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Robbert Geelen

Robbert Geelen

The Hague, the Netherlands


Urbanism is all about people. About visualizing human values in forms: streets, squares, houses, etc. Places where people will be born, live and die. Places where people will meet, speak and share.
Urbanism is not about politics or economy but about people. Something that has forgotten in 'the sky is the limit' thinking. With my input (sharing of experiences / knowledge / inspiration) humanizing urbanism. Not by 'preaching' but by 'inviting'.

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  • Comment on: Riots updated: Sennett, Rykwert, Till, de Botton, Tavernor and more on why Britain is burning

    Robbert Geelen's comment 12 August, 2011 9:22 pm

    Meaningful and inspiring comments!
    The philosopher Toulmin explains that the era of rationalism in which we live since Descartes (17th century), and where it is mainly about scientific truths, we have made some progress but it didn't made us happier. The thinking head has given too much priority over the feeling heart.
    This phenomena has led us to a lot of 'ego' in society... In professions as architecture and urbanism... No passion. No inspiration. No 'heart', a lot of 'head'...
    In my opinion it is all about linking those two. Going back to basics. Going back to 'craftsmanship' and 'let the cobbler stick to his last'.