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Architect fined for altering listed building

ARB’s professional conduct committee has fined a London architect £1,500 for carrying out unauthorised alterations to a listed building

Don't underestimate small projects' ability to cause big disputes

It is a popular misconception that small projects carry less risk of dispute and claims, writes Mark Klimt

Plain English can prevent you forking out for contractors' mistakes

It is sensible to establish the nature and number of third parties who might be expecting warranties or third-party rights, says Mark Klimt

The amazing staircase inside the Museum of Liverpool

AEW heads to High Court over Liverpool Museum job

The case against AEW Architects for ‘professional negligence’ on the £72million Museum of Liverpool will begin next month at the High Court in London

Legalese: Avoid signing up to prohibitive terms in framework agreements

It is sensible to establish the nature and number of third parties who might be expecting warranties or third-party rights, says Mark Klimt


Informing the client of additional costs early will save you a lot of toil and trouble

Legalese: Too often clients will ignore notifications or respond in a confrontational or evasive manner, says Mark Klimt


Clarify your specific obligations to comply with industry standards

Legalese: In most cases, the question is whether the architect has exercised reasonable skill and care

Be clear at the outset what basic services you will render and what will be additional

Legalese: It is good practicefor there to be a clear list of basic services and seperate lists for additional services says Mark Klimt

Legalese: Liquidated damages and indemnities

Legalese Signing up to contract clauses that insurers will not cover is signing a blank cheque, says Mark Klimt

Legalese: Schoolwork

Education projects are among the most fraught – here’s how to avoid disputes, writes Mark Klimt

Legalese: Project managers

Project managers can help projects finish on time, but clients shouldn’t pay for the same service twice, says Mark Klimt

Legalese: Payment

New payment legislation will make being an architect easier, writes Peter Stockill

Legalese: The small print

Beware: small words can change the meaning of an entire contract, writes Mark Klimt

Legalese: Termination

If the love affair with your client ends, you should know how to avoid a messy break up, writes Mark Klimt

Legalese: The problem with BIM

Copyright and liability must be tackled before BIM can reach its full potential, writes Mark Klimt

Drugs, Naomi Campbell and conditional fee agreements

Legalese: A key case involving a supermodel could help architects facing claims, writes Mark Klimt

Legalese: Linklaters Business Services v Sir Robert McAlpine

A landmark case on corroded pipes in a solicitors’ office is a cautionary tale for architects, writes Mark Klimt

Legalese: Joint ventures

We can’t live without joint ventures, but can we live with them? By Mark Klimt

Architects' fees

Legalese: Unpaid fees

Extracting unpaid fees from unwilling clients can be difficult. Mark Klimt guides us through it

Time to be tort a lesson

Insurance, contracts and tort. Not the name of a firm of solicitors but some of the harsh realities of the law that architects should be educated to understand.

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