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Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis

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  • Comment on: Navin Shah: 'The rash of tall buildings popping up across London must stop'

    Paul Lewis's comment 13-Jun-2014 4:18 pm

    Why do you always show a shot of strata insinuating it was built for wealthy people? Despite all the unfounded negative press it contains over 100 affordable apartments which are , Managed by family mosaic housing trust. It also has apartments for rent only! The market apartments were sold at manageable prices, under £250k for 1 beds and around £320k for 2 beds. Please don't tarnish this building any more with your biased, un researched information. Please for once, AJ, pick the phone up, do some proper journalistic research and get your facts right!

  • Comment on: Architects ‘squeezed out of middle class’

    Paul Lewis's comment 29-Apr-2014 8:24 am

    Its our own fault, we accept low salaries as we are 'blinded' by the prestige nature of projects. Partners and directors offer 'low' fees to gain prestigious work and then can only offer low salaries which the know will be accepted. If we turn down low paid work and stop doing free work and walk away from that ridiculous low pay offer then things will improve. I have lost count of the number of friends I have who work 80 hours a week, under pressure and stress for average pay (minimum wage if hours factored in) but are then happy as they get free pizza and a taxi home after 8pm and they are working on a mega 200 storey tower for the 19th richest man in the world in some 'BRICK' economy and wont that be good for their CV when they move on to their next low paid exploited job......

  • Comment on: Ground Control: Ellis Woodman looks at how London's towers meet the street

    Paul Lewis's comment 22-Apr-2014 8:20 am

    Again an uneducated assault on Strata without investigating the facts, PICK UP THE PHONE and ask the managing agents why the turbines don't go around its an EASY thing to do and has a straight forward answer, again you have neglected to do this. Of course its 'wedged' between the viaduct and Draper House as its foot print is tiny and it fills its site as effectively as possible. Your comment regarding 'permanently overshadowed' is irrelevant, all towers are in their own shadow part of the day, as Strata faces north to the city the open area receives sunlight from the south. which is as to be expected and not a negative in an urban environment. OF COURSE ITS ASSAULTED BY TRAFFIC NOISE! its next to the elephant and castle roundabouts, its not in rural countryside, get a grip man! The planters form seating areas, you have very little long term memory, if you did you would remember what this area was like before. it had the highest crime rate for drug dealing in the UK, by taking out the nooks and crannies and making the area open the crime rates have dropped massively. You need to seriously do some investigation and research before you write your editorials!

  • Comment on: Rowan Moore: London’s high-rise free-for-all

    Paul Lewis's comment 4-Apr-2014 8:28 am

    In the mori poll Strata was voted the publics 5th favourite building in London. Not sure why you don't mention this before your attack on a building which you know little about? For instance the turbines are there because under The GLA plan in force at the time there had to be 'on site renewables' providing 20%. This was the only significant building designed and constructed during the enforcement of this policy, during a massive economic recession. There is no other way to provide this statutory requirement other than turbines but poor journalists do not care to investigate this. Perhaps you should look into why the turbines are not moving rather than speculate, it's very simple and easy to find out but I will leave it up to the AJ to actually pick up a phone and ask someone, perhaps that's too difficult? So you think Strata should take its surroundings into account, by that you can only mean the elephant and castle shopping centre, drapers house and the heygate estate. All mostly unloved and 2 of which are being demolished. What context would you suggest is taken from the concrete roundabouts of elephant and castle? Seems to me that the whole area is on the up and the first building there to do that was Strata, it was the first there and it had to stand out and be brave, not fade into the drab context. It's about time critics looked at the positives strata has created and asks people who live in it what they think about it. It's probably sparked one of the best regenerations in London since docklands.