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Lucy Mori's Comments

  • Comment on: Meld reveals corrugated cement-clad home in France

    Lucy Mori's comment 3-Jan-2014 10:41 am

    This looks an exciting project for a rural location - difficult to imagine getting planning permission for a similar project in rural England. I look forward to seeing the photos when completed.

  • Comment on: Hundreds bid for Peabody small projects work

    Lucy Mori's comment 20-Dec-2013 10:51 am

    Wow - 300 entries! This response demonstrates how keen architects are to work for a client like Peabody who values good design and builds for the long term. Although I am not surprised by the huge response, I am concerned by 2 questions 1 How will Peabody select their shortlist? 2 Did practices calculate the cost of submitting and probability of winning? When I was editing the RIBA Public Procurement Group paper 'Building Ladders of Opportunity', Walter Menteath raised the issue of 'bid-thinning' criteria. What criteria will Peabody use to get the 300 entries down to a manageable number which can assessed in detail? Will it be a beauty parade? Will they be influenced by names and projects they already know? Or the opposite - will they deliberately ignore the architects they have already worked with to avoid favouritism? With respect to the costs and probability of winning - Peabody have been more reasonable than some competition or tendering authorities by asking for only 2 A3 boards. However, you can be sure that many practices spent at least week preparing material ... So let's calculate : 40 hours @ £50 an hour is £2000 per practice plus let's say £500 for printing and posting. That means Peabody is getting £600,000 worth of work up front. So what is the probability of an architect getting on this framework and then actually getting some fees to design and deliver a building? 8 in 300 is about 2.6% which is not high. The news that there have been so many entries tells me that few architects calculate the true cost of submitting for a competition, consider the high probability of not winning and evaluate the opportunity costs. The profession really needs to find a way to engage urgently with clients and tendering authorities to reduce the waste of resources inherent in this process and finding a fair way to select architects.

  • Comment on: Deadline this Friday! Enter the AJ Women in Architecture awards

    Lucy Mori's comment 24-Nov-2013 2:43 pm

    The AJ women in architecture awards initiative is very much in tune with endeavours across businesses in all industries. Research consistently shows that mixed gender teams perform better than single-sex teams. Unfortunately many large high profile architectural practices, such as Foster and Partners, Stanton Williams, and even Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners still seem to be missing a female face on their board of directors ... The Sunday Times is also running a series of articles in Style Magazine at the moment with advice from successful women such as Karen Brady, Jude Kelly, Kanya King, Ann Francke, Ruby McGregor-Smith, Fiona Woolf, Jo Swinson and Amanda Nevill. There are lots of good ideas and they suggest the hashtag #girlsgetahead for spreading the word on twitter. The headline in today's Sunday Times is 'What’s stopping you from getting on at work? That has been the burning question for us at Style towers, as we have been running this month’s campaign. And so it was for some of Britain’s most brilliant businesswomen, whom George Osborne gathered at No 11 Downing Street earlier this month for a Women in the Workplace summit. What was striking was how many powerful, successful and wise women there were in the room — women most of us have never even heard of. ' I was struck that no women architects attended this Downing Street summit and have been trying to think of positive actions we can take to change the situation in the architectural profession rather than just talking about it. I would like to propose a mentoring scheme for women across the profession to support each other. Following the Architecture Club's Amazons in Architecture networking event last week, I would like to engage the support of the Architects Journal and its readers in establishing a mentoring programme for women architects.

  • Comment on: Enter the 2014 AJ Women in Architecture Awards

    Lucy Mori's comment 14-Nov-2013 1:25 pm

    I have found just being at the awards events in 2012 and 2103 inspiring and empowering - and this year I am thinking hard about whom to nominate. I have been checking past Stirling and RIBA gold medal winners for other women architects to celebrate. My short-list includes Patty Hopkins who was joint winner of RIBA Gold Medal; Denise Scott Brown - for obvious reasons; M J Long; and Georgie Wolton 'forgotten' 4 member of Team 4. Am I allowed to nominate more than one?

  • Comment on: Major breakthrough in PQQ reform

    Lucy Mori's comment 5-Sep-2013 9:41 am

    I am really pleased for Walter Menteth who devoted much of his life over the past 2-3 years to the issue of public procurement reform with the RIBA Procurement Reform Group and with the support of Angela Brady. Their objective has been to open up public procurement to all architects, the majority of whom work in SMEs, but especially to enable access to public sector projects to small practices. The revised Directiive responds to the main concerns of thresholds, tier 2 suppliers, turnover requirements, MEAT and 'bodies covered by public law'. Let us hope the directive is implemented swiftly in the UK and the increased efficiency contributes to the economic upswing. This is good news for architects, the construction industry and the wider economy.

  • Comment on: TONIGHT: Jiřičná and Brooks to speak at Women in Architecture talk

    Lucy Mori's comment 14-May-2013 11:04 am

    I encourage all architects to attend the Women in Architecture Events - for women it is empowering and inspiring to be in a room full of women architects and to listen to worthy winners; for men, it can be an eye-opener not to be in the majority.

  • Comment on: Herzog & de Meuron wins planning for Oxford government school

    Lucy Mori's comment 13-May-2013 12:16 pm

    I am excited about this project for Oxford - often steeped in tradition - and I support the bravery of the decision-makers. I hope the completed building does not disappoint and is as beautiful as the Prada building in Tokyo. Many of Oxford's finer modern buildings are hidden from public view, like St Catherine's College, so it is also inspiring to have this building contributing to the public realm on a busy street.

  • Comment on: Foster, Peter Cook, Grimshaw and Wilkinson Eyre among West Kowloon finalists

    Lucy Mori's comment 8-Nov-2012 4:13 pm

    The shortlist demonstrates the high regard for British Design internationally. While West Kowloon Cultural park is a high profile project, it underlines that fact that there are significant opportunities for UK architectural practices in China. Amazingly last year only 4% of fees of UK practices was earned from international clients and projects - this must surely increase in the future.

  • Comment on: AJ Poll: should RIBA have an annual sustainability award?

    Lucy Mori's comment 22-Oct-2012 12:44 pm

    I think the RIBA should have an annual conference - it seems to me astonishing that there is no annual conference - and this would be an opporunity to showcase all awards - including one for sustainibility if appropriate. Awards are useful for promoting selection criteria and raising the profile of architects who embrace those criteria. More work needs to be done on combining good design with environmental performance - so this could be a valuable initiative.

  • Comment on: Relaxed rules for house extensions could become permanent, says minister

    Lucy Mori's comment 19-Oct-2012 11:44 am

    I think this is an excellent initiative but not one which is going to drive the economy. Increasing the density of existing urban areas makes good sense - rather than building in the green belt. However small projects are not going to amount to huge increases in construction spending across the economy. The upside is that there will be opportunities for the majority of architects in the UK who work in micro practices and depend on small domestic projects.

  • Comment on: Hadid mulls practice title change

    Lucy Mori's comment 19-Oct-2012 10:30 am

    Zaha Hadid is in her sixties - she needs to think about succession planning - does she want her practice and work to continue after her retirement (or death)? She might consider a younger partner (not sure how old Patrik Shumacher is) but the choice of partner is a difficult one - not only strategically but also pychologically. It will be hard to find other candidates within the practice who can match her charisma and talent; bringing in new partners from outside rarely works.