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dominic cox's comments

  • What on earth is the problem with Islington councillors?

    dominic cox's comment 21 September, 2016 4:45 pm

    Well said Meg. Endurance Land investors include whitbread (kentish town fiasco) and AdamID after Adam Smith, proud to be rich, and Scottish widows, presumably spending some of the cash that fell out of a pension pot.

    So Paul, despite the fact that you do your architectural intelligence an injustice by simply posing a portrait of ‘clean’ and ‘crisp’ (those flesh-crawling adjectives used by Bartlett types) air-conditioned facades stretching monotonously an entire urban block, are you a bit clearer now about why people object to urban rape, greed and social cleansing by aggressive land banks and their architect dinner guests ? you might pop in the archway premier inn for night or two - call it research.

  • dRMM’s Camden tower gets go-ahead

    dominic cox's comment 19 September, 2016 1:44 pm

    the locals think it is not quality architecture - one can't help agree - but what would they know ? read here


  • Latest Aylesbury plans submitted by Duggan Morris and HTA

    dominic cox's comment 19 September, 2016 1:38 pm

    “to make more effective use of public land to help solve the ‘housing crisis’ by creating additional homes and widening access to home ownership”

    the modus operandi is then to sell public land for private development, simultaneously shifting the ‘social’ dimensions elsewhere. how is that balancing the community ? nice little earner me old m8.

    owen hatherley writes caustically on this


    also recognise the scramble in town halls to sell as much silver before Jeremy Corbyn takes power, which he will of course, as sure as brexit means brexit.

    the repellant assumption that home ownership is a universal aspiration belies the corporate greed and social injustice behind it, enshrined by the errant shirley porter, and the deceitful blair creature, who reneged on the promise to return capital receipts from right-to-buy for council (not housing association) house building in 1997. 1997 also saw the final demise of sitting tenants rights, so that now everyone renting is at the mercy of the draconian 28 notice to quit - what kind of a society is that you advocate ? a thatcher one of course, and Ben you clearly relish her baton passing to you and the clean, beautiful, ‘designer’ people working with you.

    Of course you are mere pawns in market forces as Jeremy Till has written, drawing largely from Zygmunt Bauman, helplessly a-moral instruments. Our hearts bleed as we need only listen to Ken Loach on the reasons for the housing supply ’crisis’, let alone the ‘demand’ crisis, a global phenomenon. But hear this, from the people who feel insulted, disenfranchised and robbed by your metropolitan elite cohorts in Camden

    “more (architectural) crap in exchange for investment”


  • So Brexit is happening – but we're going to be ok

    dominic cox's comment 2 August, 2016 7:28 am

    thank you Paul for your courage and honesty. may we also be reminded that PFI was a result of EU policy on % GDP for public spending, and that the withdrawal of RIBA recommended fee scales a result of EU anti-competitive rules?

  • Brexit fallout: Make, Sheppard Robson and AL_A shed staff

    dominic cox's comment 2 August, 2016 7:22 am

    Make seem to have over 100 employees, so a 10% temporary staff pay cut (perhaps even less among the directors) would have averted the redundancies. In 2008 many practices preferred to offer that option to staff to avoid the trauma (and disgrace) of 'letting people go', that obnoxious euphemism. The industry has a hire-and-fire culture unthinkable (and in many countries impossible) elsewhere in europe. It extols the free movement of labour, while treating that human resource as little more then live-stock it can 'shed'.

  • Brexit fallout: Architect bodies join forces to demand free movement

    dominic cox's comment 2 August, 2016 7:00 am

    the problem is the RIBA have no evidence to support the policy position - that the majority of its members support it. It would be straightforward to survey the membership distribution of Leavers and Remainers. Instead the pose of perfect bourgeois harmony is a repellant exhibition of the metropolitan Blairite elitism the country spurned last month.
    Secondly the assertion (misquoted above) that it is "pressing for continued free movement so vital for architects' practices in the UK" can't be true. There is growing anxiety (AJ student mental health survey) amongst UK students that employment opportunities are ever shortening for them, saddled with horrendous debt. The free movement of architects exacerbates that in a double whammy: depressing salaries and reducing employment for UK nationals. If the EU designers are better than UK designers - just say so, and encourage UK architecture students to go to far cheaper (and as the survey seems to suggest BETTER) european schools. The argument that Architecture is a special case in the Brexit negotiation must surely be quite specious?

  • Mental health problems exposed by AJ Student Survey 2016

    dominic cox's comment 2 August, 2016 6:38 am

    Alan, Tatiana, Gem, Tim, Rowan, do you think architect employers should clear the student debts of their employees to ease those stresses, which have knock-on effects in professional life, compounded by high rents for accommodation. Do you think you owe that to your employees - your human and professional capital, without which you wouldn't be in business ?

  • McAslan’s revenue and workforce shrink

    dominic cox's comment 13 March, 2015 4:39 am

    "should be about serving existing communities and having sensitivity and understanding to people who live here"

    ditto africa

  • ARB does it again: 1,824 architects kicked off register for non-payment

    dominic cox's comment 7 January, 2015 10:09 am

    Does ARB pay its bills on time ? eg. rent on weymouth street office ?

    let (apostrophe) s not forget their accounting period remains up to 31st march, which was the pre-2013 cut-off. The subscription fee was due on 31st december, but a 3 month grace period applied, because they didn't 'need' the money until then. coughing up on dec 31st means the money is in their bank in advance (comma) right ?

  • Yes vote 'would jeopardise' £7.8bn of Scottish schemes

    dominic cox's comment 17 September, 2014 6:38 am

    Ian Bell (The Herald) calls the British state "hideous". What an opportunity for Scotland to do what the spineless British state has resisted, and follow French legislation to make the appointment of an Architect compulsory for all projects over 70 msq. What is the value of that, bean-counters ? What a haven for Architects would result !

    The sight of the 'bigot' Gordon Brown mouthing empty promises to support the Union is laughable. Doesn't he realise no one believes him ? The Scots had quite enough of his tory New Labour government. Scots don't agree with £9000 pa tuition fees, doh ! Scots still have values, a culture,a common language (their second tongue isn't Polish) and won't sell out to the UK's right wing economy that profits by churning out bullets, mines, and tanks for the the numerous conflicts around the world.

    Westminster must be terrified what will happen to Faslane, and the House of Hanover's asset at Balmoral.

    COME ON SCOTLAND - cut the chord !

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