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Chris Medland's comments

  • Foster + Partners plans 305m-tall ‘Tulip’ tourist tower next to Gherkin

    Chris Medland's comment 19 November, 2018 10:11 am

    Firstly there are already viewing areas in various tall city buildings such as the Tower 42, the Shard and the walkie-talkie. As interesting as it may be it is not required. It would be better to refurbish and reopen the post office tower. Secondly, in terms of material and embodied carbon in an age of rapid climate change this is an extreme waste of resources. In terms of where the UK is now and the direction we are heading this is not representative and is disturbingly out of touch. It will never see the light of day. Really disappointing, as a profession we waste too much time on tripe like this and need to concentrate on effecting change quickly enough to respond to our climate, Disneyesque distractions like this are not helpful.

  • Budget 2018: Hammond set to further loosen permitted development rules

    Chris Medland's comment 30 October, 2018 9:31 am

    No mention of structural /cost viability or disproportionate collapse issues requiring alterations to the existing - I suspect the amount of units achievable is somewhat less than predicted but nonetheless this could lead to some interesting solutions (in an almost Archigram kind of way-hopefully!)

  • RIBA Stirling Prize reaction: ‘The money wins it’

    Chris Medland's comment 11 October, 2018 8:21 am

    Its a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, a hide tide mark in workspace design, the epitome of corporate architecture. For £1,300,000,000 that is how it should be. Foster were the right architects for this project and have proven that with the right budget and their approach this kind of building can be built in the UK. However.... As with so many great buildings in history they represent the epoch in which they were created. This building represents, in my view, a soon to be outdated mode of hard nosed corporate power and is in essence the very best of how things used to be done. Starting from first principles today, with the same budget, would any large business with a long term eye on Global Warming and sustainability, staff working and lifestyle changes, advancing communications technology and long term energy security do this again? I don't believe so and am excited to see, post Google and Apple HQ, where these types are issues take us - maybe not as far as Bourneville but perhaps a few more steps towards it.

  • Sadiq Khan slammed over £20m Garden Bridge ‘loan’ deal

    Chris Medland's comment 12 September, 2018 10:11 am

    Agree with Simon. Yes Kahn has been a bit flip-floppy but that was probably genuine uncertainty as what would be the best thing to do with the utter mess that Johnson left him. Ultimately this shower sits with Johnson personally, his deputy mayor, the garden bridge trustees and (a reluctant inclusion) Heatherwick. God help our economy if imminent events lead to BJ's installation as PM.

  • Fletcher Crane submits plans for black cement bungalow in Surbiton

    Chris Medland's comment 4 September, 2018 4:08 pm

    very nice. hope planning consent is granted

  • Could you live in OFIS’s 30m² micro-home?

    Chris Medland's comment 3 September, 2018 8:00 am

    It may be fun for a weekend getaway in the forest or mountains but I do wonder what long term health implications there are for anyone living in such small spaces for the long term.

  • ZHA reveals alternative vision for Populous’s embattled Bristol Arena site

    Chris Medland's comment 23 August, 2018 6:15 pm

    I agree with Robert above... the residential/ hotel block design is no more at this stage than a poor massing diagram absent of vision. Completely out of character for such an eminent practice.

  • Denizen Works’ ‘vertical gallery’ in Scottish botanical gardens approved

    Chris Medland's comment 22 August, 2018 12:26 pm

    looks great - look forward to visiting one day

  • Halt final TfL payment to Garden Bridge Trust, says shadow minister

    Chris Medland's comment 17 August, 2018 4:07 pm

    Clearly my view is arguably myopic due to by my 7 yearlong obsession with the delivery of another bridge further upstream (long story that doesn’t make it into the press) but this debacle has reached peak annoyance now particularly as it turns out that the £20m loan much lauded as a great deal for the tax payer was in fact utter hogwash and absolutely zero is actually a loan that is repayable. Utterly ridiculous situation.

  • Halt final TfL payment to Garden Bridge Trust, says shadow minister

    Chris Medland's comment 17 August, 2018 3:57 pm

    so am I right in thinking that the trustees of a charity asked the government to take the cost risk for them on their sole project, the whole purpose of the charity, so that they would not carry any financial risk personally if the venture came crashing down? Directors and trustees insurance is available commercially, and is in fact (I believe) a legal obligation but instead of this/as well as this they wanted the treasury to back them..... and the treasury said yes?

    Next time I take out car insurance or PI for that matter I will ask the treasury to cover my excess and see what answer I get....

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