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shahed saleem

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  • Comment on: Does architectural education need an overhaul?

    shahed saleem's comment 20 November, 2012 11:33 pm

    At the outset, Rising to £25/£30k by the time they finish.
    Fees are £9k per year for year 1&2, then £4k for the apprentice years. Fees therefore total £50k. About the same as with current 5 years full time, but the apprentice has earned some £100k+ over this period, paying for fees and living. Contrasted to emerging after 5 years with some £100k debt (fees+living)
    Perhaps, with something like this (looked at more carefully than I have), architecture can be accessible to a range of income groups. Else it is really in danger of becoming a playground for the elite, and it already the most classist, sexist, racist profession.
    Let's face it, it makes no sense for the ordinary person to face £100k of debt by age 25/27 in an industry where they will need to then work for 6-10 more years to be useful in practice, only when they have the prospect of earning £30k+

  • Comment on: Does architectural education need an overhaul?

    shahed saleem's comment 20 November, 2012 11:17 pm

    Will the cost of architectural education lead to the reintroduction of apprenticeships?.....hmm produced some pretty good architects in the past.... So why not?
    (Maybe) Because learning on the job will not teach critical thinking, and architects now need to interpret and comment on a world more complex than Hawksmoor's.....furthermore one of the great gifts of architectural education is learning to think.
    So, how about a 10 year process to becoming an architect. Year 1, drafting (cos lets face it, we've all had to deal with part 2 grads who can't draw a section), year 2 cultural studies. Then an 8 year apprenticeship with a firm with continuous breaks for polemical projects at Uni.
    Say, the firm pays the apprentice £10k per annum