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Alan Dunlop's Comments

  • Comment on: Scottish architects split over £1,000 festival payment

    Alan Dunlop's comment 12-Dec-2014 10:58 am

    I'm happy you're content Jim. True, I have not attended a convention since 2004 and it will probably be another ten years before I attend another. Yet I 'd be interested if you could suggest another architect who has written more positively about architects and architecture in Scotland in recent years. I'm up to my neck in CPD. However, I have read the 2011 document and as far as I can detect the publication has had absolutely no influence on the Scottish Government or public procurement in Scotland: Small and medium sized practices still are still restricted or barred entry; Design quality of new buildings and fitness for purpose has not significantly improved, The Scottish Futures Trust or "Hub"s are driven by bottom line economics not design quality ; We are no clearer on the expertise of those judging PQQ's or those involved in the final tender selection of public sector procurement process. However,as the profession is dogged by a lack of respect, which has resulting in low fees and long hours, the Presidents call for pricing, reliability and value for money in the process seems to have had an effect but not in the way anticipated, I suspect.

  • Comment on: The Vinyl Frontier: Barrowland Park by LOCI Design

    Alan Dunlop's comment 9-Dec-2014 7:00 am

    Great project that has lifted a whole area of Glasgow's saltmarket and reinvigorated an important site that has been bordered by rotting timber panelling and derelict for years. It has transformed the space between London Road and Gallowgate from an area filled with rubbish, rubble and abandoned syringes to a space used by local residents, office workers and joggers. The change in gradient from Gallowgate to London Road has been expertly handled, with the incorporation of gabions, retaining walls and bench seating. There are also quirky elements, not fully noticeable at first, like the rainbow pathway that includes the names of the 2000 or so bands that have played at the nearby Barrowlands and a blue Dr Who police box which is sure to delight local kids.

  • Comment on: Scotland at the Venice Biennale: from idealism to calamity

    Alan Dunlop's comment 11-Nov-2014 9:12 am

    " between 1950 and 1970 no European country invested less in social housing." Very interesting, what's the source/reference?

  • Comment on: Morgan McDonnell's 'intricately woven' Edinburgh scheme wins 2014 Doolan Prize

    Alan Dunlop's comment 6-Nov-2014 7:29 am

    "Intricately woven....a virtuoso performance, highest standards of place-making " really?

  • Comment on: Search begins for architect to restore the Mac

    Alan Dunlop's comment 14-Oct-2014 10:40 am


  • Comment on: Punters backing O’Donnell + Tuomey to win RIBA Stirling Prize

    Alan Dunlop's comment 14-Oct-2014 10:34 am

    I too have just visited the building, David. You make a valid point about the rain. Seeing how the weather will affect the brick facades over time will be interesting but I disagree strongly that the building is "ill resolved". In my view, it's a truly remarkable and original work carried out with rigour on a very difficult site, whether it wins the Stirling or not. I hope it wins but despite the "hype" it may not. How often has the clear Stirling favourite lost out? Anyway, Rory Olcayto's comment seems particularly relevant to your post "James Stirling’s portfolio is practically defined by risk - every one of his great buildings flirts vigorously with failure."

  • Comment on: Amanda Levete: the social networker

    Alan Dunlop's comment 29-Sep-2014 1:07 pm

    I am genuinely puzzled how a practice with few built projects and limited profit before tax can run an office of 55 people?

  • Comment on: Maggie’s Lanarkshire

    Alan Dunlop's comment 9-Sep-2014 12:04 pm

    Beautiful, considered work.

  • Comment on: Stirling Prize shortlist: the critics react

    Alan Dunlop's comment 17-Jul-2014 4:01 pm too Joe, Ortus looks like a stunning project.

  • Comment on: Are there too many architecture schools?

    Alan Dunlop's comment 5-Jul-2014 12:11 pm

    "I have now wandered though another raft of end- of-year shows which display huge endeavour and creativity...but exhibit endless unbuildable, unreal, irrelevant and ultimately forgettable projects that will evaporate as soon as the shows close." Sadly I have too, in the UK but also China and USA as critic, reviewer and also external examiner. Often brilliant cgi images and stunning drawings from cleary talented students of ultimately pointless projects.

  • Comment on: Aedas unwraps limestone-inspired University block in China

    Alan Dunlop's comment 10-Jun-2014 12:36 pm

    Having just returned from Suzhou and this building, I believe this project would be a very relevant and informative case study for those architects interested in how things are done in China. Focusing on the high aspirations and design intent of the architect, compared to what the LDI's and contractors understand and are capable of delivering.

  • Comment on: Anger as Strathclyde school of architecture leaves Brutalist home

    Alan Dunlop's comment 5-Jun-2014 6:20 am

    Why not use the currently vacant architecture studios of the Fielden building at Strathclyde University as much needed temporary studios for students of the GSA, while restoration work is undertaken. A generous offer of solidarity, respect and friendship from one great institution across the city to another needing help which will be a positive reuse of much respected Fielden building?

  • Comment on: Mac fire: the show goes on for GSA fine art students

    Alan Dunlop's comment 5-Jun-2014 5:58 am

    Why not use the currently vacant architecture studios of the Fielden building at Strathclyde University as much needed temporary studios for students of the GSA, while restoration work is undertaken. A generous offer of solidarity, respect and friendship from one great institution across the city to another needing help which will be a positive reuse of much respected Fielden building?

  • Comment on: Glasgow School of Art by Steven Holl

    Alan Dunlop's comment 11-May-2014 10:34 am

    Very good piece. It's true the critics have been negative, much of it I think as a consequence of the architect's metaphysical archibabble, which makes Kahn the personification of clarity and suspect post rationalisation. It's in it's relationship with the GSA and Holl's stated intention of an "homage" to Mackintosh, which became a " complementary contrast.....if you want to respect someone; you do the opposite" that the building is compromised and Holl left open to much criticism. It is undoubtedly a strong work of architecture. Considered and skillfully constructed and as this piece points out, Glasgow is the better for it.

  • Comment on: Red Road flats demolition 'spectacle' scrapped

    Alan Dunlop's comment 15-Apr-2014 8:28 am

    I agree Matt, many of the "mistakes" of Red Road were down to mismanagement but don't necessarily agree that it has been deliberate and that Sam Bunton has been scapegoated to an extent. I also agree that there is nothing to applaud but the correct decision has now been made, for whatever the reason we should, as Glaswegians interested in promoting our city internationally, celebrate that.

  • Comment on: Dynamiting homes as a TV stunt sends the wrong message

    Alan Dunlop's comment 15-Apr-2014 8:15 am

    forgive me .... but what on earth are you saying. Sorry, but this is drivel.

  • Comment on: Glasgow academics weigh in on Red Road flats demolition

    Alan Dunlop's comment 12-Apr-2014 7:41 pm

    Excellent post.

  • Comment on: ‘Serious, almost grim’ visitor centre opens at Bannockburn site

    Alan Dunlop's comment 13-Mar-2014 8:57 am

    Grim? The choice of grey and black Petersen bricks and black pantiles are a bold move and will no doubt be controversial here. But this building is undoubtedly a work of Architecture. Intellectually satisfying on many levels, expertly considered and immaculately detailed, in my view.

  • Comment on: A world away: House No 7 by Denizen Works

    Alan Dunlop's comment 12-Mar-2014 5:58 am

    Great review. Pleasure to read.

  • Comment on: Niall McLaughlin appeals against Oxford college refusal

    Alan Dunlop's comment 17-Dec-2013 5:54 pm

    Good luck, a frankly bizarre decision to refuse.

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