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Thierry BIDET

Thierry BIDET



Thierry Bidet is a French Architect and Choreographer based in London, United Kingdom.

Thierry Bidet is the initiator of The Eye House Project. Initially conceived for a very small land this structure intends to expand the internal space, thanks to its spatial structure and materials reflecting the light and sky. It will be situated in a busy public space, and its kiosk on street level can be booked by artists and designers wishing to show and sell their art to a wide audience.

Thierry Bidet is particularly interested in the effect a specific space can have on us, not only to protect us but also to uplift our spirit. He also creates structures allowing a spatial and structural continuity between the inside and the outside, such as architecture-landscapes, and promenades choreographed for the visitor to experience the contrasts and transitions between different atmospheres.

> www.thierrybidet.com

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Comments (2)

  • Comment on: Rowan Atkinson: 'Modernism does belong in the countryside'

    Thierry BIDET's comment 9 September, 2010 6:35 pm

    It's very brave to promote modern architecture in the British countryside. 80 years after Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye was built outside Paris as a country house, proposing something expanding similar ideas is still labelled by many as "futuristic".

    There is no doubt hiring a Pritzker Prize architect was a wise decision to gain planning permissions for such a large modern house in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (9m high and around 27m long!).

    As often with Richard Meier the house looks pretty big seen from the outside but more intimate in the inside. In order to reach this effect the volume of the house has to be stretched and it is relatively slim. In spite of that the house is still "immensely energy efficient" as claimed by the architect, which makes sense if you compare to the house it's replacing.

  • Comment on: Patrik Schumacher on parametricism - 'Let the style wars begin'

    Thierry BIDET's comment 11 May, 2010 3:17 pm

    Dear Patrik Schumacher,

    "Let the style war begin" seems either offensive to the architects' community or like an impatient attempt to reach "mainstream hegemony" to use your own words.

    Twitter is being recognised as a universal tool of communication because everybody can use it after watching a one minute clip. I am not sure, at the time to write this article, that you gave the chance to every architects and designers to understand how they can design in the so-called parametric style.

    Zaha Hadid herself has been using a rich palette of architectural vocabularies all along her career, so why should we restrain ourselves to one style?

    As historians will notice, the Nordpark Cable Railway combines two very distinctive architectural families, between the aerial part and what happens on the ground. It is a transitional project in term of styles.

    Thierry Bidet