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Abe Hayeem's Comments

  • Comment on: Brindley leaves RIBA in 'member focused' shake-up

    Abe Hayeem's comment 4-Mar-2015 0:30 am

    This seems to be a consolidation of the Executive fiefdom -removing the true professionals from positions that might challenge its power. This is dangerous for the democratic functioning of a top professional institute. The recent shameful reversal of a an extremely honourable Council Resolution regarding Israel's architects' collusion with an illegal occupation, and pursuing an architecture of discrimination and oppression against the Palestinians who are being cleansed out of their land, epitomises the distancing of the RIBA from the objectives of the Charter and its own principles of its Trust as a Charity- which is the advancement of architecture, and the consolidation of professional ethics both in the UK and on the international stage. Instead, the Executive has enable outside lobbies and Trustee pressure to divert the course of true ethics, professional conduct and international law, bringing the reputation of the RIBA to disrepute. This and other indications, such as what many feel was a dodgy report by the International Committtee, which disregarded the Palestinian architects' concerns, and instead involving itself even deeper with the Israeli architects who have still not condemned the horrendous escalation of illegal settlements and dispossession involved in their members' practice -show the direction in which this Executive is heading. More tight control and an evasion of the real ethics and practice of architecture. An investigation of this whole edifice is desperately needed, if the RIBA wishes to be a top rate professional body!

  • Comment on: Alsop and Ahrends among 700 UK names pledging to a cultural boycott of Israel

    Abe Hayeem's comment 17-Feb-2015 4:23 pm

    Lior Brosh -why do you always divert the argument to your confused and thoroughly twisted and propagandised view of the Israel/Palestine conflict that it is at complete odds with international law and the well documented war crimes, especially in housing and building that do not conform with Israel's vaunted democracy. Why are you always citing other countries and regimes which are already being sanctioned and dealt with by the West, while Israel is let off with impunity with the protection of the US and UK. That is why Israel singles itself out. Why don't you raise a campaign for all these cases you suggest if you are so concerned about them? Your is the project of hate. Hatred of the possibility that justice needs to be done in this long running and sadistic oppression and dispossession of the Palestinian people. Hatred that sanctions are a peaceful and non-violent method of bringing about change using civil society and international law, where the big powers refuse to act, and instead combine with Israel's violence and participation in the arms industry and using the Palestinians to test these illegal and lethal weaponry and security equipment. It is Israel that has launched every war since 1948, to 1967, right upto the recent murderous slaughters and destruction in Gaza in 2006, 2008/9, 2012, 2014 -except for 1973. It is Israel that uses violence in its occupation, suppression of peaceful protest, its arrests of hundreds including children, its ongoing house demolitions, enforced removal of Bedouin and its land grabbing and intensification of illegal settlements in occupied, not disputed territory. Sorry to disappoint you, but decent people everywhere, (Jewish and non-Jewish) and especially the academic and cultural world, and people of the highest esteem are joining together to call Israel to account, and instead of deriding them, you should spend time to examine your own conscience, protestations and distorted facts. Get acquainted with the facts -we can't say now that we did not know, with all the evidence availlable!

  • Comment on: Profile: Who is the real Heatherwick?

    Abe Hayeem's comment 17-Feb-2015 3:58 pm

    No-one denies the brilliant talent of Heatherwick and some of his ingenious designs. Yet one has to look at the context of some of these proposals, and the Garden Bridge, initially conceived as an imaginative construction, simply does not fit into that location , looks like a constipated conglomeration of ornate containers that have been plonked in the middle of the Thames, with no delicacy or engineering finesse as exhibited by Foster's pedestrian bridge form St.Pauls to Tate Modern that is minimalist and underplayed, as a bridge should be. His work is better in smaller and intimate locations where one can appreciate the amazing details and design , and use of materials.

  • Comment on: Legal challenge launched over 'devastating' garden bridge plans

    Abe Hayeem's comment 17-Feb-2015 3:39 pm

    At last some action to stop this unnecessary abomination being constructed across the Thames, that will wreck the best views of the City from Waterloo Bridge -one of the most spectacular sights in London. The whole raison-d'etre of this romantic delusion which was 'an oasis of tranquility' and 'a peaceful place to walk' is an oxymoron for a bridge over which "Seven million crossings are expected to be made.. each year." In fact it will be a tourists' and Londoners' hell, with crowds of people,posh receptions for global corporations and the rich, a haven for criminals and noisy layabouts, and will be impossible to maintain without huge sums being spent on cleaning and security, a thorough misbegotten piece of planning and egotistical aspiration. London is full of beautiful parks and gardens, many oases already exist all over the place, to need another intended one which will never be what is suggested. This is the chance to stop this blunder from proceeding before millions are needlessly spent, (and millions more for a engineering monster that will take ages to build) and instead look at where London's and Lambeth's real needs lie. Public housing, community centres, nurseries, and even bridges built where they are really needed, both north and further south of Waterloo Bridge, where they will not ruin more of London's precious urban views and assets. Architects and planners everywhere, including the RIBA should join forces to oppose what is clearly a waste of money and resources, and what would be a planning catastrophe that will be hard to undo if it is ever built.

