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Michaela Sedova

Michaela Sedova

Stoke Newington

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Comments (2)

  • Comment on: Departing CABE head tells architects to resign from 'bad schemes'

    Michaela Sedova's comment 18-Nov-2009 10:56 pm

    This is an interesting debate that perhaps and hopefully could be a beginning to some serious questioning of what is happening within the industry. I do agree good designs are sacrificed for money driven developments. Yes we do need to make the money but is this really THE EXCUSE? Think of Japan, good designs are being build without any excuses. Think again – it is more down to English conservativeness and being reserved to try out new and experiment. Could perhaps be a sign the profession does not pays well unless you sign your head to a devil?

  • Comment on: Students ready to work for free

    Michaela Sedova's comment 22-May-2009 9:57 am

    I have graduated last year and even though I have graduated with 1st class Degree and Awards I have been unable to get any paid placement at all! From October till now I had 4 different jobs - obviously unpaid. It is true this is causing a serious damage to the industry. Its absolutely outrageos that businesses must make this excuse of the reccesion as a reasoning to employ a student "servant" without paying any penny! Businesses are using this as much as they are allowed to! Because there are no restrictions only a guidliness how much the graduate should earn! Hello?This works only in your dreams. Yes I am having bed experience and this is extremly depressing forcing some extremly talented individuals to give up - I know many. = industry is loosing out on some future big names. Something needs to be done and fast! In the reality yes we need to pay bills, eat and live. Why cleaner should be paid more than me with an education? Does cleaner work for free at first? No! No other profesion does. Placement does not mean slaver for free. Industry needs to get over this issue and have a realistic grown up attitude. Yes working for free with a curtain limit - its widely used and ABUSED!