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Industry Professional's Comments

  • Comment on: vPPR loses 100 per cent planning success record

    Industry Professional's comment 31-Oct-2015 11:38 pm

    niiimmmmmmbbbbbyyyyyyy! niiimmmmmmbbbbbyyyyyyy! niiimmmmmmbbbbbyyyyyyy! niiimmmmmmbbbbbyyyyyyy!

  • Comment on: Can Jeremy Corbyn solve the housing crisis?

    Industry Professional's comment 4-Sep-2015 11:51 am

    Corbyn seems to want policy creation to be a collaborative process with both the PLP, members/supporters and the experts of the field. If elected as leader, left leaning architects nationwide should be hammering at his team's door to influence policy. It's no good saying he doesn't have an architectural viewpoint, we have to start the conversation to let him arrive at one. I find it personally refreshing that he isn't telling us (architect) what to do (Gove).

  • Comment on: McAslan and Purcell shortlisted for Willow Tearooms restoration

    Industry Professional's comment 24-Aug-2015 5:13 pm

    will it actually be a café serving food as originally or just a building preserved in aspic?

  • Comment on: Shuttleworth: 'The Garden Bridge makes a statement about London's creativity'

    Industry Professional's comment 5-Aug-2015 1:22 pm

    Well said Ken Shuttleworth! To the list of reasons about why we should all embrace the Garden Bridge I would add: •As well as connecting the South Bank to Victoria Embankment, the bridge creates a new and amazing space for Londoners and visitors alike. A place for relaxation, recreation and social interaction, encouraging people to enjoy London on foot •The bridge does more than one thing which people find confronting. On one hand 10,000 people will use it every day as part of a more serene daily commute. At the same time it will be a unique place to just be – and to enjoy more of London’s best views amongst Dan Pearson’s garden rather than next to dual carriageway traffic •it will invigorate passion for horticulture and nature in London. •Over 65% of the capital costs to build the bridge will be fundraised from the private sector, representing a significant gift to the public •It will improve London’s walkability, improving personal health and benefitting the environment •Pedestrian numbers will be very similar to the Millennium Bridge but with twice the pedestrianised area it will be far less congested. •It will improve transport connectivity, providing a much needed direct connection to Temple Underground and reducing pressure on Waterloo Station •The Bridge will connect into the existing ecologies of the North and South Bank •The Bridge will be free. There will be no charge or ticketing system. It will be open to the public from 6am and until midnight all year round. •To avoid taxpayers footing the bill for its ongoing maintenance it will be closed for a maximum of 12 days (or more likely 12 part days) when it will host fundraising and community events. So well said again Ken. The bridge is supported by almost eight out of 10 Londoners according to a poll earlier this month, but public statements of support are important. Rob Leslie-Carter Director at Arup, and part of the Garden Bridge design team

  • Comment on: Moxon brought in on Garden Bridge project

    Industry Professional's comment 8-Jul-2015 12:31 pm

    Just for clarity GBT hasn't 'drafted in' Moxon. Moxon are part of the Bouygues TP and Cimolai Joint Venture team selected as preferred Main Contractor in April 2015.

  • Comment on: ‘The worst building in the world awards’

    Industry Professional's comment 30-Jun-2015 2:41 pm

    "We have a housing crisis because new housing, new neighbourhoods and new multistorey blocks are consistently, unambiguously and predictably unpopular with most of the public most of the time." This is simply false, and makes you start to doubt the rest of what's said.

  • Comment on: Coalition of critics slams the Garden Bridge

    Industry Professional's comment 1-Jun-2015 9:06 am

    It's an old fashioned folly, pure and simple. This would be fine if like most historic follies it was privately funded. Remove the public funding and finance it through corporate altruism and it would be fine.

  • Comment on: Garden Bridge Trust launches 'myth busting' campaign

    Industry Professional's comment 13-Apr-2015 11:09 am

    Nothing said about maintenance costs and who will pay them?

  • Comment on: Space standards adopted in radical shake-up for homes

    Industry Professional's comment 30-Mar-2015 1:18 pm

    Well written Ian. Not one respondent refers to children in their response. Whilst internal space standards are important so is private (and public) outside space for growing playing children. Apartments / flats are not places for growing children either for themselves, their parents or their neighbours. Will the 7.5sqm standard stop estate agents from referring to large cupboards as bedrooms ?

  • Comment on: Building great schools

    Industry Professional's comment 16-Mar-2015 12:08 pm

    Roger, Couldn't agree with you more and keen to get involved. Whatever the colour(s) of the next government there's no doubt that we have a huge challenge to meet demand. The danger for the profession is that we fall into the trap of just saying we need more money - we need to be more creative than that as it's very unlikely that £/m2 rates will improve after May. So we need to be asking how we can use space more effectively? Whether a 'traditional' arrangement of classroom spaces is the most efficient/ effective way of delivering the curriculum, and so on. Timetabling is another area where we might find significant opportunities to make better quality spaces that work for more of the day. I could go on... Philip Watson (Atkins)