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Chris Medland's comments

  • The eventual coronavirus inquiry will be Grenfell writ large

    Chris Medland's comment 3 April, 2020 12:18 pm

    I remember when people were touting David Bentley as the new David Beckham. Turns out that he was crap in comparison.

  • Fosters slices up Battersea Power Station flats to include office block

    Chris Medland's comment 2 April, 2020 1:38 pm

    The worlds best architects have made a dogs dinner in Battersea. What a contrived wiggly mess. D- at any school of architecture yet itts been waved through by Heritage England. Even after years of looking at the schemes shiny fat faces of various shades of bling it still shocks me every time just how bad it all is. If you are stupid enough to spend £1m+ on a tiny one bed apartment to live there then good luck to you.... I make no apology for my bad mood! 3 kids and home working may have influenced it.

  • Maria Smith: Could coronavirus save us from extinction?

    Chris Medland's comment 1 April, 2020 9:37 am

    agree 100% with Maria Smith. I hope that this crisis will lead to many positive changes socially, environmentally and economically. The reset button has been pressed, all change is possible.

  • NHS Nightingale: BDP on the first nine days converting the ExCeL centre

    Chris Medland's comment 31 March, 2020 2:16 pm

    great effort. Well done

  • Permitted development rights expanded to allow demolition without permission

    Chris Medland's comment 12 March, 2020 4:57 pm

    Despite their own internal environmental lobbying group (CEN) this conservative Government simply don't get it. This is a reckless, reactionary and ill thought through policy that will only benefit volume house builders who have yet again, we can only assume, used their financial clout to successfully lobby government and effect policy change in their favour.

  • Cousins & Cousins wins approval for 31 homes at listed Surrey manor

    Chris Medland's comment 5 February, 2020 12:45 pm

    nice. good work

  • Beauty commission report: fast-track planning for beauty and fruit trees for all

    Chris Medland's comment 30 January, 2020 8:15 am

    many welcome points particulrarly in regard to PD and VAT, however, often I salivate over beautiful new country homes by the likes of John Pardy etc.- my wife however thinks they are ugly, cold and box like. How do you legislate for that - how do you legislate for personal taste.

  • Most new housing so poorly designed it should not have been built, says Bartlett report

    Chris Medland's comment 21 January, 2020 4:38 pm

    Nearly a century after the Weissenhofsiedlung and most volume house builders are still throwing up this shite, blighting the suburbs and the shires alike. Despite 90% of new homes not being designed by Architects its clear that the wider population blame us for this. Its embarrassing at best, a huge con at worst. This study is important in highlighting and measuring the under performance and failings - the perpetrators should be fined punitively and made to repair the ecological and environmental damage.

  • Garden Bridge: crowdfunded bid to recoup wasted millions fails

    Chris Medland's comment 9 January, 2020 2:49 pm

    The Garden Bridge was about 3 years too late to join the list of completed vanity projects. It would have been the epitome of the post 2012 Olympic glow, for better or for worse. The dedicated transport funding spent and the political fallout from its demise still today taints other projects, even those with a proven transport and environmental benefit. It would seem that Sadiq Kahn as mayor will not support river crossings at all where they are needed (with the exception of a £1bn road tunnel) whereas Boris Johnson was seemingly gung ho about his pet projects. Perhaps we need to consider taking infrastructure spending away from the mayors portfolio and into a non political transport planning department. Decisions should be based on provable benefits to London as a whole. The mayor can have a separate power over special projects but clearly, in the past 3 terms, both mayors have failed to deliver a single river crossing. I personally have had more success than either of them in progressing such a public project despite having spent no public funds whatsoever. In the case of the Cremorne bridge planning is granted, piles are in the ground and Wandsworth Council have nearly 2/3rds of the funding raised. its taken nearly 9 years to get to this point and the current mayor has confirmed that he will not assign a single penny. His decision is not based on cost benefit ratio or health and environmental benefits, or air quality improvements - his decision is based purely on the fact that the bridge is west of tower bridge - his decision is political and based on how people will vote and his calculation must be that some people in east London will not vote for him if he helps build a bridge in west London. Those same people are suffering from poor air quality, are at risk from increased climate change. If the decision to contribute to this public infrastructure was anything but political it would have been completed in 2018. Sadiq Kahn needs to change his mind and be a mayor for all London or I expect he will be replaced this year with another mayor.

  • Architects react to Tory landslide election victory: ‘Our country is left in tatters’

    Chris Medland's comment 13 December, 2019 9:25 am

    on the bright side... Arup and Heatherwick will be recruiting

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