsea? Refurbish the tired 1939 flats? Take a good architect and some American money and throw them in the river?!

    I’m beginning to think Guido Fawkes had the right idea with these people. Who the hell are they, in charge of our City? Perhaps a good Brexit will leave them behind? Even Boris looks good in comparison!!

    Don’t give up Eric and Co. You will succeed in the next round? Like a Mexican heavyweight?!!

  • Seventeen Stirling Prize winners unite to declare climate emergency

    David Farmery's comment 1 June, 2019 8:21 pm

    Well done the top people, but we all have get on board, and upgrade our expertise. We are usually called on to solve several problems at the same time. Don’t forget the housing crisis? Fire safety? Poverty and lack of pensions in the developing world that is causing over population. Gender and racial equality?

    We obviously can’t be expected to solve them all, but we can try? Rome wasn’t built in a day, and mostly by slaves?! And quietly resist the silly Nimbies? Stop flying then. Stop driving. No, we will find more efficient and less polluting ways of flying by the location of airports. We will drive hybrid. E Types belong in a museum? A fond memory? This is beginning to sound like a Ranganation. With HSBC?!

    There is no going back, but there is a better route? We grew a battle fleet that ruled the world in the forests of Hampshire! Therefore timber frame where possible, with sheep’s wool insulation and a log fire at Xmas?!

    We have the expertise. The future is slim, green and fitter?

  • Scrapping zero-carbon policy costs new homeowners £200 a year, says report

    David Farmery's comment 22 May, 2019 1:48 pm

    Central and local government are clearly failing here. But building regulations are monitored by private inspectors, there are building federations involved, and British Standards. Many local authorities have not produced guidance, and it is expensive and time consuming to do so. So what are we as designers and consumers to do?

    A public enquiry? The experts at our Universities to produce definitive guidance. An IPCC policed rulebook? The RIBA to lead the profession, who are in the right place to meet standards, but are only involved in a small proportion of the building work undertaken?

    Sounds like Michael Gove and DEFFRA. In the meantime, work it out ourselves, and make it a selling point for responsible developers and builders. The potential saving is hundreds of pounds a month.

    Get rid of the car, and legalise drugs, cutting the cost, regulating quality and providing a tax take. Staycation. Sing song in the local. Live virtually free?!

    Seriously, we can do this, and help save the planet.

  • Grosvenor pledges to make all its buildings zero carbon by 2030

    David Farmery's comment 22 May, 2019 9:34 am

    The private sector realises that carbon neutral has become a design, and now sales feature. The public sector will follow suit?

    Things are moving! We know what to do.

  • Climate change is too important for grandstanding

    David Farmery's comment 21 May, 2019 1:18 pm

    Yup, we early 50s kids took some hard knocks? Almost as bad as the 40s kids?

    If we work diligently we can stop the worst results of climate change, and reward ourselves along the way? Get going today? Things will change, but they always have. The move from hunter gatherers to farming was a leap, and living with the animals gave us some interesting new diseases?!

    Just don’t do a Soubry or Chuka. Canute didn’t turn the tide! And they are not barking up the right trees. Tragic waste of talent. Change nothing, die poor? Climate change was an issue amongst the intelligent twenty years ago. No one moved! So now is the time?

  • Climate change is too important for grandstanding

    David Farmery's comment 21 May, 2019 10:56 am

    An open letter to Paul.

    We can do this without wearing a hair shirt, let alone sack cloth and ashes?!

    We can reuse existing buildings in all sorts of energy saving and producing ways. There is an old police station, very near where we met at the Curve enquiry that should be flats, with new penthouses on top, and surrounded by lower level houses. At the moment it is to be knocked down and replaced by the worst flats I have seen from the creative Pollard ThomasEdwards, themselves leaders in Code 5 technology in Cambridge and elsewhere! The locals, egged on by the silly Barbara Weiss, just want it demolished. It should be a mini Bosko Vertigale. As the Curve should be a full size Bosko Verticale, to keep Kew happy.

    Hooray Heathrow is also based in Chiswick. I am going to tell them they need 10 runways, not 3 or 4, with a London Airport, non of them at Heathrow, which will become a Garden Suburb. Houses built directly off the existing runways. Saving energy, not using the arrow breaker? £1.5m/house? The director will be “unavailable” when I call in at the Barley Mow, but perhaps will find time later in the week? I haven’t worked on KL, HK and Terminal 5 for nothing?! You will still be able to sign in at Heathrow, but the proposed LARTS, round the M25, with spurs to Gatwick, Stansted etc will take you to your aeroplane. A better use of the 2 hour check in time? Business or pleasure, by some way the biggest international or domestic/short haul airport in the world. Fit for Brexit? When that happens!

    Sorry team, I’m just repeating myself? Turn up at the public meeting if you want to see it all over again? Milk shakes will not be lobbed!

  • Why did these architects become full-time climate change activists?

    David Farmery's comment 16 May, 2019 12:40 pm

    Don’t give up! There is a lot architects and the construction industry can do to help reduce global warming. Sitting on Waterloo Bridge and wasting police time isn’t really doing much, other than raise awareness.

    Great. Now for action. My company is calling on TfL to help us build a Cycle Superhighway along the South bank of the Thames, from Greenwich and Thamesmead to Hampton Ct. We will do this using Green Bonds and Carbon Credits.

    We are also calling on Ferrovial and the Dept of Transport to help build a new light railway round the M25 and out to Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Northolt and City Airport to create London Airport. The runways at Heathrow will be closed, and the site redeveloped as a Carbon Neutral Garden City.

    We will need a lot of help! Sacking Chris Grayling is probably the first step. Getting the Mayors office onside is the next? Watch this space, get off the bridge, and start building some new ones over the Thames.

  • Allies and Morrison’s £1.1bn East Bank hub in Olympic Park approved

    David Farmery's comment 15 May, 2019 10:45 am

    What a mess! Grand Designs and the the Harvard effect comes to East London!? A cultural dessert, without people or context?

    Couldn’t all the bodies and their design teams get together with the remaining local people to produce something worth living in. There are enough monuments left over from the Olympics, what is needed is “background” buildings, with fit outs to suit the interesting occupants. And it might save money, that could enable the public bodies involved to reduce their burden on tax payer.

    Hopefully the country will be leaner and fitter in the Post Brexit world? The Arts, culture and Universities have been one of our great contributions to the world, and our buildings reflect this. But come on, this is a load of post imperial flim flam when our schools and hospitals are short of cash?

  • Japan’s biggest housebuilder invests £22m in Urban Splash’s modular arm

    David Farmery's comment 14 May, 2019 10:29 am

    Hopefully they will have taken on board all the comments made in February, the last time this pre fab Town was featured in the Daily News? The small workspaces, pubs etc that are needed to create a vibrant and sustainable community.

    And does it have to be so grey and black? Call me old fashioned, but the villages of Cambridgeshire are a sandy colour, and suited to the northern light and freezing north winds?! The fences, decks and lawns provide a more suitable palette?

    We buy any house.com?

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