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Robert Erskine

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  • Comment on: Rise of the machines

    Robert Erskine's comment 21 October, 2015 10:53 am

    As in automotive repair and servicing, computerisation is necessary. Those repair facilities who fail to invest in software and manufacturers data to 'fix glitches' almost 60% of faults in current vehicles, will loose customers and income. New car safety systems and the recent autonomous vehicle advances, require highly skilled computer literate technicians.

    In fine art especially sculpture digital tools provide possibilities and limitless horizons. However the key here is the intelligence of manipulating this, computers do not have ideas as humans we do.

    For architects it's the same.

  • Comment on: Architect rethinks plans for threatened East End oddity

    Robert Erskine's comment 28 April, 2015 10:42 am

    Why was the sculpture the first to be removed, an easier target for the architect to placate dissenters?

  • Comment on: Paolozzi arches at Tottenham Court Road ‘already demolished’

    Robert Erskine's comment 30 January, 2015 5:32 pm

    Until the UK Government agrees to aligning England with the rest of Europe and the USA, by upholding Artists Moral Rights Pertaining To Publicly sited artwork, this destruction will continue. The Moral Rights prevents, destruction, alteration, removal, and non maintenance of such specific works.

    The Paolozzi Foundation no doubt are unawares of this situation, and why Hawkins Brown and TFL with sublime ease achieved their result. Shameful.

  • Comment on: Paolozzi murals at Tottenham Court Road tube face demolition

    Robert Erskine's comment 21 January, 2015 1:42 pm

    The simple way forward is for the Paolozzi foundation to exercise the UK Artists Moral Righ,t which is maintained for 75 years after an artist dies. This prevents any change to a publicly sited 'art work' being altered, removed, or damaged, without permission or agreement from the originator or his family.
    Robert Erskine Fellow Royal British Society of Sculptors

  • Comment on: RIBA overturns controversial Israel motion

    Robert Erskine's comment 4 December, 2014 4:23 pm

    In response to Janet Green's sour grapes, Israel provides free medical health care to Arab nationals and continues to find ways for peaceful coexistence, whilst the Palestinian authorities are ruled by extremist groupings who are blind to any peaceful advancement let alone architecture.

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