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Colum Mulhern's comments

  • Style wars begin: ‘housing tsar’ Scruton slams Modernist architecture

    Colum Mulhern's comment 15 November, 2018 2:29 pm

    David Farmery, thanks for showing everyone why the government had to step in and why an architect can't sit on the board.
    “I haven’t the time to read his pretentious drivel“ but I assume it's pretentious drivel because it doesn't fit the outdated ideology they drum into us at school?
    And others talk about “blinkered bigotry“.... if the cap fits....

  • Housing minister promotes Classicism from the Deep South

    Colum Mulhern's comment 6 November, 2018 8:25 pm

    Did I say something wrong?

  • Housing minister promotes Classicism from the Deep South

    Colum Mulhern's comment 6 November, 2018 1:23 pm

    Wakey Wakey architects. Your time is up.....
    More and more people, including a minority of architects have woken up to the fact that we're simply perpetuating an ideology that never lived-up to it's empty promises. A system more about the pretend elitism of architects rather than the interests of the population we should be serving.
    And yes, even government ministers have a the right to have an opinion and are no longer afraid to voice it.
    You can all deny this but just reading the previous comments is proof enough.
    Schools must begin to teach architecture again, and stop calling the rubbish that has ruined our towns and villages for generations now architecture.
    It will be impossible for most the look truthfully at the damage modernism has been doing and change. It would mean beginning to learn what schools of architecture don't teach.
    Most of you will prefer to continue to live un denial.

  • News analysis: Five questions about Grenfell Tower that must be answered

    Colum Mulhern's comment 20 June, 2017 11:46 am

    Just as architects' deflected attention from the real issue towards the need for p. a. systems in staircases after the 11th of September 2001 (S.O.M), the simple and basic question is not addressed here either. Maybe because it would upset too many apple carts.
    Is high-rise dangerous by its very nature?
    I am of the opinion that it is.
    Below 6 floors people can still be rescued from their windows, and facades can be hosed-down. How many more will die with their beautiful views before 6 floors, or preferably less, becomes the maximum allowed buildable height.
    An immediate moratorium should be imposed on all high-rise building to protect lives.

  • Profession slams 'barmy' Tory pledge for annual £2K fee on non-EU architects

    Colum Mulhern's comment 22 May, 2017 11:16 am

    Theresa May sounds more like Marine LePen every day, and sometimes like her father Jean-Marie.
    Indeed the conservatives seem to be continuing to poach the UKIP and NF type electorate through their policies. There is less and less difference betwen them with every day that passes.
    It's strange how one can see the danger in other countires National Fronts and not see the directon one's own country's main stream party is taking.
    The comment above about spanish waiter is far from amusing. Any English waiter can do the very same, and not necessarily any worse than a qualifed architect, employed or unemployed.
    This is nothing to do with the real problem that you need to have a fee scale imposed again by law that will allow you all to earn a decent living from all your efforts (or which will allow you to make a real effort).
    But don't forget to refrain from pointing the finger at other nationals. We all know where that leads in the end.

  • Major redesign for Olympicopolis to save St Paul’s views

    Colum Mulhern's comment 3 March, 2017 11:26 am

    At last, but just a drop in the ocean for London and indeed for everywhere.
    London deserved at last a mayor who put the quality of life of the citizens before personal enrichment of a few. All towns and villages deserve one.
    And architects are struggling to cram a minimum volume onto a piece of land that probably cannot digest such a density of human activity.
    I can't understand how anyone can believe developers when they whine about having to build a minimum of volume to make the “operation“ feasible.
    Land price, finance and building cost, on one side of the table and sellable floor area x current selling price on the other, and he always complains about having just too small a margin in the bottom right hand corner of his spread-sheet.
    Well that's his problem, and a small one compared to the impact his supposed miscalculations has regularly on communities and for generations. And we all know his profit is in reality more than juicy in reality.
    If the permitted density were to be defined by politicians in the long-term interest of their communities, the variable which is the buying price of the land would adjust automatically to guarantee the poor developers juicy profit. And millions of citizens for generations to would be able to live in more people friendly towns. The landowners would be the only ones less happy, but then again I'm sure they would still be able to make enough money not to have to actually work like the rest of us.
    I sincerely hope that politicians everywhere take example.

  • Francis Terry beats father to win first ever competition

    Colum Mulhern's comment 11 November, 2015 10:51 am

    Such wit Mr. Thompson ...... The truth is THIS is the way to build for the future. Livible and desirable, providing beautiful towns for people to live happily in, rather than the usual institutionalized crap that is imposed on a public who must be sick to death of these modernist experiments. Experiments that have been systematically going wrong for a century now and still architects can't let go. Maybe because schools don't teach architecture any more.
    It's much easier to rubbish the Terrys and continue a doomed quest than to try to learn how to design buildings like this.

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