  • Comment on: Alsop and Ahrends among 700 UK names pledging to a cultural boycott of Israel

    Abe Hayeem's comment 16-Feb-2015 11:45 pm

    The pledge is an affirmation by the cultural and artists' community not to participate with or perform in Israel as an answer to the boycott call by Palestinian civil society against Israel's apartheid oppression that has lasted for decades with world governments sitting idly by. Sorry, Gayle, it is well documented that Israel is no democracy, with over 50 racist laws against its Palestinian citizens especially in housing, development and land ownership, and its serial breaches of over 65 UN Resolutions and humanitarian law in the occupied territories. It thus singles itself out and is ripe for action to be taken, as was courageously attempted by the 19 March 2014 vote by the RIBA Council to suspend the Israeli architects' association from the UIA. Sadly this was scuppered no less by the RIBA President, and vice-President at the UIA General Assembly in Durban last August, under pressure from a persistent Israel lobby, as documented by the AJ and BD. Now is every architects' chance to sign this artists' pledge, and also to call the RIBA to account to reverse its action in rescinding the excellent 19 March Resolution, and make an impact to end the gross ethical misconduct of the architectural participation in building illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem involving land expropriation and mass demolitions of Palestinian homes, against international law and UIA Resolutions and Articles.

  • Comment on: Boris to announce Garden Bridge decision on Friday

    Abe Hayeem's comment 17-Dec-2014 3:51 pm

    The clear answer should be -no this folly, and yes to the bridges at Nine Elms and Rotherhith..

  • Comment on: The Garden Bridge is not London's answer to the New York High Line

    Abe Hayeem's comment 17-Dec-2014 3:48 pm

    Excellent statement, highlighting what a city really needs for regeneration, when neighbourhoods are threatened, and a decadent scheme that is an extravagant folly to pander to celebrity and trendy designer egos. Just to increase London's tourist potential is a lousy argument -for London has in fact more than it can cope with. It is indeed a treasure house for those who live here and visit here. What is at question here is not the doggy tendering and selection process, and the probability of the project vastly exceeding its projected costs which will be yet another burden on TfL and the taxpayer. No, the question, already answered by the majority of feeling, is that whether we need this bridge at this location at all. The answer is that bridges are needed at more critical points eats and west of Waterloo Bridge. This one must not be allowed to go ahead.

  • Comment on: The Israel problem: how a political row tarnished the RIBA in 2014

    Abe Hayeem's comment 12-Dec-2014 2:34 pm

    This farce beggars belief and is surreal, beyond irony! The President more or less apologising to the party carrying out projects that are considered as war crimes, to consolidate and perpetuate a brutal occupation and apartheid - all contrary to international law, the Geneva Conventions, the RIBA ethical codes, and UIA Resolutions and articles -and ignoring the oppressed Palestinians, and demonising those who courageously presented the 19 March Motion, which was fairly debated and convincingly carried. The honourable thing to do would have been for the RIBA delegation to pursue the Resolution at the UIA. Instead we have the obsequious appalling reversal -surely a candidate in the Guiness Book of Records for the most squalid reversal of a democratic vote to uphold justice and ethics by a professional institute in hoc to a vociferous and intimidating lobby and pressure from donors, and a facilitating executive, using untenable 'Charity' reasons -to place itself on the wrong side of history. This is at a time when Israel's criminal actions are escalating at fever pitch, especially around the illegal settlement expansion and dispossession of Palestinians on both sides of the green linen, the horrendous urbicide in Gaza, and house demolitions in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, backed by ongoing violence and IDF terror, killings, arrests and detentions. A sad and infamous end to the year for the RIBA, which it will find hard to live down -unless it reverses this pathetic decision, and shakes up its increasing stranglehold on its democratic and ethical functioning.

  • Comment on: Holl's Glasgow School of Art set to open

    Abe Hayeem's comment 12-Dec-2014 12:19 pm

    Yes it is sad that someone with Stephen Holl's talent has come up with this dubious companion to the iconic Mackintosh School of art, with its acres of glass -so completely anti-thetical to the Glasgow idiom and character. A similar situation exists with his winning competition for an extension to Bombay's V&A musem -a proposal that is bombastic and totally alien to the character and setting of the existing building, and no response at all to Bombay's climate -the heat, the humidity and the rain -just as with Gehry, massive sculptural forms to reflect a giant ego.

  • Comment on: Assael doubles profits after ‘best year ever'

    Abe Hayeem's comment 12-Dec-2014 12:07 pm

    Pity about the poor quality of the architecture -commercial, characterless and drab. Is this what London needs? Let's have some really good architecture for a change and less of these mass repeating solutions which still do not respond to London's real need -decent quality social housing at cheap rents for the average and poor service industry workers, public sector workers and young people starting out.

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