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Kieran Gaffney's Comments

  • Comment on: Groves Natcheva completes £205k London home

    Kieran Gaffney's comment 23-Jan-2015 2:35 pm

    No VAT on new builds but yes this does seem very low for the size, material palette and design. And agree that it does undermine the profession if its being reported lower than it was. It could have been self built but that should be reported.

  • Comment on: BBC slammed for ‘bias’ after Patty Hopkins is sidelined in TV show

    Kieran Gaffney's comment 6-Mar-2014 7:03 pm

    If ever an image painted a thousand words this is it! I think this is a very contemporary example of the way women get painted out of the history of architecture, its happening to that generation now right in front of us. This parallels the travesty of the Prtizker (or lack for) for both Lu Wenyu (Wang Shu’s Partner, 2012) and Denise Scott Brown (1991). Why aren't the men in these positions rejecting these storylines and defending their female partners? Can Rogers or Foster comment on the hidden 2 from team 4? What does Michael Hopkins think about his wife being airbrushed out?

  • Comment on: Fraser rubbishes Scottish Poetry Library revamp

    Kieran Gaffney's comment 13-Feb-2014 9:08 pm

    I think the loss of the stairs is a crime, they are a fantastic piece of generous urban design to be replaced with a kind of bland golf-club-exclusive-balcony. Rest of the design is dull and not good enough. This is one of Scotland's top 10 buildings it should be treated with much more respect.

  • Comment on: George Oldham found guilty of misconduct over ‘ethnics’ email

    Kieran Gaffney's comment 18-Apr-2013 11:40 am

    “Conduct which falls short of the standard required of a registered person” In my view his conduct did fall short of the standard required. His e-mail was embarrassing. Calling someone ethnic is not the same as calling someone short, ethnic has a pejorative association I'm sure this is clear. That said I do find the ARB to be rather heavy handed and not sure it needs to chasing around after people like this. I fully agree with Jasmin Shariff on the language of the old boys club, ridiculous that these clauses are not gender neutral.

  • Comment on: Do it for the profession: Architects and designers fill in this AJ survey

    Kieran Gaffney's comment 14-Nov-2012 1:24 pm

    some slightly skewed questions in there, not sure it would pass muster as an academic study!

  • Comment on: Hadrian’s Wall visitor centre contest opens

    Kieran Gaffney's comment 5-Jul-2012 12:04 pm

    *EDIT* I contacted the organisers and this project value is not £300K but £5.7M, misleading notice and AJ might want to alter wording above but it appears the architects fees are £300K. Obviously BIM is sensible at £6M scale.

  • Comment on: Hadrian’s Wall visitor centre contest opens

    Kieran Gaffney's comment 3-Jul-2012 4:23 pm

    Well said Andrew Budd. Everything was looking good on the project, all the rights words and approach until the BIM requirements. £300K is a small house size why on earth is BIM and 3+ examples a requirement for this?

  • Comment on: AJ exclusive: Doolan prize 2011 shortlist unveiled

    Kieran Gaffney's comment 24-Oct-2011 3:48 pm

    I enjoyed Rory's polemic, most of which may well be true, but comparing the Small Animal Hospital with Zumthor's Kulumba Museum is plain unfair. Hardly anything bares comparison with Zumthor's work. The small animal hospital isn't fantastic in my opinion but it could compete with a few previous Stirling winners and when you compare it to some of the Stirling shortlist in recent years you would have to say it could have been shortlisted. Then take the fact that the small animal hospital is probably one of the weaker winners of the Doolan prize and there is an argument that a few Scottish builings are missing out. I've just flicked through the previous winners list and buildings like An Turas by Sutherland Hussey (a building zumthor would be proud of) and the Pier Arts Centre, Orkney by Reich and Hall should definately have been on the list. The Scottish Parliament is probably the only project that should have and did win the Stirling prize so the RIBA judges are not getting it totally wrong. Rory's other comment is the list is too long. I agree but in a way this is propoganda: promoting architects in Scotland and the 13 (eek!) practices will get nothing but good things from being on it. The RIAS doing their job?

  • Comment on: Jason Lee House, Redbridge, London, by Peter Barber Architects

    Kieran Gaffney's comment 13-Sep-2011 11:00 am

    edit: As usual the range of pictures on the online version is better than in the printed article...

  • Comment on: Jason Lee House, Redbridge, London, by Peter Barber Architects

    Kieran Gaffney's comment 13-Sep-2011 10:58 am

    I was a bit dissapointed in the pictures / description of this project which focused on the old modernism debate. What I think is extraordinary are the tools used to integrate what is actually a very large building into a small scale residential street and would have liked to see an arial picture / images from accross the street. It looks to me that the sensitivity to scale of this project is brilliant.

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