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David Farmery's comments

  • Tributes paid to Maggie’s founder Charles Jencks

    David Farmery's comment 15 October, 2019 12:16 pm

    What an inspiration! Serious and yet lighthearted at the same time? He got us through the 70s and 80s, an otherworldly and American influence, pointing out a higher plane while dealing with the foundations of a house extension, to hinting at other ways of designing our later major works?

    The other man to us wagers in Holland Park. Elia and Zoe round the corner, Rogers down the road, lot’s of others in Julie’s Wine Bar, Michael Carapetian, Swinhoe Measures, Dixon and Jones, and APT in Clarendon Cross. And Bryan Ferry and John Cleese as neighbours! Famous days, pink, grey and light blue the colours?! He didn’t sound the death knell of Modernism, he helped it transmogrify into something richer and with many embodied meanings, multivalent, as he would have said.

    I will go early to metastatic cancer treatment at CXH today and spend some time in Richard’s Maggie’s with a few memories. T5 meets KL? Dig out the books. Think of his walk down Clarendon Rd. Ironically so near to the scene of later tragedies in Notting Dale. We will carry on, stronger but more humble. Post Modernists are we.

  • Loan rate increase prompt fears of council house-building slowdown

    David Farmery's comment 14 October, 2019 2:35 pm

    My apologies for my somewhat intemperate remarks earlier about local authority housing. There have been some great schemes, and well done to all those involved, but it seems a bit old fashioned now? The world is moving on, and as a way of procuring accommodation it seems a little ponderous and inappropriate. The private sector has not covered itself in glory for all sorts of reasons either.

    From all sides the Brexit stuff is getting in the way. As soon as it is over people will be happier and closer, and we can work together to help solve the major problems facing us, as well as share in the rewards?

    2020 will be another great year?!

  • Loan rate increase prompt fears of council house-building slowdown

    David Farmery's comment 14 October, 2019 12:19 pm

    And should local authorities be building housing anyway, as apart from one or two exceptions they do it badly and inefficiently? And what are they doing buying shopping centres? Just as the Internet is changing the world, and they have put up the rates to make them financially unviable. A great investment.

    Leave us alone and we will solve the housing crisis. Demand and supply. Government wanted a fighter and a bomber to defeat the Nazis; we designed, built, flew and then revered the Spitfire and Lancaster, and we also built the semis that when taxed paid for them! What government needs to do now is allow for the urban design to provide a sustainable and inspiring environment. Properly trained planners rather than development control box tickers?

    Brexit first on Saturday, then watch us help change the world for the benefit of all, especially Africa and South America. Even the US of A might learn a thing or two?? Is that “crashing out”, old pissimists and craptologists Hilary and Dominic.

    We can do it.

  • New national design guide: the industry reacts

    David Farmery's comment 7 October, 2019 12:46 pm

    We don’t have to go back to caves. They built this city with design guides in the 18th Century. Houses were different rates, like warships, built by builders, and architects did the more important municipal and ecclesiological oeuvre. Didn’t you learn this in college? Bath and Bristol didn’t look too bad, and were designed along Hundertwasser lines? (See Mold manifesto, 1964.)

    This will run and run, like VAR??

  • RSHP’s whisky distillery named Scotland’s best new building

    David Farmery's comment 7 October, 2019 12:32 pm

    T5 would have looked like this, before they changed to the big roof?!

    And the whiskey is in the duty free rip off shop?

  • Grafton Architects wins Royal Gold Medal

    David Farmery's comment 3 October, 2019 10:35 am

    Please don’t make this a gender issue. They are obviously talented and international architects. Is the fact that most of the practice is Irish relevant? The world is benefitting from a happy collaboration. So Friday, after work. A bar fronting the Liffey? A portrait of artisans and artists as young people?? Long may it last.

  • Is there any wonder there’s a housing shortage when people like James Brokenshire are in charge?

    David Farmery's comment 2 October, 2019 11:03 am

    Oh dear. There are no angels on the curve. It’s the devil of a site, and someone paid far too much for it, and is now trying to make the usual profit, at the expense of the aged and very conservative locals.

    The planning application by Egret West is not their best. Unfortunately also allows Barbara Weiss to make her usual complaint, this time with a solid justification. Brokenshire didn’t know his arse from his elbow, and Scruton was a wise fellow, but now looks like an old fart.

    The Curve site will be built out one fine day, and it will make a fitting end to Chiswick High Rd, and a transition to Brentford and Kew. It will be similar to the Bosco Verticale in Milan, with vegetation advised by Kew Gardens. The good residents of West London love a planting wall. It keeps them happy, though it does little for pollution or air quality.

    So come on owners of the Curve. Do the offices and flats as a single high tower, covered in interesting and simple to maintain plants. Provide the affordable quotient, get permission and build it. When it’s done, like Brexit, we can all move on to solve other problems.

    Such as:

    Will the Waterman’s move? Can the Police Station be refurbished, to save costs, and provide a mini tower that says Brentford? Will there be a Nando’s? When will Hounslow admit that people still need cars and vans to live and work? Not Grand Designs, but ones that will make Brentford a better place to live.

  • Former RIBA president joins call to revoke Boris’s fellowship

    David Farmery's comment 30 September, 2019 11:23 am

    Personally, I prefer Butterscotch to Humbugs, the Garden Bridge wasted £40m, and squeezing people’s thighs under the dinner table rarely has the desired outcome?

    It’s now a cliche, But Keep Calm and Carry On? Brexit will happen, and the world will keep turning; so keep doing your best for all our clients. Bugger Boris and Bognor Regis? Or rescind the “Regis” title??

    Woke up Snowflakes? Or is that just too horrid?

  • Climate Strike: how will architects be responding?

    David Farmery's comment 19 September, 2019 1:01 pm

    Instead of just going on strike, why not do something really useful like blocking a bridge somewhere with the Extinction Rebellion crowd, get arrested, and waste everyone’s time with a bit of real virtue signalling?!!

    Or perhaps not recommend the destructive and short sighted expansion of Heathrow Airport?

    Or look for a less expensive and time consuming way of increasing capacity on rail routes between London and the north, and investing in public transport connecting the Northern Powerhouse from Liverpool to Newcastle and beyond, including local bus routes?

    Or using the trillions of pounds made available every year by Green Bonds for sustainable projects? You don’t know about Green Bonds? Neither does most of the UK construction industry! Google them on your phone while sitting outside Store St?

    Show the world what we are doing, and mean to do to avoid climate change, conserve resources, and help feed the increased populations created by medicine and better life chances?

  • Boris Johnson asks for feasibility study into Northern Ireland-to-Scotland bridge

    David Farmery's comment 11 September, 2019 11:03 am

    Not another Boris Bridge?! Portpatrick to Larne is possibly a good idea. If you can do it for £15billion?! The DfT needs to sort out HS2, Heathrow and the Liverpool to Newcastle Line first.

    Boris is not going to be PM for very long after the last week in Parliament, and today’s ruling by the High Court in Scotland!! And what happens with Brexit now? Architecture is easy by comparison??

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