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Peter Bill

Peter Bill

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  • Comment on: McAslan’s ten point plan to solve the housing crisis

    Peter Bill's comment 5-Oct-2015 8:41 am

    A rag-bag stuffed with series of stale 'plans' founded on the outdated notion that the state has the power to 'plan' housing. Governments can certainly fiddle with fiscal incentives and offer land to the market. A few council houses may also be built. But house builders build homes to their own 'plans.' These include making a profit and not building when the economy turns down.

  • Comment on: Architects crowdfund to build Lord of the Rings city

    Peter Bill's comment 14-Aug-2015 7:50 am

    Just £1,845,984,474,483.00 to go then...

  • Comment on: Better homes: Can housebuilders and architects ever see eye to eye?

    Peter Bill's comment 17-Jul-2015 8:25 am

    Over three storeys builders need architects. Under three storeys they do not.

  • Comment on: The housing crisis: how did we get here?

    Peter Bill's comment 26-Jun-2015 9:25 am

    Very good analysis. Point 5 about house builders only developing for a profit goes to the core of the argument. Why on earth would they do anything else? The top 10 not only have 25% market share, they share between themselves land on which outline permission has been granted got 394,000 units. Any politician who says "we will build xxx homes" should be taken for a fibber. Developers build homes, not politicians. But there are two bits of good news. Politicians are dimly realising this is the case and a shift to councils building again is under way; two, extrapolate the near 25% leap in starts since Christmas and 200 000 new homes a year will b being built by 2017. Problem solved, except in London, which is another country.

  • Comment on: Foster tells minister: 'Robin Hood Gardens should be listed and recycled'

    Peter Bill's comment 25-Jun-2015 10:00 am

    Recycling is a good idea. The scrunched-up concrete could be used in the foundations of flats fit for people to live in, rather than encasing this filthy eyesore no architect would permanently inhabit.

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